How To Choose Best Blog Name [Great and Brandable]

I literally amazed by some blogs names like ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, QuickSprout, WPBeginner, etc. and I think you’re too!

So, I highly recommend you to take some time to decide your blog name because it’s the name where you may work for next few years or decade or more. So, relax and choose the best blog name.

Your blog name must be…

  • Unique
  • Short & Simple
  • Easy to speak and spell
  • Easy to remember
  • easy to pronounce
  • Pleasing to eyes
  • catchy
  • no numbers and hyphen in URL

Yes ! it is.


Now, The question is how can you find and choose the best blog name?

Here I’m going to show that exactly!

STEP 1- Build Name List

The very first thing is to build the list of your favorite names. If you have a list of the names, you can decide one from it for your blog.

Here I described the complete method to find the best blog names.

#1: Blog Topic

Note down your blog topics.

Means, if your niche is SEO then write down some good names which come in your mind. Like,

SEO, SEO TIPS, SEO  BLOG, SEO TRICKS, etc. (whatever your mind suggest you. just write it)

just think and write it down!

#2: Try to understand blogs which you like

Yes, you can learn from names of the great blogs.

So, what you have to do is – just note down some blog names which you like as well as similar to your blog topic.

Now, try to understand how their name looks, how attractive, how unique, word phrase, etc.

So, what you’ll get from this?

Only one thing – “an idea.”

Yes, now you can understand how blog names are made.

This blog name (bloggingbook) is similar to some blogs like BloggingWizard, BloggingBasics101, BloggingCage, BloggersIdeas, etc.

#3: Learn from brand but don’t copy them

Brands are cool!

You can learn from them.

For example – Facebook is the brand. So you should not copy their whole name. If you do that, then your blog will not rank because of the popular brand name in your domain name.

This blog (bloggingbook) is inspired by Facebook. Think – if I used to have Facebook in my blog name like bloggingfacebook or facebloggingbook then it wouldn’t be good for me. Right? So I selected “bloggingbook

At the end,

I just want to say that – Understand the creativity of big brand names, learn from them, and apply it to yours.

#4: Your Own Name

This is the simplest but powerful way.

You can see so many personal blogs like Neil Patel, Mathew Woodward, JohnChow are brand today.

So, yes you can make your personal brand using your own name in the domain. But make sure to understand your audience before choosing the personal name as a blog name.

Because, if I try to build songs website then SongsWorld is better than Ravijit Chavda (my name)

So, be smart while choosing your blog name.

#5: Use Creativity of your mind

Your mind is the goldmine of creativity and so powerful tool to get awesome ideas.

Give a chance to your mind and note down the name ideas. Brainstorm and try to build your blog names. Whatever your mind suggest, just note it down.

Probably you can get some good and creative names. So, make a list of names which your mind suggest.

#6: Online Tools

This is the very smartest way to select a blog name.

Many online tools are available for the suggestion of blog name. You can use these online tools to come up with your blog name.

Some useful online tools are,


STEP 2- Filter The Great Names

This is an important and final step.

Now, you have a list of some good names which you got from above methods. So, we just need to filter it and choose one of the best.

So, now pick the best names which you like or think it would be perfect for you. (filter all which you like).

Now you’ve filtered good names from the list. So next step is to choose “ONLY ONE GREAT NAME.”

So next step is to choose “ONLY ONE GREAT NAME.”

For doing that, Analyze all the filtered names and “SELECT THE ONE NAME FOR YOUR BLOG.”

Do’s and Don’ts


  • It should be Readable
  • It should be Pronounceable
  • It should be Spellable
  • It should be Memorable
  • Creative but simple
  • Eye catching
  • Unique


  • don’t use the trademark name
  • don’t include the original brand name
  • don’t choose the too lengthy name
  • don’t use numbers and hyphens in the name
  • don’t choose non-professional domains like .me, .web, .cc etc.
  • don’t choose an awkward name

Register your domain name and Start A Blog

After choosing the great name, you’ve to purchase it and launch it online as well.

So I recommend you to go with GoDaddy. It’s the best domain registrar in the world

And, Now you can start your own blog – just follow my guide: How to Start a Blog [Ultimate Guide]


Check out my Toolbox – Tools I Use

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