Best Photo Editing Tools of 2017

Graphic designing is fun and there are not many jobs where you get paid for interesting and exciting stuff. But you will obviously need some good tools for this purpose. Stop searching because here is a list of the best photo editing tools that would surely make your work easier and exciting than ever before.

If you think that Photoshop is the only tool to edit photos then think again and have a look at the tools that are listed below that are equally compatible with Photoshop and are in some way or another better than Photoshop.

You can create your own GIF or create any cool picture by the use of this tools. All these tools are free to download.

So begin your journey of becoming an illustrator, graphic designer or a photographer with any of these amazingly useful tools that won’t let you feel that you are actually working.

Here is a list of top rated photo editing tool that might help you with your editing:

#1: GIMP

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program has been lately used mostly in Internet terms and came into existence around 1995. It was created as a tool that was equally capable compared to Photoshop.

This software is totally free of cost and is available for all operating system like Windows, OS X or Linux. Although it is not as efficient while talking about polished images compared to Photoshop.  No matter who you are, whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator or a scientist, you can get your job done with ease by using this app. Because of its endless customization options, you can take both your creativity and productivity level to a whole new level. It supports all computer languages which include C++, C, Perl, Python and much more.

Key Points: Excellent top notch color management options which confirm high fidelity.

#2: Paint.Net

Paint.Net does way more than MS Paint with loads of new features which include layers, effects, and much more other tools. It is simple, instinctive and using an innovative software.

All the tools are totally intuitive and easy to learn. It also helps the user to edit multiple images with total comfort as this software uses tabbed document interface which shows thumbnails instead of text description that makes navigation easier and faster. Whether you have a netbook with a CPU or a Dual Intel Xeon, you can expect to start up quickly and be responsive just by a mouse click.

Special effects include blurring, sharpening, red-eye removal, distortion. It wouldn’t cost you a penny to download this software.

Key Points: Updates are free and contain new features.

#3: Pixlr

The greatest advantage of using Pixlr is that you can use it in the browser that enables you to access it on both PC as well as Mac, without installing anything else. Another unique feature is that it is available in two varieties that are, (1) Editor and (2) Express.

You can a full-screen version which is available at very little cost for both your P C and Mac book. It also offers ‘Grabbers for Firefox’ that enables you to edit any picture just by right clicking on the photo that will automatically open the picture in Pixlr.

The Express tool can be used even by a beginner and can be mastered in almost no time. You can take tutorials by online videos that guide new users to learn the use of this software.

Key Points: Features like one click change excite the new users and because it is fun to use and fast so the beginners enjoy it.

#4: PhotoScape

At first glance, you might judge the interface of PhotoScape to very simple and ordinary but you might not know that it contains a treasure of tools, features, and other special effects which can add life to your very sober and dull pictures and turn them to be alluring and attractive. It contains several features like Raw converter, Color flicker, Splitter and much more all for free.

PhotoScape is a program purely meant to edit graphics that is developed by MOOII, Korea. Editing in this software is way too easy and fun that the users enjoy a lot. Whether the picture is taken from your digital camera or your mobile phone, it doesn’t matter at all. It is not as much capable as another photo editing software because it contains less amount of features compared to other Software. Like most of the Software, it is also free to download.

Key Points: Very useful to create gifs and jpg

#5: Krita

Krita is a very descent and loved by illustrators, concept and texture artists, and the VFX industry. This software is developed by artists for the betterment of all other artists. It focuses more on artwork from scratch rather than photo editing though you can add some special touches using this software. One of its exciting features a number of awesome brushes along with the brush stabilizer. And obviously, it is free to download.

It offers many common and innovative features to help the amateur and professional alike.

Key Points: The Wrap-Up mode is an exciting new feature that allows you to toggle while painting

When you step outside of your home you see every second person with a smart phone or an expensive camera clicking pictures, be it a birthday party or a reception or child’s birth, we have made it mandatory to click pictures and post it on social media and then you start worrying about your looks and the contrast of your background and what not then you should leave your panic far behind. Even after downloading too many apps for the beautification of your pictures you are not satisfied and you feel something is lacking, then from the above mentioned Top 5 best photo editing tools you can add stars to your pictures and raise yourself being a celebrity.

If you can get these tools for free then why do have to look for the tools for which you pay to a large chunk of money, isn’t it irrational?

Hope that now you will not get bored while doing your work of photo editing and make your work more creative and productive.Start your way to become professional from an amateur.

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