How To Create/Setup New Blog Within Few Minutes

Hey, guys. Ravijit here and today you’ll learn How to create a blog within few minutes.

There are many ways to create blogs but, the choosing right one is the key to success.

start a blog - create a blog

So, First of all, you need to choose the type of blog which you want to create: (i recommend you, go for Self Hosted WordPress)

Did you know that?

  • WordPress Platform Powers 23% of websites in the World!
  • Right now, WordPress has over 60 Million users in the World!

(So, you can imagine now the popularity of WordPress!!!)

If you are still confused about choosing blogging platform then,

Read this: WordPress vs. Blogger(Blogspot)

(1) FREE Blog.

(2) Self Hosted Blog

( need to pay for hosting and domain name, i.e., )

Here, we are going to create Self Hosted Blog. So, if you’re looking for creating a FREE blog then just go through above links !!! 🙂

Now, You continue with me. So, you decided to create a self-hosted blog with WordPress, and it’s the great choice for a long journey in blogging.

You need to purchase following things for creating a self-hosted blog.

#1 –  Domain name

( i.e., and you need to pay something like $5 to $10 per year for it. I recommend you to go for GoDaddy)


doain registration

#2 –  Web Hosting (I Recommend Bluehost )


After buying Domain name and web hosting, you are ready for starting your new blog or website 🙂

Here are Easy 9 steps which help you to create blog quickly. So, simply follow this guide.

#1: Check Emails

Once you complete all purchases, check your emails to know some useful information. So, open your email and check details.

[Note: if you are not beginner and already purchased these things then, simply skip step 1]  🙂

#2: Login to Hosting CPanel

You can manage your hosting service by using this simple panel called “cPanel.” yes you can do all the things from cPanel. Go to your Web Hosting providers site and log in to your account. Once you successfully log in, you can access the cPanel.

cpanel 0

#3: Update Nameservers

Find your nameservers detail from an email or hosting account. Now, copy those nameservers to your domain’s nameserver box for pointing your domain to hosting provider.

#4: Install WordPress

Now, you need to find one tool called “Quick install” or “scripts” or “apps” into the cPanel and install WordPress from that tool. You can install WordPress in just one click using this tool.

Provide necessary installation details and remember it for future use. (Remember Username and Password)


#5: Open your new Installed Blog

Go to your blog ( and click on Login link which is already available on your site. [Note: sometimes blog can’t be a visible instantly so, wait for few minutes and try again]

#6: Login to Blog

Log in with your WordPress installation details ( Username and Password). Login link can be found at your blog’s meta sidebar and still if you can’t find login link, just go to your blog’s login directory as below

By default, you can log in from

login wordpress

#7: Install Theme

Install latest and best theme for great design and performance of the blog. I recommend you to use Swift Basic theme which is free and 90% faster than other bulky themes.


#8: Some Basic Settings

Do some essential settings from WordPress dashboard, i.e., theme setting, delete all default posts and pages, etc. and the most important thing is to change your permalink as a Post name by going to Dashboard >> Settings >> Permalinks.

Now your Blog is ready with basic SEO friendly configuration. If you want to create a blog/website for another purpose, just install the related theme from theme section which is available in your dashboard.

#9: Write New Post

Write a new post and start blogging. Happy blogging. 🙂


blog final

Hope you liked this article about creating a new blog. Do share this article on social, and If you have any question, query or suggestion about this guide feel free to ask via comments.

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