How To Create FREE Blogger/Blogspot Blog [JUST 6 STEPS]

Hello, guys.

Today I’m going to write an article about Creating FREE Blogger Blog.

We all know that a risk of money is the biggest risk than another on the internet. So if you don’t want to take a risk on investment of money for the blog and just want to start a blog, then you should go for free blogger blog.

This guide is all about Creating a FREE Blog. So now, let’s get started!

create free blogger blogspot blog

You can create a FREE blog using many ways but, this two ways are most popular.

So, If you want to build a Free blog using WordPress then go through above link.

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Create FREE Blogger Blog

So, you want to create a FREE blog with using Blogger platform! Right? 🙂

That’s the great choice for the beginning of blogging. You need to have following accounts for

You need to have following accounts for starting a new blog using Blogger,

  • Gmail account ( yeah….that’s it! no more accounts!):-p

So, What now?

Just follow these 6 Simple Steps!

#1: Open Blogger Official Site

The first step is to go on the official site of blogger –

#2: Login with Gmail

Login with your Gmail account. It’ll be your primary account for managing the blog.


#3: Create Blog

Once you successfully logged in to your blogger account, you can see the dashboard.

Now, click on the New Blog button and provide your new blog details, i.e., blog name, and

After that, click on “Create blog” button. site details

#4: Open your new Blog’s Dashboard

Now, you can see the dashboard of your brand new created blog. Click on the posts link which is founded on the sidebar of the dashboard.


#5: Create New Post

Click on Create New Post and write your first post. After writing, just publish it.

write post

#6: View your New Blog

Once you successfully publish the post, click on “View Blog” link. Now you are on your new blogger blog.

final view

PRO TIP: Use the best Template and customize it for getting more awesome design!

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Thats it. Now, your brand new blog is ready! Happy blogging! 🙂

Happy blogging! 🙂

NOTE: If you want to make this blog self-hosted then you can do it easily. So don’t worry and enjoy blogging totally FREE!

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Hope you liked this article. Feel free to ask any question, query or suggestion via comments, and also share your point of view about creating a free blogger blog!

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