7 Data Driven Facts Which Proves That Blogging For Business Is Important

You might have noticed that some trends are changing in this year, and some of those trends which you were following are completely evolved, but one which remains the same is “Blogging.”

Yes, content is still king in the online marketing industry, and business blogging is steadily on the rise. B2B companies with blogs are receiving more leads than those operating without a blog. B2b blogs enjoy tremendous SEO benefits attracting high-quality leads.

Whether you are a blogging guru or a small business owner, learning nuts and bolts of blogging, you must have to keep abreast of blogging trends. Before going on a flight to review current blogging trends, let me explain to you what is blogging and why it is important for your business.

Blogging is becoming ubiquitous and serious business too. It is an online diary or a personal chronological log of thoughts which is published on a web page. Blogging is much more than just a way of sharing information. It is not a frivolous thing but a marketing tool, and a very powerful one. Companies through maintaining a blog are seeking for brand awareness and brand visibility, site traffic, and higher SEO ranking increase in sales, authority, and trustworthiness.

According to Curarta, 71% of marketers are spending money on content marketing each year. Blogging is a reliable source of information, education, and entertainment. It is a useful marketing tool which allows businesses to achieve their goals and objectives.

Are you not convinced yet? If yes then I urge you to withhold your judgments and consider all the facts. Take a look at the recent data which I have compiled for you to get a better picture of the story. These seven data-driven facts are enough to demonstrate that blogging is one of the most significant aspects of your digital media marketing strategy.

How Blogging is Important for Business?


B2B marketers are successfully receiving 67% more leads through blogging than those who are not blogging. Blogging has made it easy for marketers to attract high-quality leads. Attracting more leads means you are making more sales. It might be surprising to know that you can skyrocket your sales by putting valuable content consistently. 92% of the companies posting blogs frequently are successful in acquiring a customer from the blog posts.

According to HubSpot businesses that are publishing 16 or more than 16 blog posts per month are likely generating 3 times more traffic than those which are posting 0 to 4 blog posts monthly. Higher frequency of posting means more leads and higher traffic.


It is crystal clear to know that more blogging means more traffic than before. The increase in site traffic ends up with an increase in revenue. The amount of time and money you will invest in blogging today will result in positive return on investment on some day in future. Marketers who have succeeded in prioritizing blogging, they have more 13x more chances to enjoy positive ROI.

Seed the plant today to reap the benefits in future. Consistent blogging is like planting trees to receive the advantages of an increase in sales and growth in revenue in future. Get yourself to be found online because blogs work day and night for the brand.


It is reported that recommendation from a blog influenced 61% of US online consumers to purchase online. It is also revealing the fact that today internet users are spending 3x more time on the blog than they devoted to emails before. Moreover, 815 US consumer have found blogging a reliable way of sharing information. Customer place trusts in blogger and looks at the blog for gaining information or advice.

Blogging is significantly increasing the trustworthiness and authority of a company.


It is predicted that by 2020, the customer will manage 85% of their relationship without making conversations. It means the consumer will do research on their own and they will collect information about the company before going to the first point of contact with the brand.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to share information about your business. It is reported that 70% consumer prefer to learn about the business through content instead of ads. According to a source, 60% feel confident about the company after reading the blog post and customer content. A company by creating unique content demonstrate that the brand is firmly committed to meeting consumer needs.


Companies through blogging are successful in receiving 97% more links to their site than the companies who do not blog. These links help marketers to seduce the search engines as well as visitors. Blogs with an official website link are enough to drive traffic and to make your site visible around the digital globe. It is easy to attract links with high quality, original and engaging blog content. Producing and sharing robust and insightful blog content will not only increase the reputability of your brand, but it will also help in increasing inbound links. Inbound linking will increase your credibility and give you an opportunity to build long lasting relationship with your visitors. The website through blogging can have 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.


The cost of inbound leads is 60% less than outbound leads. The only thing blogging requires as an investment is a time and effort. You can market your brand through blogging by just accessing the plenty of awesome blogging platforms. Instead of using PPC which is costly you can try blogging. As I have mentioned before, blogs work day and night. This marketing strategy is effective for 24/7. With blogging, you don’t have to pay for the ad space, or you don’t need to run a PPC campaign for online market presence.


51% of the business owners reported that content management or blogging is absolutely critical for creating a coherent customer journey. Blogging makes customer journey a natural progression for leads. It is considered as a 5th most trusted source of gaining accurate online information. Blogging means you have great opportunity to extend your brand and showcase your brand personality. Being the first one in breaking the ice of the industry by sharing news and insight to your visitors’ means you are going to be much more reputable and engage with your customers than ever before.


The above-mentioned data driven facts prove that blogging is important for business. Blogging has earned an elegant and graceful place in marketing. It is considered as an effective way to grab the attention of the customer and to improve the credibility of the brand. It is really hard to ignore the benefits of blogging because blogging gives people to trust the brand and lay the groundwork for a purchase decision.  

According to 81% companies’ blogging is useful, necessary and critical. 37% marketers consider it a valuable content marketing strategy and 33% B2B companies is using blogs as a marketing strategy. Blogging, an integral part of branding means 55% more traffic. By shining a light on some puzzling yet fascinating facts, I came up with the conclusion that blogging is an integral part of marketing strategy.to Create dramatic effects, you should have to focus on maintaining high-quality blogs with high posting frequency.

This is a guest contribution from Harry James. He is a freelance blogger and a professional content writer. He love’s to write on any niche, currently working as a content analyst at CellNTrade.

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