Why Every Blogger Should Use Compress JPEG & PNG Images Plugin

A few days ago, the makers of TinyPNG released version 3.0 of their much-acclaimed WordPress plugin “Compress JPEG & PNG Images”

This simple plugin automatically optimizes your images by integrating with the most popular image compression services TinyPNG and TinyJPG.

It is one of the best image optimization plugins which we use on our blogs. We just love this plugin and recommend you to use it.

Probably you’re thinking –

Why should I use this plugin? What’s so great about this plugin?

Let us tell you…

This plugin can compress your images by 40% to 80% and the most amazing part is, you can’t even see the difference¬†visually. Moreover that, you can resize all your photos automatically. Just enter your Max Image Width, Max Image Height from the plugin settings and you’re done!

How awesome is that! ūüôā

Let’s see one real-life example,

Let’s say one of your blog posts has 10 images, and the total size of all those images is 6MB (average 600kb).

If you test the loading speed of that blog post, the result will be definitely more than 3 seconds (As this page is bigger in size)

Now, install the plugin called “Compress JPEG & PNG Images” and optimize the images with help of it.

Again test the same blog post and you’ll see the drastic¬†change in a loading speed. Your blog post will load within 3 seconds, even within 1 second (As the total size would be around 2 MB)

So, this plugin works like magic. Just install it, setup it, and you’re done. All your¬†image optimization task will be handled by this plugin.

Why Should You Compress Images?

Probably you’re thinking why should I optimize my images?

Let us tell you,

You must optimize your post images because…

  • Your page loading speed will improve
  • Your search engine ranking will improve and¬†eventually traffic
  • Your server storage and bandwidth will be saved

So, hope you understand that the image optimization is very important and plays a crucial role in the success.

How to Do an Image Optimization

There are many ways to optimize images for your WordPress blog such as online websites, plugins, using software and tools, etc., but we recommend you to go with the option WordPress plugins.

Just install one image optimization plugin and your job will be done. Isn’t it a great option?

Why Should You Use WordPress Plugins over Other options?

As we said earlier you should go with WordPress plugins instead of manual optimization methods because it is more convenient to use as well as a time saver.

Here are a few reasons to choose WordPress plugin

  • They are specially made for your WordPress CMS
  • Able to do a bulk compression
  • Automatically resize your images
  • Automatically perform the compression tasks
  • You don’t need to upload images again and again
  • Very convenient to use

So again, hope you understand the reason to use WordPress plugin for the image optimization.

Best Image Compression WordPress plugin

There are lots of Image optimization and compression plugins available but which one is the best? Which one will be good for you?

We recommend you to use “Compress JPEG & PNG images” as this is our favourite plugin and offers great features.

Few of theme are here…

Compresses images up to 80%:

This plugin will compress your images up to 80% and you can’t even see the difference visually. That means you can make your blog blazing faster without losing quality. How awesome is that!

You’ll get faster-loading speed:

You know that the page size can impact badly on the loading speed so after using this plugin, your pages will load faster than before as your total page size will be decreased.

Automatic Image Compression: 

You don’t need to optimize your images every time. Just configure the plugin at once and it will take care of your all optimization tasks. Isn’t it so cool?

Bulk Optimization: 

You can compress¬†your¬†existing images in bulk. So, if you’re not using this plugin from¬†the beginning of your blog OR never done any image¬†optimization earlier then this plugin can optimize your all previous images in bulk.

To optimize all your images at once, Go to Media >> Bulk Optimization. Click on the big button and it will start optimizing all unoptimized images from the media library.

This is a really useful feature!

No Limit on Image Size:

You can compress any size of images so you don’t have to worry about the size. Every image will be optimized for sure as there is no size limit.

Easy and Quick Resize:

You can easily resize your images at your desired dimensions. Just set the Max Image Width, Max Image Hight, and your all images will be resized to the predefined dimensions. This is a very unique feature.

Animated PNG Supported:

With using this plugin, animated PNG also can be optimized

You can use it on multiple blogs:

You can use this plugin on more than one blog with help of API key. Sounds interesting!

User-Friendly Dashboard:

This plugin has simple but powerful settings. The dashboard is simple and user-friendly.

It is Free:


This plugin gives 100 image optimizations for free and if you want to compress more images then you can definitely use their paid plan.

But the 100 images per month are fair enough for a normal blog. (You can easily write 17-18 posts per month with 10 images on every post)

So, what you need more?

Quick Tutorial: How to use Compress JPEG & PNG Images plugin

Probably now, you want to use this plugin for your blog so here is the quick tutorial about – How to use this plugin.

So, let’s get started.

Step-1: Search for “Compress JPEG & PNG Images” in Plugins section and Install it

Step-2: Go to Plugin setting and set up the plugin

The very first thing is to register for the Tinify account. Simply enter your name, email address, and hit the big register button.

After that, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see the image compression settings.

To set up plugin properly – Select¬†“Compress new images in the background” from the setting. This setting will compress your images automatically, every time you upload.

Thereafter, select all the image size to be compressed.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

Moreover that, This plugin also offers one unique feature which most of the other¬†plugins doesn’t. That feature is – Automatic resizing.

To use this feature, just set your Max Width and Max Height from the settings.

We recommend you to set Max Width only because the height could require more or less for showing information properly.

Over to you

We just want to say that the Compress JPEG & PNG Images plugin is one of the best image optimization plugins and every blogger should use it on their blog.

Recently, they released their latest version 3.0 and that update introduced some really useful and awesome features such as,

  • New images can compress in the background. It will speed up your workflow.
  • Turbo-charged Bulk Optimization page with simultaneous image compression.
  • Improved memory usage for installations with extreme media libraries.
  • Incompatible plugins detections.

Just install this plugin, set it up, and your image optimization tasks will be handled automatically.

Hope you found this article useful and learned something useful and actionable. If you enjoyed this article don’t forget to share it on your social networks.

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