5 Business Ideas That Need Literally Zero Investment To Start

Starting a business without investment, this sounds quite unrealistic; isn’t it?

Yes, because usually it is being believed that to start a business you need an investment which is somehow true as well up to some extent. There’s a terminology that is used in the business world known as “capital investment,” it is the total amount of the initial investment you are doing in any business and to start a business a capital fund is required substantially. But since, the world of technology and internet is getting revolutionized every single passing day the ways of thinking of individuals are also getting changed.

Entrepreneurship is one of those live saving phenomena which had literally saved some of the most successful personnel of today’s business world. There was a time on them when they were about to quit everything, or even some of them were about to leave and give up on their lives. But, entrepreneurship saved them i.e. they didn’t quit and continued to struggle. Many of them started their own ventures and businesses which were obviously started without any initial investment.

This is entrepreneurship which is an art of generating revenue without investing blindly.

In this note, we will be having a chit-chat about different entrepreneurial skills, and we will discuss 5 business ideas that need no or ‘zero’ investment to start, but obviously, they need a lot of hard work, creativity, and guts to get started.

Let’s dive into the 5 ways of doing business which you can start without making any huge investments.

#1: Start Making Something

#2: Become A Reseller

#3: Start Selling Your Skills And Services

#4: Get Yourself On Barter System/ Trading

#5: Become  A Solopreneur

These five ways have enough potential with the help of which you can do wonders and can become a multi-millionaire in a very short span of time.

Now, to understand these 5 business ideas that need investment just next to zero we have to discuss further what these business ideas are, so the wait is over!

#1: Start Making Something

Everyone in this world is capable of doing something. God has created a human being and loaded them with lots of creativity which take place just with the movement of some neurons that are activated in our brain.

Start making something is not like that start making whatever you want or think off, it rather means that make something at which you think you are good.

Many are good at designing apparels so start stitching garments and sell them online; many are good at cooking so start making delicious and healthy food and sell it, many are good at giving advice and consulting others so start your career as a consultant.

These are just examples there are surely lots of other opportunities by which you can make yourself and your future as well.

You can try yourself in making handmade goods, apparels, food, merchandise or any other thing it will need just a very nominal or we can say that ‘zero investment’ because these types of things are of your daily life routine. Following are some of the online marketplaces where you can sell what you have made:-

  • eBay: The biggest online e-commerce marketplace with easy payment gateways and customizable listing options make it a great option for selling any type of items.
  • Etsy: Online marketplace to sell your homemade things, from jewelry to toys.
  • Bonanza: One of the most emerging marketplace for handmade materials.
  • Abe’s Market: This marketplace deals in organic goods including the natural cosmetics and beauty solutions.

I know many of the business owners who started selling what they make on these marketplaces and gradually they progressed now they have their online stores. All you have to is just remain engaged and involved with what you are making and doing.

#2: Become A Reseller

If you feel yourself a non-creative person or non-artistic then no issues there is still a lot you can do.

Many business owners developed themselves just by reselling the thing they have it may be a product or anything else. Reselling don’t need any investment because reselling itself means to resell what you already have, this can be done through a variety of ways and methodologies.

One way to resell is drop-shipping in which you can set up your online store and partner with the drop shipping companies; these companies will full fill your needs for the order you keep your profit and give the company what is decided at the agreement. Hence, you gain a profit just for processing the request for the drop-shipping companies.

The second way of reselling is starting your own garage store i.e. dig out some places that are not available online, make a contract with them and start pitching those products online in your community and start reselling them. Reselling is one of the most popular ways of doing business in today’s world.

#3: Start Selling Your Skills And Services

Like we discussed in the point#1 that there are many skills in you that you aren’t aware of. It may be consultancy, teaching, acting, singing, cooking or any other thing but the thing is you can earn a lot of money from your skills and services.

For selling your services and expertise you surely don’t need any type of startup capital, and there’s a huge variety of services you can offer depending on the skills you have and your interest. Some of the services might require a higher degree and qualification like working as a lawyer and being an accountant while other services might just need a knowhow of the skills and you can learn the things periodically it could be like babysitting, lawn moving or personal assistance. But since you will be selling your services it means you are selling yourself, so you need an efficient branding plan.

Make sure you let the people know about what you actually do and offer, this way you can initiate a right and a healthy business for yourself.

#4: Get Yourself On Barter System/ Trading

If you are not able to invest in starting up a business initially, then start believing in the barter system and the trade of services. Like you are a super web developer but to start up your online portfolio you need a laptop with higher efficiency and power, just make a deal with any electronic store that you will make a website for them, and in return, you will be rewarded with a laptop that is exactly how this system works.

Barter system can lead you to become a successful negotiator, which will be helpful for you in the future of your business as well. This way you can even make healthy relationships and develop a good dealership also.

#5: Become A Solopreneur

You have a laptop and an internet connection that’s all you will need to become an sonline solopreneur.

A solopreneur is someone who develops themselves as a single brand, like freelance graphic designers, developers, artists, and writers. They don’t have to access a lot of money to get started, but all they need is a passion which takes them up to the next level. They are the one who creates a niche for themselves in their own marketplace.

You can use sites like Fiverr, Elance, freelancers, and others to showcase your talent and advertise your products and services.


There is still a lot on which we can keep discussing, but that was all for today.

These 5 business ideas that don’t need any heavy investments will make you able to think crucially and out of the box so that you can at least start for the betterment of yourself and your future. Keeping these five ideas primary you can think off for the secondary things i.e. this work plan will surely make you able to do something in the long term. If you felt that the article was worth reading and you didn’t waste your time, so as a token of appreciation don’t just forget to share this! ☺

This is a guest contribution from Zoe Lucas. She is a freelance blogger who loves to write on different niches and is always anxious to travel, her passion for traveling is making her work as a content lead at SolturaTravel.

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