List Building: Learn to Get Thousands of Email Subscribers

Building an email is tough. Right? (I’m talking about thousands of subscribers)

So, You can’t be super successful without a perfect strategy. Here is the complete guide to the list building.

Let’s begin!

Step-1:  Choose a Good Email Marketing Software

Yes, you need a good email marketing software which can collect and broadcast your emails.

You need a software which has…

  • Beautiful and Responsive opt-in forms
  • Custom opt-in form for each post
  • Creative landing page designs
  • Automation
  • Broadcasting
  • Easy to use
  • Great support

All these features are provided by ConvertKit. It is the best email marketing tool.

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Step:2- Grow your email list

Once you successfully purchased your email marketing tool, you’re ready to start building list.

You can build email list through various strategies/techniques and all these strategies are as below:

Strategy-1: Give premium content (eBook) for free

You can give eBook, Case Study, or something which is unique. Bind valuable information as an eBook and promote it on your blog.

Strategy-2: Give Discount or Coupon

Provide any exclusive deal to your readers and exchange it with their email. As simple as that.

Strategy-3: Optimize About me page

Mostly, This page is one of the most visited pages of your site. Place the subscribing form inside this page. Here, make sure to use powerful CTA’s for those forms.

Strategy-4: Offer a Free Updates

Never offer a free update as “GET FREE UPDATES” title or CTA. Here you’ve to use power words such as, “Get Exclusive Tips” or “Subscribe to Get Best Strategies” or “Get Actionable Tips” etc.

Strategy-5: Put your Subscribe form on your site

This is the best ever strategy for building the email list.

You can place subscribe form to your site at various places.

Feature box: 

The feature box is the one box which is placed at the top of your blog page. It grabs almost every visitor’s attention so it can be the great strategy to get more subscribers. Just offer something valuable and you’re good to go.

Popup Box:

Popup boxes help to build an email list faster and effectively. You just need to setup a popup box and then set its trigger timing. That’s it.

Sometimes, popups are annoying but if you use it the right way, it’ll definitely give a bring you more email subscribers.


This one is the simplest way of collecting emails. Put the subscribe form link on your navbar. Make sure to use benefit driven text here.


This is the well-known way to collect emails. Here, provide any beneficial thing (mostly an eBook) and you’re good to go.


Some webmasters do it and some are not. But, yes you can definitely get some subscribers through footer subscribing form.

Content Upgrades:

This is an advanced strategy to build list.

Find your most visited pages of your site and put content upgrades on it.

What is the content upgrade? :

The content upgrade is some piece of super beneficial content which is not provided in the blog post. If anyone wants to read them, they’ve to subscribe and then upgraded content will be sent over to them.

PROTIP: You can also use pdf version of the blog post or maybe any actionable checklist.

Specific Post sidebar:

Specific post sidebar can be a super targeted lead magnet for you. Offer any beneficial thing related to your article in the sidebar. That’s it.

In content forms:

Here, you’re showing your subscribe form inside the content such as, in the middle of the post, at before the last paragraph, at below the first paragraph, etc.

Welcome gate:

This is another great way of list building. When anyone visits your site, the visitor will see one gate. The visitor has to enter from that gate.

You can offer exclusive and super beneficial things here so the visitors can’t stop themselves to grab it.

There are so many tools are available which can help you to create welcome gate such as Sumo, Thrive, etc.

Exit intent popups:

When your visitor goes to leave your site, the popup will show. This is called exit intent popup. The exit intent popup is the most effective way in the popups category.

Landing page funnel:

Create specific landing page of any helpful thing/topic and promote it. Here, you have a funnel which is specially designed to get email subscribers.

Pitch newsletter to social media:

As simple as that. Pitch your newsletter info to social media where your audiences hang on, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Facebook Ads:

This is a paid way but very effective.

You can create an ad and promote it on Facebook. Here, audience targeting is the key to success. You’ve to target the right audience to get the maximum advantage from the advertising.

Social proof:

Show social proof below your subscribe form. It will drive attention of the readers and ultimately help to get leads.

So, guys this the complete guide to list building. You can use any of these strategies to build your email list.

Let me know, which strategy you’re using or thinking to use on your blog?

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