10 Creative Blog Post Types to Drive Massive Traffic [Ideas]

Blogging is bit flooded now. You accept or not.

You have to be creative, entertaining, extremely useful, and straightforward to the point. Without that, the audience will leave and never come back again.

So, how do you create the engaging and entertaining content?

Typical blog post?

No! Not at all.

You’ve so many things to do that can make your point more appealing as well as interesting.

So, let see some types of blog posts that will be extremely engaging.

Normal Blog Post

As you know the normal blog post is the very first type of content. You just have to write the content, add the images, include some useful links, and highlight some important points. That’s it.

I’m not saying that typical post isn’t great. Actually, many times nothing better than the blog posts.


Your blog post should be perfect.

Check out this guide for that: How to create the perfect blog posts

Now, I’m going to show you different types of blog post ideas which you can use to your blog. You can produce any type of content from that. It will definitely bring you great results.

Creative Blog Post Ideas

#1: Case Studies

Case studies are the most engaging and most loved content tyProbably

Probably you’re thinking…Why?

Because, case studies show you the real start, real problem, real actions, and the most important real results.

You can see, Most engaging content on the web are case studies. Case studies are very much engaging than a typical blog post.

Now, the question is how to write the case studies.

You can create case studies using this two ways,

Your own case study

Others case study

Let’s dig deep into it

Your own case study

This one is very easy. You’ve collected your data and write it down in the proper format. That’s it

Other’s case study

In this type, you’ve to reach out the influencer/blogger and collect the data from them. More than that, you need to talk with them and understand the subject. And then format it properly and publish.

Here is the outline for writing a case studies

  1. Introduction to the topic
  2. Writing the challenges/problems and goals.
  3. How to setup
  4. How challenges completed
  5. What are the results
  6. How everyone can do to the same
  7. Conclusion

Check out this kissmetrics guide for understanding it completely.

#2: Podcast

The podcast is a trend now. Every new blogger starts to grab the extra attention. And believe me, it worth to do.

There are so many blogs who produces awesome podcasts such as SPI Podcast, Chris Ducker Podcast, Neil Patel Podcast, etc.

So, why you not? Start it now and give the new flavor to your audience.

#3: Infographics

Infographics are so cool. It is very much engaging than typical blog posts. Readers love to read as share it.

Probably you’re thinking, creating an infographic is hard. Right?

But, Let me tell you…

Creating infographics is kids play now. There is so may online tools on the web to create infographics.

My favorites are Canva and Visual.ly

You just have to choose any good template and edit it. That’s it.

It’s really easy! Isn’t it?

#4: Videos

Videos are an old way to use as a blog post now but not outdated.

Yes, If you create very specific and engaging video on a particular topic then nothing better than that.

So, you can create a video and publish it on youtube as well as on your blog. Readers gonna love it!

#5: Keynotes

This one is the super cool! Believe me.

Think, Why people read blog posts?

Because they want to learn something and subconsciously they’re taking actionable notes in their mind.

So, Keynotes are the note of most important points of the whole/particular topic.

People gonna love it because you’re saving their 5000 words reading time (even more) of the blog post and giving them the final actionable notes.

So, you can definitely try it on your own blog to get some extra eyeballs.

#6: Checklist

Checklist works best. It provides you the specific way to do things as a checklist.

For example, if you’re going to create checklist on “How to start a blog” then, it would be like

  1. Purchase a domain name
  2. Get the good hosting
  3. Install CMS(WordPres)
  4. Configure the blog
  5. Start blogging

So, as you seen, you just have to follow the steps from a checklist, and you’ll be done.

#7: List posts

Actually, List posts can go viral easily. This type is the most shared type of blog content.

For example,

For the keyword “Best SEO Tips.”

You can see the most shared posts are list posts.

So creating this type of content for your blog brings you more shares as well as exposure.

#8: Resources/Links post

This is very easy and very effective type of blog posts.

You just have to find the best resources from the web and just put it all together.

Here, make sure to format it properly because if you don’t do that, then there is no meaning of this type of blog post.

Pro Tip: If you want to get the most out of it then reach out to those people whose blogs are featured on your blog post and ask for a share. You’ll definitely get some new audience and social signal too.

#9: Influencer’s Interviews

This one is the smartest way of getting an audience from the influencers.

You’ve to contact the influencer first, Ask them for an interview, Take an interview, and Publish it. After that, they’ll definitely share the interview post with their audience (Maybe give a link too). Once they share, you’ll get the traffic.

It’s really smart way. Isn’t it?

#10: Webinar

This is the last but not least. The webinar can be a real classroom for your audience.


Nowadays I’m seeing so many influencers are doing webinars for their audience and you can see its live demo on Neil Patel’s blog.

It’s the most engaging type of content. Because all other content types are one-way communication. The audience can see it but can’t participate. On other side, webinars are two-way communication type. The audience can ask the questions live.

So, give a try on it. It’s really great.

Hope today you got some great content ideas for the blog posts.

Now, let me know other effective types of blog content which can drive the huge audience.

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