Are Trade Shows Beneficial for your Business in 2019?

Trade shows have been crucial for raising the profile of commercial organizations for decades, but in the age of easily-to-use digital tools, you might be wondering if there is still a need to attend these events. This can be a costly and time-consuming process, after all, so maybe it isn’t worthwhile?

Rather than using guesswork, here is a look at the facts and figures that prove there is value to be derived from trade show attendance, even in the 21st century.

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Undeniable exposure

Heading to a trade show as an exhibitor is as much about promoting your products and services to prospective clients and partners as it is about establishing your brand and raising the profile of your business. It is not enough to rely on word of mouth to boost sales and improve your reputation; you need to get out there and show a willingness to engage face to face.

Of course, the floor of any trade show will be immensely competitive, with lots of different firms vying for the attention of attendees. This makes the presentation important, especially when it comes to signage.

Sure, your representatives need to be able to speak about your business with insight and enthusiasm, but unless your stand is equipped with eye-catching imagery and branding, they might not get a chance to talk to anyone in the first place. Durable foam core signage is a good option for businesses that intend to set up camp at a multitude of shows over the course of a year or more. Not only that, but foamcore signs have several uses and can be put to work outside of a trade show context to pull in the punters.

Other types of signage, such as feather flags, banners, and illuminated displays, should also be considered. It all depends on the approach that best represents your brand and showcases your offerings.

Compelling data

Trade shows are big business in their own right, generating almost $13 billion in revenues in the US alone. Globally over 32.6 million square meters of space is dedicated to shows and exhibitions, with Europe representing the biggest chunk of this market.

Perhaps most importantly of all, surveys from Freeman show that almost three-quarters of those who attend trade shows do not already have a relationship with any of the businesses in attendance. This means that the thousands upon thousands of visitors to a show are effectively ripe to be won over by the savviest, slickest exhibitors.

Furthermore, nine out of 10 people who hit the show floor are there to get up close and personal with products that have not been seen anywhere else. This kind of interest generated by exclusivity and novelty is another reason that trade shows are hugely effective as business marketing tools, even for smaller brands.

Impactful networking

Being conspicuous at a trade show is one thing, but having access to a huge array of insiders, experts and associated influencers under one roof is immeasurably valuable for any business that has ambitions to improve its performance.

Networking at events like this is seen by the vast majority of professionals as central to making progress, so it is no surprise that the same is true for businesses as a whole. Whether you are a budding brand or an established operator in your market niche, attending a trade show can pay

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