How to Create a Free Blog with 000webhost

Nowadays, creating a blog is very easy. Isn’t it?

Purchase web hosting, domain name, and set up the blog. As simple as that!


Creating a professional looking blog is quite harder. Anybody can create a blog but can’t give it professional look.

Moreover that,

How awesome is that if “You could be able to create that professional blog for FREE!”

Isn’t it cool?

Probably you’re thinking why should I create a free blog?

Few reasons are here …

  • You don’t need any initial start-up cost.
  • No worries about hosting bills
  • Best for the learning stuff
  • You can upgrade it to paid.
  • Risk-Free

So, This guide is all about creating a free blog.

Now, You might be thinking – how to do that?

The answer is – With using 000webhost

Yes! This hosting company allows you to create a blog for completely free. You don’t even need a credit card to start with. How awesome is that!

You also might be thinking –

Why should I choose 000webhost instead of others free hosting providers? 

So let me tell you,

You should go with 000webhost because…

  • It is completely FREE with No Ads
  • Enough Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • More than one website allowed
  • Access to control panel
  • You can place your own advertisements
  • Free website builder
  • I Click WordPress installer
  • Latest PHP and MySQL Supported
  • Website Backups
  • File manager and FTP Support
  • 99% Uptime guarantee
  • Instant account activation

I’m sure you’re excited to know the complete process now. Am I right?

So, here it is!

#Step-1: Create an Account with 000Webhost

To create an account, go to the official website of 000webhost –

Once you land to the site, click on the “Free Sign Up” button.

After clicking on the signup button, you’ll be redirected to the signup page. Fill the form with required details such as your email address, Password, Website name and hit the GET FREE HOSTING button.

Now, your account has been created and you’ll be redirected to the member’s area. After creating an account you’ll be asked to verify your email address. Simply verify it through your email.

Now you’ve successfully registered with 000webhost and you are ready to use for creating a blog.

#Step-2: Choose your niche

Before creating a blog, you must have an idea about the blog niche. It’s very important.

There are tons of niches which you can choose from such as technology, finance, gaming, traveling, fitness, health, beauty, and many more.

Simply go for the niche which you’re passionate about or has more potential to make money.

Here is our complete guide about choosing a niche – Read it.

Register a Domain Name

In this guide, we’re creating a free blog so we don’t need to buy a domain. However, you’ll be able to do that later.

Moreover that, you can buy a domain from 000webhost and connect it to your blog through cPanel. So yes, that’s another good reason to use 000webhost.

#Step-3: FREE Blog Creation Checklist

This checklist ensures that you’re ready to build a free blog.

  • Account Setup with 000webshot
  • Account verified with an email address
  • You have your 000webhost login details

That’s it! If you have these three things, you’re ready to create the free blog.

Now, let’s move ahead.

#Step-4: Login to the dashboard

Login to the 000webhost with your email and password. (which you created during the signup process)

Once you successfully logged in, you’ll be in the members area. This is the main dashboard where you’ll perform all the website setup tasks.

#Step-5: Start building a blog

This is the main and most important step of this whole guide. Just follow the steps.

Click on the Build website link (which is located at the top left corner)

Once you click on it you’ll get three options.

(1) Build Website with Website Builder

(2) WordPress Website

(3) Upload Website

Here, we’re building a blog so WordPress will be the best option to go.

You might be thinking,

Why should you choose WordPress to create a blog?

WordPress is the best for running a blog. Here are few advantages,

  • Completely Free to Use
  • Very easy to use and maintain the blog
  • More customization space (Tons of themes)
  • Tons of Plugins
  • Huge community to support
  • Faster and SEO friendly
  • Safe and Secure Platform
  • Reliable

I’m sure you’re ready to start with WordPress now! 🙂

So now, select “Build WordPress Website” section and click on the INSTALL NOW button.

#Step-6: Install WordPress as a CMS

After clicking on the Install Now button, one popup will appear. Just fill out the details (Admin username and Password). This information is important, so remember it or write it down somewhere.

Once you fill the form completely, hit the red “Install” button.

Now the installation process will be started. Just relax and wait till the process completion.

Woohoo! Your free blog has been created. 🙂

You have your own blog! Now, you’re able to access your blog dashboard and start publishing the content. However, you must change the default blog design to one professional design.

Blog design is important because…

  • It gives pleasant effect to the reader’s eyes.
  • Looks trustworthy and professional.
  • Helps in branding
  • Better blog navigation
  • Content readability
  • Stands out in the crowd (As there are millions of blogs on the web)

#Step-7: Design your blog

As you know the importance of blog design, let’s design our newly created blog.

Login to the WordPress dashboard with using Admin username and Password

Once you successfully logged in, you’ll see your WordPress dashboard.

