How Can Blogging Help When Writing an Essay?

For a good number of people, essay writing can appear to be an almost impossible task. As a matter of fact, a sizeable number of students in different countries get tensed whenever they get a written assignment. This implies that the challenge of writing an essay isn’t limited to a geographical zone. It’s a real struggle that millions of students try to overcome or give up every day.

Here’s the thing: it’s not the essay writing skills that are prohibiting students from writing a good essay. It’s the ability to make essays sound persuasive that is the main challenge.

Today, we have a good number of educational systems that do little to help students in writing of essays. Hence, we end up with argumentative essays lacking that ‘spitfire’ element that would encourage people to argue the points listed out. We also end up with narratives ‘lacking life.’ And students generally do not get to enjoy writing boring essays that would barely get the pass mark.

But there is a possible way to change this. There is a way people can actually discover the fun part of creating write-ups irrespective of their category.

Let’s introduce you a bit to the concept of blog writing.

Between blogging and school essays

When we define the term blogging, we are referring to the act of documenting opinions, events or interviews on a website like in an online diary. The opinions documented do not always belong to one person; there is always a room for contributing writers.

What’s peculiar about this skill? Blog ideas aren’t rigid, they flow. Once you have a reasonable idea that can be written down and shared with others, you’re good to go. Also, the tone around these sites is quite free and that differentiates it from the school essays.

If you are a student who keeps an open blog, you must have noticed several differences in your style of literary work before having the blog and after. You also probably noticed an improvement in the grades of courses that had paperwork. This is because in the process you developed some skills and abilities that add sweetness to your style. If you haven’t paid attention, check please the next time you get an academic task.

Probably you noticed these things when writing an essay in school, or during studies at home. And the good news is that these skills can work just fine with academic write-ups.

Here are a few blog features that would help academic essays to look more appealing.

Paragraph structures

In school write-ups, paragraphs can be quite lengthy and require a large amount of focus to be read. This is because the eyes get tired easily when looking at a large volume of text for long periods. Blogs, however, consist of short paragraphs, usually four lines at the maximum. This gives space for readers to pause and connect the information they read into one piece.

Using short paragraphs in essays is a beautiful way to keep your instructor’s attention and reduce the density of the text for easier assimilation.

Thinking critically

In the today’s education structure, the ability to think like a critic has been somewhat swept under the carpet. You cannot be a blogger that does not know how to think critically. It’s something that comes naturally with the role. Critical thinking is a big tool in relation to academic writing. By brainstorming themes in a thorough manner, it becomes easier for people to create thought-provoking arguments. You also learn the tips needed to defend your argument, whether thesis or just a plain write-up.

Ability to write for more than one audience

Many writings that end up in the trash can be often written for one audience – the teacher. Beyond influencing your approach to articles in general, blogging widens your target audience. It can essentially be seen as a training to write tasks that would influence many people.

For students who would have to deal with communicating with people later, it is a good way to start honing those skills.

Creativity switch

Every blogger would tell you that blog writing sometimes uncovers a creativity level you never knew you had. In the process, you find your true self and discover who you are. It becomes easier to sort out ideas for any form of essays. Your work would sound more life-packed and intriguing. All thanks to the skill of blogging.

Hope you enjoyed this article and learned something useful.

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