How to Build Super Successful Amazon Affiliate Website

Amazon affiliates are one of the best and popular ways of making money online nowadays. Many of the newbie bloggers are trying their hands on this niche based blogging, creates a website. Some of them can get success and some not but those who failed, I’m sure they’re not following the right strategy or path.

Are you one of those?

Trying to make money through Amazon Affiliate Website but unable to do?

Check out this whole guide, and I’m sure you will start generating revenues through your own Amazon affiliate site.

The very first thing which everyone needs is a “perfect strategy.” there are certain methodologies of every work.

Making money through affiliate marketing is not that tough, what all you need is to have faith in yourself and you must be hardworking on the right path.

Without wasting more time, let me jump on today’s topic. I’ll be sharing some of my strategies based on my experiences and understanding in the field of affiliate marketing.

Before discussing on building the super successful Amazon affiliate website, let’s discuss something about Amazon affiliates and its pros & cons.

What is an Amazon Affiliate Website?

In small it’s a site that focuses on Amazon affiliate commissions for revenue.

There isn’t a single definition.  A few years ago it would be a website covering a product line or single product that then used Amazon affiliate links to generate sales of the products.

Is it similar to Google Adsense?

No, it’s not. It is an affiliate program in which you’ll be paid when a successful sale is made through your affiliate link.

Benefits Of Amazon Affiliate Websites:

  • Easy to outsource
  • A very scalable model
  • Fast to launch and grow
  • Focus more on links and less at content production
  • Potential to grow into authority site

How To Build A Super Successful Amazon Affiliate Website

Here are few easy steps which you need to follow to create the Amazon affiliate site.

Step-1: Choose Your Niche

Amazon has a very vast variety of items on its online store, you just simply can’t promote everything on your amazon affiliate website.

Therefore choosing a particular niche will be a better for you.

For example, you choose the niche “electronics” which include various other sub niches under it such as mobiles, laptops, peripherals, etc.

I’ll recommend you to choose your niche wisely. I mean choose that niche which you can easily blog and write about. On the other hand, try to choose a broad niche so you can cover a lot of micro niches.

Step-2: Choose Domain Name & Web Hosting

So the next step is to choose the best domain and web hosting for your Amazon affiliate website. I’ll recommend you to choose a brandable domain name because domain name reflects an impression on the visitor. So choose a creative and unique domain name.

Let me tell you another important thing. It’s a domain age. Domain age is a crucial factor nowadays for ranking high on the Google so If you can get an expired and brandable domain name, nothing better than that.

I have personally used a lot of web hosting, and I’ll highly recommend you to choose your web host wisely because one wrong decision can lead to a big loss.

I have faced a lot of problems with different web hosts like Server Downtime, bad customer/technical support, issues with the panel, no backups, etc. So, choose a web host carefully.

I recommend you to use: Bluehost Hosting (It’s best for creating an Amazon sites)

If you want to read a review of Bluehost hosting, then I’ve created it for my readers. Read it here.

Step-3: Setup Your Website

We’ll use WordPress for building our Amazon site. It’s world’s best CMS.

Install WordPress:

Simply install WordPress on your hosting account (Bluehost). It’s like a kid’s play because there is a feature of one-click WordPress installation.

Here is the complete guide to installing WordPress in one click- Read this guide

Pick the right themes:

Picking a right theme can help you to drive more sales because it’ll give a professional look to your site. There is so many themes are available, but few of them are zonothemes, ReHub, etc. There are lots of free themes too.

Install most important plugins for an Amazon site:

Without plugins your WordPress site is nothing. You’ve to make it functional.

Here is important plugins list. Simply install it!

1) EasyZone

2) WPRocket or W3 TOTAL CACHE

3) Yoast Plugin

4) WP Review from MyThemeShop

5) Pretty Link

Step-4: Write the Perfect Content

Produce following types of content for your site.

1) Produce In-depth reviews

2) Product comparison posts

3) “How to” posts about your product or niche

Keep in Your Mind Following things

Regularity & Consistency is important

The key to success is consistency, you have to be very consistent in the initial days of your blogging. I mean in the starting you must be consistent so your blog can get better domain authority and higher ranking.

Google gives preference to the articles which are frequently updated. So keep updating your blog regularly. Once you reach a stage called “stable stage” then you can relax a bit and can see how to make more money on autopilot mode.

Work With A Proper Strategy

Don’t think Amazon affiliate marketing is easy. Posting your affiliate links on the blog and hoping to make money is not real affiliate marketing.

If You think so? You’ll not make a single penny from Amazon affiliate websites.

You have to write reviews about products, gather opinions and post a list of top products related to your keyword.

Here is an example:

Search for “best hair curler” on google, and you’ll get top 8 or 9 hair curlers which are best in the market. Just analyze those results and learn from it.

Before starting an Amazon Affiliate website, build a proper marketing and promotion strategy.

Other examples of smart marketing are adding a live deals page/widget on your blog, most recommended deals sections, and sections like Top Deals, Last minute deals, Recommended products etc.

Let me now tell you some technical aspects. which can change your normal website into a money making machine.

  • Keyword Research

Without doing proper keyword research, You can’t do better in Amazon affiliates.

You must know the competition of the keyword you are using in your blog articles. Nowadays there’s a large competition in the field of blogging.

  • No Of Referring Domains/Backlinks

You can’t ignore the importance of backlinks in the field of blogging.

You must have to build proper high quality referring links to your site. I have already posted an article about link building check it here.

  • Traffic Sources

Giving priority to organic traffic is highly recommended.

But it’s not that you must neglect the importance of other traffic can use or drive traffic and targeted customers to your blog post by using social media marketing.

  • Proper Product Placement

Yes, this is an important thing. You can relate products to each other. In other words, interlinking of products helps to increase the sales. You can title that section as “mostly bought together” or “customers also bought”

All you need is to know about linking most relevant products together.

Example: Linking mobiles with its accessories etc.

I think you might have got to know a lot about Amazon affiliate. You can now start an Amazon affiliate website and make it super profitable too.


Now your turn! start building Amazon site.

If you found this guide useful, share it on your social media networks 🙂

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