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Bluehost Hosting is the world’s most popular hosting provider. Also, it’s officially recommended by WordPress. Bluehost was founded in 2003, and since then it tries to deliver cutting edge hosting service. They claim to host 2M+ websites.

The mission of Bluehost is: “to empower people to fully harness the web.”

Bluehost is the first choice of pro marketers and bloggers. Probably you’ve seen so many reviews on the web, but the best place to know about Bluehost is Bluehost ( itself.

In this review, I’m going to take you on the ride of Bluehost from A to Z. At the end, I’ll place the conclusion, and after reading this review, your so many questions are solved such as…

  • Is it the right choice for my blog/site?
  • Worth to invest in?
  • Bluehost will give value for my money?
  • Should I buy Bluehost or not?

So, Let’s begin the genuine review of Bluehost!

Bluehost Review



The very first thing for you is “Bluehost Exclusive Discount.”

Get Bluehost hosting for – just 3.45$/m (43% discount). No need to use coupon or codes. Just use our offer link, and you’ll get discount instantly. Link – Bluehost Exclusive Discount

Now, let’s see the pricing of Bluehost.

Bluehost offers three plans for shared hosting. Basic, Plus and Prime. Prices and features of all plans are different. So, let’s discuss the features and pricing of Bluehost hosting plans

Basic Plan

Basic plan comes with following features…

  • websites – 1
  • website space – 50 GB (You can host 10,000+ posts with 10 well-optimized images in every post. i think it’s enough for starting)
  • bandwidth – Unmetered
  • performance – Standard
  • included domains – 1
  • parked domains – 5
  • subdomains – 25
  • email accounts – 5
  • email storage – 100 MB per account
  • marketing offers – 

So, if you’re starting a new blog or site then this is the BEST CHOICE for you.

Basic Plan’s price is – 7.99$/m. but our readers can get it just for 3.45$/m (43% discount).

Plus Plan

Plus plan comes with following features…

  • websites – Unlimited
  • website space – Unmetered
  • bandwidth – Unmetered
  • performance – Standard
  • included domains – Unlimited
  • parked domains – Unlimited
  • subdomains – Unlimited
  • email accounts – Unlimited
  • email storage – Unlimited
  • marketing offers – $200

Plus plan is for those kinds of blogger or web developers who wants more than one site on single hosting. so if you’re planning to build more than one site then plus plan is would be great.

Plus Plan’s price is – 7.99$/m. but our readers can get it just for 3.45$/m (45% discount).

Prime Plan

Prime plan comes with following features…

  • websites – Unlimited
  • website space – Unmetered
  • bandwidth – Unmetered
  • performance – Standard
  • included domains – Unlimited
  • parked domains – Unlimited
  • subdomains – Unlimited
  • email accounts – Unlimited
  • email storage – Unlimited
  • marketing offers – $200

Prime plan is for kind of grown bloggers or developers. it includes all features of the basic and plus plan. so, if your planning for building more niche site and want to handle huge traffic on all those sites then this plan is for you. but if you’re just starting a new blog then a basic or plus plan is the best.

Plus Plan’s price is – 7.99$/m. but our reders can get it just for 3.45$/m (46% discount).


bluehost plans



Bluehost is well known for its solid performance and believe me its performance is outstanding.

Don’t believe on my words? Just check following performance tests, which I did recently 🙂


Uptime of Bluehost is very good as compare to other hosting provider. They are giving 99.9% uptime as promised. Here is a screenshot of Bluehost uptime.

Bluehost Uptime

Speed Test

I’m going to test the speed (loading speed) of the website which is hosted on Bluehost.



Also, Bluehost site is hosted on itself so let’s see its loading speed (some hosting companies saying, we’ll give you faster speed and their self-speed is slow 🙂 ) so, here you go,


You can see here; sites are loading within just 2 seconds! It’s really great!

Widely recommended speed is 3 seconds. Means, your site should be load within 3 seconds, and Bluehost did a great job.

Now, Let’s go for another test

Server Response Time

When a user or visitor enters the targeted URL of the particular site, then its server start loading the site. That “starting time” of loading is called server response time(means, the server starts to response on a query). Server’s response time should be within 0.4 seconds.

So, let’s see the response time of Bluehost hosted sites.

This is one of my niche sites which I hosted on Bluehost. You can see its server response time is less than 0.05 seconds (amazing!)

response time

This is the test of Bluehost itself. Its server response time is less than 0.3 seconds(Bluehost is the huge site).


So, after these tests, we can say the response time of Bluehost is very very good. Its so fast!


Some hosting companies provide a complicated interface to their users. Here Bluehost provides an amazing interface for cPanel, useful links, and an entire structure.


cPanle of Bluehost is the perfect. It comes with all features. You just need to click on the icon for doing any stuff! That’s it. Also, it is visually advanced so that you can manage it effectively.

You can see here, how cPanel of Bluehost looks.


Also, there is almost all things are covered so you can manage all thing from this master dashboard. You can easily install WordPress with just one click.


Quick Navigation Links

You can find useful links on Bluehost easily. It’s very easy to reach some useful links like Live Chat, Support, Login/Signup etc.and this way Bluehost giving the best interface.


Also, you can easily reach to different kind of hosting pages, blog, support and almost all thigs. All things are under your eyes.


So, about Bluehost interface, I would like to tell you just one thing. “It’s amazing” (yes, you heard right!) Bluehost provides cutting edge interface to their users, so users can easily manage their hosting service.


Bluehost provides support as following ways…

Knowledge Base

Here you can find almost all types of basic guides which you need. Also, guides are categorized so you can easily reach to your required guide.


Live Chat

Live chat is most popular and quick way to get support. Bluehost support team hear your query and solve it instantly. To be honest, they take few(4-5) minutes to start chatting. But, it’s ok. Their support is best ever i saw.


You can create a ticket if you face any kind problem. Yes, Bluehost team is ready to help you. Once you create a ticket their support team respond to your email and solves your problem. Isn’t great?

I’m satisfied with the Bluehost support and believe me you will too. So, go for Bluehost now.

What Masters says about Bluehost

As you know, Bluehost is very popular hosting provider and here are some testimonials from web gurus. Let’s hear them,

Paul Crowe: Pro-blogger at Spice Up Your Blog

“For my WordPress hosted sites I have gone with Bluehost.I have used HostGator in the past but I find Bluehost provides the best packages for my needs.

They have the easy install of WordPress we expect from all hosting services but also a great uptime record and costumer support.

Kevin Muldoon: Pro-blogger at

“First time bloggers should not use a lot of resources at first.

Due to this, I would recommend a good shared hosting company such as Bluehost.”

Michael Hyatt: New York Times best seller author

“If you use WordPress as I recommend, you will need a hosting service too.

And, BlueHost is the best web host for WordPress.”

Over to you (Conclusion)

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting provider, which offers affordable price with very good features. If you’re looking for affordable and reliable hosting, then Bluehost is a wise choice.

So, why are you waiting? go to bluehost and get it!


  • Price
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Support


Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers. It provides cutting edge performance with affordable price. Bluehost is an affordable and reliable hosting service provider. Just go with it!


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