Does Your CTR Improve or Drop from Rich Results?

A few years ago, the term Rich Results was all over the marketer’s mouths as they tried to familiarize themselves with the term. However, this was just a name for what is termed as search results enhancement features. Some of these features include rich snippets and cards.

The purpose of using rich results is to make your content stand out from the rest by using additional things such as review stars and pictures. Rich results will help the users find your website faster.

In search engines, users tend to click on the first three websites. A few percentage take-ups will click on the rest as they are believed to be less informative. The more your site ranks higher, the higher the number of clicks. Ranking higher requires optimization of search engines (SEO)

For most business, they are not privileged like the top companies who have the opportunity to employ strategic SEO methods. Nevertheless, these small businesses have to come up with creative ways of getting more clicks from the users.

How rich snippets and rich results affect your Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

As a marketer, your ultimate agenda is using rich results or snippets to highlight your website to the users giving them general information about your site. By adding this descriptive information, you will have given your users some rough idea thus leaving the decision making part to them. As a user, they have an option of clicking. For rich display, make sure you have the three essential features; the Title of the content you want to post, the URL to that website, and a short description of the material.

In addition to these, use extra features to improve on the CTR. An example is the rating and pricing features which lures a user to click on them. Besides being informative, pages with rich snippets look more attractive than pages without. A user has a higher likelihood of clicking on a well-written link than a plain one that displays just the title.

Ways of optimizing the rich results and snippets to get more clicks

Get your goals straight

As a marketer, you already know that not all businesses are equal. For the E-commerce, they aim at getting more customers for their products. As for personal bloggers, one wants to get a review about specific products as well as directing users to affiliate links.

Rich results depend on the content you wish to post.

Some of the rich snippets used in some search niches such as food blogs and recipes may be used on other Google pages to increase CTR. In this, you have to try every snippet to know what works best to bring you more clicks.

Use the right format to get the correct code for your

In rich results, you will either find snippets or rich cards. Snippets improve the visibility of your content to your users. However, the effectiveness of your website is determined by the type of snippet you choose. Snippets can either be Microdata, JSON-LD, and RDF.

According to Google, they recommend JSON-LD to most of their users since it brings more chances of getting clicks. However, Microdata is recommended since it gives similar results. provides the same information since you can create your snippets from their websites by following simple steps.

Measure your results after some time

Before releasing your new rich snippets, always run them through applications to remove any form of error. After this, take your best post from your website and run it through rank trackers to see the number of clicks it received during that testing period. As a marketer, your post should always rate in the top 15 positions on Google to increase user engagement. Always search the traffic in your organic search site to find out the number of clicks every post is receiving. The rate will help you determine what to change in your posts to attract more people.

The more you use your rich results; you will have a significant probability of raising the number of clicks for your posts. The reverse is true.


The display of your post on a search engine determines how well people interact with your work. By using snippets and rich cards, you will have not only increased your ranking but also your CTR.

You can visit this article for more detailed information.

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