Now you don’t need to access the hosting dashboard every time. Just use this WordPress dashboard to manage all the tasks such as writing a new post, themes, plugins, blog settings, etc.

The very first and important thing is the blog theme. So change the current theme to a new one.

For doing that, go to the Appearance >> Themes section where you’ll find tons of free themes.

You can choose any theme but I recommend you to choose a simple and elegant theme. I really like Swift and Stacy theme.

Search for it or choose one which you like and just install it.

After installing the theme, make some changes such as a navigation menu, footer, logo, colors, fonts, add important pages, etc. It will help you to make your blog professional.


A logo is the most important thing of the blog. It represents the whole blog as well as a core niche.

Create one professional looking logo and place it in a header of the blog. Also, don’t forget to put it in the footer. Header and Footer combination increases the professionalism.

Navigation Menu: 

Navigation helps readers to find your stuff. So create one header menu and place your most important links into that.

Just check out this screenshot:


Choose one good color scheme for your blog and apply that to the blog. I recommend you to use for finding professional color schemes.

Font and Font Size:

Good fonts can improve the readability of a blog and it is the most and most important thing. So never ignore fonts. I recommend you to use “Lato” or “Helvetica” font. Moreover, increase or decrease the font size. 14px to 18px is good number to use.


WordPress is known for themes and plugins. These two things will take your blog to the moon.

Here are some most important plugins which you must install on your blog.

  1. Yoast SEO (For doing your blog’s SEO. Most important plugin)
  2. Akismet (For preventing spams)
  3. Contact form 7 (For adding a contact form to the blog)
  4. W3TotalCache (For better loading speed)
  5. Google Analytics (For analyzing traffic)
  6. Simple Social Share (For adding social sharing button)
  7. Sucuri (One of the best security plugin)
  8. Compress JPEG & PNG images (For optimizing blog images)
  9. UpdraftPlus (For regular backups)

Add important pages:

This is one of the crucial steps where most of the newbies make mistake. Create important pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Sitemap. These pages help you to be a professional in eyes of visitors as well as Google.

WordPress SEO:

SEO plays an important role in your blog’s success. As you know the traffic is a primary need for blog success, you should never ignore this step.

For doing WordPress SEO, you don’t need to perform any big tasks manually, just configure the “Yoast SEO” plugin (which we installed earlier) and it will take care of it. This plugin will automatically submit your latest posts to the search engines and also help you to do on-page SEO while writing the post.

Change Permalink Structure:

By default, your permalinks structure looks like this “Plain Structure”. This means your posts and pages URLs will look like this:


This structure is neither good for search engines nor for the user experience. So you should change it into SEO friendly structure.

To do that, go to Settings > Permalinks and select “post name” as a structure. That’s it!

This change will make your links user-friendly and also help in search engine optimization.

Set Your Local Time Zone:

To set your time zone, go to the Setting > General and from there you’ll be able to set up your local timezone. It is important because it helps to schedule your posts at a correct timing.

Google Analytics:

Imagine – You have a blog but you don’t have any platform to analyze your traffic and growth. How painful is that! So here, google analytics comes into play.

Setup new google analytic account and connect it with your WordPress blog. Again, Google Analytics plugin (which we installed earlier) will take care of it. So, just set up it from your WordPress dashboard and you’re done.


This is the last but one of the most important things.

How painful is that if your months of hard work can ruin in just one error or server crash. I strongly recommend you to take regular backups of your blog.

Probably you’re thinking, how to manage all this backup stuff. Don’t worry! Just set up UpdraftPlus Plugin from your WP dashboard (which we installed earlier) and it will manage all your backup tasks. Even you don’t have to do it manually. It will automatically backup your data and store into your cloud storage. How awesome is that! 🙂

The blog design process is completed. 🙂

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a free blog with help of 000webhost.

Now you can start publishing posts!

Over to you

Just creating a free blog isn’t much harder but creating a professional free blog is the important thing. This was the complete guide about creating a free blog where almost all crucial steps are covered. All these steps are extremely simple as explained above.

To sum up all, we created a free blog with help of 000webhost. It is truly a free hosting provider. We recommend you to use 000webhost instead of any other free hosting provider (As you know there are lots of)

At a glans few features of 000webhost,

  • Reputed Free Webhost
  • More Space and Higher Bandwith
  • 99% Uptime guarantee
  • Latest PHP and MySQL supported
  • cPanel access
  • Free website builder and One-click WordPress installer

What you need more! Everything is there for you, for free.

Just use this guide and follow it step by step. You’ll end up by getting your own free blog.

Hope you enjoyed this complete blog creation process and learned something useful.

Feel free to ask any question, query or suggestion via comments below and If you found this article useful, don’t forget to share it on your social networks.

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