Why New Bloggers Should Start with Hostinger

You need a hosting and domain to start a blog but which is the best hosting to start with?

This guide is all about that!

Many bloggers use expensive hosting when they start but, is that wise decision?

Think- If you start your blog with 16gb ram, 4Cores, 10 TB SSD storage, then is that wise decision? (It will cost more than 100$ per month approximately)

Of course not!


Because they’re spending money on the unnecessary thing. There is no need of that much of power to run a new blog. They are wasting their money. Even if they use heavy servers in beginning, it will remain unused.

So what will be good decision? What should they do?

They should go with one good hosting company which can provide enough power to run a blog within the affordable budget.

This exactly applies to you. If you’re going to start your blog, you should go with the company which provides real value for money, provides enough power at an affordable price. Not high-end hosting!

Probably you’re thinking now – Which web hosting company is good?

There are thousands of legit hosting companies which you can use but I recommend you to go with Hostinger hosting.

Hostinger is one of the best hosting companies which gives you value for money as well as great hosting power. You should always go with hostinger while starting a new blog.

Probably you’re thinking now –

Why should I choose Hostinger?

Is it better than other hosting companies?

Will it be good decision to start with Hostinger?

Let me tell you…

Why should you choose Hostinger?

Hostinger is in the industry since 2004 (almost 14 years). They have 29 Million of user-base within 178 countries. They are getting 1 new user in every 5 seconds! (15,000 new signups every day) You can imagine, how trustworthy and popular they are.

This company offers the same power that other high priced companies offer but at a cheap price. Isn’t it awesome!

Here are the benefits of using Hostinger


Hostinger provides powerful hosting at a very affordable price. They’ve different plans within different categories.

Hostinger has main three types of hosting.

Shared Web Hosting:

This is the normal shared hosting which comes with basic but powerful configuration and features.

There are three main plans,

(1) Single Shared Hosting

This plan cost you just 0.80$/month and provides,

  • 1 Website
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Easy Website Builder
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • User-Friendly Access Manager

(2) Premium Shared Hosting

This plan cost you 0.88$/month and provides you,

  • Unlimited Number of Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Easy Website Builder
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • User-Friendly Access Manager
  • 2X WordPress Optimized Speed
  • Free Domain Name (with annual plan)

(3) Business Shared Hosting

This Plan cost you  1.44$/month and provides you,

  • Unlimited Number of Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Easy Website builder
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • User-Friendly Access Manage
  • 4X WordPress Optimized Speed
  • Free Domain Name (with annual plan)
  • Daily Backups
  • Deluxe Live Support
  • 2X Processing Power & Memory
  • Free SSL Certificate to secure customer data & increase SEO rankings.

You might be thinking, the plans are cheap but are they really high quality?

Let me tell you,

Yes! They do provide a high-quality service. Hostinger has proved that high-quality web hosting can be affordable and cheap.

Business Web Hosting:

This hosting is the same as standard hosting but it is specially made for little bit grown websites. In this category, they’ve three plans.

(1) Business Startup: This plan cost you 15.90$/month and offers 3GB RAM, 40GB SSD Storage, 2 CPU Cores, Dedicated IP, and all other standard features

(2) Business Professional: This plan cost you 31.80$/month and offers 6GB RAM, 80GB SSD Storage, 4 CPU Cores, 2X Speed Boost, Dedicated IP, and all other standard features

(3) Business Enterprise: This plan cost you 71.55$/month and offers 12GB RAM, 160GB SSD Storage, 6 CPU Cores, 3X Speed Boost, Dedicated IP, and all other standard features.

VPS Hosting:

This is Virtual Private Servers where you get your own virtual servers.

This category has a variety of plans so you can choose any of them which fits for your blog. There are 6 different plans where they offer from 1GB RAM, 2GB Burst RAM, 2.4GHz CPU, 20GB Disk space, 1000GB Bandwidth to 8GB RAM, 16GB Burst RAM, 1404GHz CPU, 160GB Disk space, 6000GB Bandwidth in plan 1 and plan 6 respectively.

They cost from 4.99$/month to 65.56$/month respectively.

You can see here,

Which plan I recommend?

You don’t need to go with Business Hosting or VPS hosting in beginning and of course, you can upgrade it to these premium plans once you start getting more traffic.


You can use any of these hosting but I recommend you to go with shared web hosting as we are going to create a new blog.

Probably you’re thinking, why business hosting or VPS hosting should not the choice in beginning?

Let me tell you again – You don’t need that much of power in the beginning and whenever you start getting huge traffic, simply upgrade it to business or VPS Hosting.

So, I’m sure you’re convinced to use Shared Web hosting for creating a new blog now.


Performance should be a priority while choosing a web hosting.


Because there is no benefit of choosing a cheap hosting with horrible performance.

Hostinger is well known for their excellent performance at a cheap price. Let’s see some performance tests which we did to reveal the real performance.


