10 Content Marketing Objectives Which You Must Know Before Doing It

Content marketing is the “approach with a focus on distributing valuable content to attract targeted audience.”

Today content marketing is kind of thing which can’t be neglected and only because of that big brand blogs are spending millions on only content marketing. so, i hope you can get ideas about how crucial content marketing is.

also, now a days more and more marketing agencies arising. so, think – how they are/was paid? who are their customers ? the answer is – serious business bloggers. yes !

and only serious bloggers do focus on content marketing and doing it theme-self or hires an agency.

So, I’m sure you’re convinced to say – “Yes, content marketing is a very very important factor to be successful in online business.”


Here are the 10 content marketing objectives which you should know before doing it or planning your content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Objectives


#1: Building Brand and Improve Awareness

Branding is the most important factor to be a successful business itself. If you are kind a brand and reveling anything, then it would spread like air because you are a BRAND. Content marketing can improve your branding value and ultimately improves the profits.

So, you should plan a best content marketing strategies according to your field, position and most important WITH considering targeted audience.

#2: Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of converting stranger people into one kind of loyal people.

And according to HubSpot Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into those leads we just talked about.


So, content marketing drives traffic to your blog, and once people comes on your blog then pre-designed lead funnel starts working and ultimately generates leads

#3: Lead Conversion

It is the process of converting a lead into an account or opportunity. Leads are generated from marketing events, such as mailing campaigns, facebook campaigns.

Every online business has good lead conversion strategies. And moreover, they execute it very well. So, you should create your own strategies as well as execute it wisely.

Lead conversion process should be like this, [image source – b2c]


#4: Improves Authority

If you’re authority business/blog, then you don’t need to apply more efforts for ranking.

Yes, content marketing increases your authority for sure, your content spreads on the web without any external effort to rank it. it’s only because of Authority of blog. (Great example of authority blog is MOZ itself. you can see lot’s of articles are ranked on #1 page of Google 🙂 )

#5: Improves SEO

Content marketing can surely improves SEO because, all kind of content are shares on the web and it improves presence of your blog. also generates good kind of link backs. so, ultimately search engine ranks you higher.

Nowadays bloggers are doing SEO as a completely different task. But, let me add value in that nobody can be successful with doing SEO manually all the time. Meanwhile, think- if Darren Rowse tries to do SEO manually and try to make backlinks one by one then what happen ? can he make 299k backlinks? (right now Pro Blogger got 1.3M + backlinks )

ahref problogger

also, many popular bloggers says in their interview – “currently i’m not focusing on SEO, i just focus on creating very very informative content and seo will done itself.” (what it means – it means you should create backlinks while you’re in starting phase of blog and after some time when you got good stand then do more focus on creating great content )

so, what i want to say is – content marketing can increase SEO for sure without focusing on SEO manually.

#6: Social Media Presence

Social media is the very powerful medium to market the content and this statement was accepted by many popular bloggers.

did you know that, today big brands are focusing very consciously on social media to get the leads. because they know very well, now a days almost 90%+ business people are socialised and social media is kind of platform where targeted people are hanging for sure. so, there is just need to convert them. (think – you’re blogger and can you imagine blogging without facebook,twitter, linkedin, g+ and youtube ? you have facebook account for sure and Pro bloggers knows this thing very well 🙂 right ? so what they need is just reach you on facebook. thats it !)

so, content marketing on social or be present on social improves social media presence, increases social signals and also generates targeted leads.

#7: Increase activeness

If you’re doing content marketing then your activeness on web is also increases (very simple 🙂 ). so, here the point is what’s the benefit of activeness of your blog –

Activeness of any blog leads to improvement in rankings. so, ultimate benefit of activeness of your blog is improvement in search engine ranking as well as earnings.

#8: Increase sales

Yes, if you’re doing good kind of content marketing then the flow of earning is starts to work. meanwhile content marketing will attract targeted readers and readers will convert into leads theme self and that leads will do convert into sales via good sales funnel.

if you’re really serious about your online business then you must create your sales funnel. also another good article for creating funnel from dummies. Pat Flynn have great sales funnel and only that’s why earnings of Pat is like this – Income report


also, you can see every popular blog have sales funnel such as neil patel, backlinko, mathew woodward.

#9: Improve Earnings

Earnings are increase for sure if you’re doing well content marketing. meanwhile, if you’ve perfect marketing strategy, perfect lead generation strategy, perfect sales funnel then improvement in earning is for sure.

If you’re looking for exact map then,

  1. Reaching out targeted people
  2. Convert them into leads
  3. Invite theme into sales funnel by offering something very useful
  4. Lets pass out theme from sales funnel
  5. Ultimately you’ll get $$$.

#10 – Decrease Cost

Yes, this happens for sure because if you’re doing good kind of content marketing and have a good strategy then there is no need more of doing paid marketing. yes, because you’re doing well and there is only needs to do some universal marketing things such as Google ads, SMM etc.

Summing Up All

Content marketing is the proven way of success, for online business and only that’s why all big brands are focusing on it very seriously. so why you’re not ? 🙂

You must do content marketing for your online businesses with taking mind these 10 objectives. it will boost your business for sure.

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