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Email marketing is a 2.9 billion user industry worldwide. In the United States, alone, more than 250 million users log into email every day. Tapping into this market comes with many obstacles including filtering algorithms, federal regulations, and low open rates. Here are some marketing rules according to that will help you overcome that dreaded unopened email.

Language Is Still King

Optimize the wording within the subject line and the text of the email. Avoid gimmicks or over-the-top wording such as using all capitalized letters, excessive exclamation marks, dollar signs, and other cliché marketing titles. For example, an email titled, “FREE $$$$$$ MAKING TOOLS INSIDE!!!!” may trigger various filters and end up going straight into the spam folder.

Instead of using over-the-top language to capture your reader’s attention, use subtle targeted messages that will engage the reader. In order to really craft genuine subject titles, keep your target audience in mind. Before writing the subject line ask yourself questions such as:

Who is my target audience?

Where is my target audience?

What does my target audience need?

When do they need it?

After answering these questions, pick your angle of approach. There are many ways to stylize the email subject line. You can use tones that are compelling, enticing, satisfying, or even creative.

Here are a few words and examples that are within the compelling tone:

Alert – “Alert new product deadline in place for all customers”

Breaking – “Breaking news for all customers waiting on updates”

Update – “Update from quarterly reports available now”

Here are a couple of words and examples that are within the enticing tone:

Exclusive – “Exclusive content for our VIP members”

Special – “Special content for premium access”

The creative tone takes a little more out of the box thinking to craft, but when done well the creative tone is worthwhile.

There Is A Time for Retention and A Time For Acquisition

Retention email platforms allow the sender to retain and maintain their customer relationships. This means that retention emails are great for newsletters, coupons, events, giveaways, sweepstakes, and other customer engagement activities.

Retention email campaigns are excellent ways to increase stagnant customer engagement. If you see that your open rates are very high, but your click-through rate is low then you may want to spiff up your retention campaign. Further, retention emailing can be used to deploy opt-in emails to retain customers.

Acquisition email platforms are used with a purchased email list or non-opt in emails to drive new business. This type of email marketing allows you to expand your customer base with a fraction of the overhead cost of traditional customer acquisition models. Acquisition email campaigns is a strategy to move your product or company into a brand-new market.

CAN-SPAM Compliance Is Always Necessary

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the CAN-SPAM Act, a compliance law that sets the rules for commercial emailing. Non-compliance of the CAN-SPAM Act can result in fines up to $41,484 per each violating email. With potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of emails that are sent out each year, non-compliance with CAN-SPAM could be a costly mistake.

Here are the guidelines from the FTC website:

  1. Don’t use false or misleading header information.
  2. Don’t use deceptive subject lines.
  3. Tell recipients how to opt out of receiving future email from you.
  4. Honor opt-out requests promptly.
  5. Monitor what others are doing on your behalf.

Make sure to do additional research on each of these CAN-SPAM guidelines, as specified by the FTC.

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