Three Things You Can Do To Connect With Your Target Audience

Whether you are a new or a veteran blogger, I’m sure you’ve quickly learned the importance of connecting with your target audience. Communicating with them and valuing their input is an absolutely necessary and honestly wonderful part of what blogging is all about.

Although, part of valuing your audience is in making sure you are creating a sense of community, another large part of your duty to your audience is giving them exciting, new, and engaging content.

Engaging content on your blog should be alive in every post. It can be a struggle to think up new engagement strategies when you run out of ideas, and you might need a little help. Check out these three ways to make a splash on your blog with some unique content ideas that will connect you further with your fans.

#1. Celebrate A Community Milestone

Community Milestones are a big deal. Whether you have just hit one hundred page views or one hundred thousand, you should always note how your community is building. Plus, it creates a great feeling for everyone, whether they are a reader or on your team. Everyone in your community wants to see your site grow and celebrate each success.

Community milestones also let you keep track of your progress, and remind your readers that they do in fact have a community around them who enjoys the same content they do and maybe even has the same sense of humor. Milestones are just all in all a fantastic thing! So you should spread the enjoyment with special content like a video.

Community Milestone videos are easy to produce, but you might not have enough time to dedicate to it outside of your current posting schedule, or the right equipment to make it look on point. You can find a range of production companies, whether you need Los Angeles, Miami, or Austin Video production. They’ll help you create content that you don’t have time to take on completely, but you know is important for your blog.

Make sure to check out any company’s portfolio so you’re both on the same page in terms of style. Either way, get ready to celebrate with new boundary-expanding content for your blog.

#2. Swap Posts With A Guest Blogger Who Has A Different Perspective

Another way to spice things up is to bring a fresh perspective to your blog in the form of a guest post. Guest posts are posts by alternate writers who come to your site and inject a little of their own flair.

Finding a guest poster is easy. You might even be able to arrange a swap with another blogger. They write an article on your site and you can write one on theirs. If you’ve got similar audiences or styles you might even be able to up the traffic to your site after they post. Either through their audience visiting your page when they follow their favorite writer over, or if you get the chance to write on their blog they may follow you back over to your own. It’s both a chance for you to make sure things don’t get stale and attempt to capture some new community members.

#3. Hold A Giveaway That Rewards Your Community

Lastly, a tried and true method of engaging with your audience is a giveaway. Holding a giveaway can greatly increase the engagement on your site and helps your community rally around something. Be sure not to have too generic of a giveaway otherwise you might give the impression that you’re not as engaged in the community as your readers are. Find something unique and memorable and you’re sure to have the perfect recipe for a giveaway that represents your community well.

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