Hostinger gives 99.9% uptime guarantee on paper but, I tested it using uptime robot as I’ve one site hosted on Hostinger since 2017.

I got 100% uptime while testing using uptime robot.

Speed Test:

I tested loading speed of website that hosted on Hostinger servers and the result is as follows.

The site is loading in 1.07 seconds. That’s fairly faster.

Server Response Time:

Server response time is the “amount of time which hosting server takes for responding to a browser request.”

I tested that too. Here is the result.

Hostinger’s server is responding within 310ms (0.3 seconds) and that’s pretty fast.

User Interface:


Many hosting companies don’t pay attention to this factor. They just provide regular cPanel where users face bad experience. Also, Users might confuse or probably unable to find required stuff quickly.

Hostinger has well designed and customized cPanel where everything is well categorized. You can see different categories in their cPanel.

Take a look at cPanel demo here.

Easy to find useful links

There are lots of companies who don’t care about after sale service. Hostinger did a really good job here. You can find important links from the website’s header such as Tutorials, Login, Website builder, etc.

Also, you can find some important links from the footer such as Contacts, Server status, Knowledgebase, Report, and many more.

So definitely the overall interface of Hostinger is up to the mark.


Think – If you got any technical error in your blog and your blog is unable to respond then what you’ll do?

You’ll contact the support team of your web hosting. right?

So, you contacted the support team through email or support ticket or live chat.


What happens if they don’t replay upon your support request immediately.


Their support team is not well-trained.

Your blog will be dead for days (until they solve your problem)

So, you’ve to go with the hosting which provides you instant support. It is the very very important thing which you must consider while choosing a web hosting.

Hostinger offers you instant 24/7/365 live support. Moreover that, they’ve experienced team which can solve your deep technical error within minutes.

So yes, Hostinger is one of those hostings who provides great support.

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes! Hostinger gives 30 days money back guarantee. Simply try hostinger for 30 days and if you feel uncomfortable with them just inform them and they will give you an instant refund without asking any question.

So, what you need more?

Other Features:

Hostinger has many other features such as…

  • Free Domain
  • Free website builder
  • Platinum BitNinja DDOS protection
  • Lots of tutorials to understand the processes
  • WordPress optimized speed
  • Backups
  • Free SSL certificate

What users say about Hostinger:

Many users rated Hostinger hosting on Trustpilot. They got 4.5 stars from 575 users. Isn’t it insane?

Also, let’s see what people says…

Justin Emilio:

Hostinger is an excellent choice

Hostinger provides a full-featured and inexpensive hosting solution.

Initial setup and interaction with the customer support team have been excellent. The quick responses in real-time chat really provide a sense of security and confidence.

Timothy Hall

I just found these guys at Hostinger.com, and love the service. They have their own custom cpanel called “hpanel” – it’s better than cpanel. And when I first signed up with them, they spent an hour (or more) answering all my (endless) questions. When all was said and done, I can tell you.. these guys are great. Give them a try – I like’em better than Godaddy!

Quick Tutorial: How to Start a blog with Hostinger

You have all the information about Hostinger hosting now. They offer great performance and support at a great price.

Now, we’re going to build a blog with using hostinger hosting.

#Step-1: Go to Hostinger

Just head over to the official website of hostinger – www.hostinger.com

#Step-2: Head over to the Shared Web Hosting

Click on the shared web hosting link from the navigation menu and you’ll land on the shared hosting sales page.

You can see the main three plans which we discussed earlier.

#Step-3: Choose Your Hosting Plan

I recommend you to go with “premium shared hosting” plan because it provides unlimited websites, Unlimited SSD Storage, and Unlimited Bandwith.

Now click on the big “get started” button and you’ll be redirected to the cart. You can register one domain for free from the cart so get one if you don’t have. (You’ll get a free domain with 12months subscription only)

After that, simply complete the checkout process.

#Step-4: Login to Hostinger Account and Go to the cPanel

Once you successfully bought the service, log in to the account and open cPanel.

Setup name servers and link your domain with hosting

#Step-5: Launch your Blog

We’re using WordPress as a CMS for our blog so just select Auto Installer from the cPanel

Select WordPress to install and provide necessary setup information.

Once you successfully installed the WordPress, Login to your WP dashboard and do some important changes such as blog design, Plugins, WordPress Settings, etc.

That’s it!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully launched your blog with help of Hostinger hosting.

Now, you can start writing posts and share it in the world.

Over to You

Hostinger is one of the best hosting providers which offers you powerful hosting at an affordable price.

New bloggers have limited amount of money so they must take a right as well as wise decisions. In the beginning, they might be stuck at this point and stop themselves by giving an excuse – unaffordability of high-quality hosting. So here, Hostinger comes into play.

Hostinger gives a great performance, faster support, user-friendly interface, and the most important cheap price. Every blogger should start with hostinger.

So, go for hostinger. It’ll give you value for your money.

Hope you found this article useful. Feel free to ask any question, query, or suggestion via comments. Also, don’t forget to share it on your social networks.

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