Email Marketing Tips and Strategies (Updated 2017)

Email Marketing is the best way to get the targeted traffic and sales through personal communication. It is the smartest and most engaging type of online marketing.

People makes millions of dollars just from their email list, and you can do the same too.

You should do email marketing the right way. Otherwise, you won’t get remarkable benefits from it.

Here are best email marketing tips and strategies.

Email Marketing Tips

These email marketing strategies will help you to do it the right way, and you’ll learn to get the maximum advantage from it.

Number of subscribers doesn’t matters

If you have 5000 subscribers of general niche and another side 1000 subscribers of specific niche(who wants to start their blog or learn blogging), then you’ll make more money from the list of 1000 subscribers.


Because the list of 1000 is highly targeted and specific to your niche.

So, Number of subscribers doesn’t matters, specific niche relevancy matters.

Don’t waste your readers time

So many people waste their email subscribers time by sending useless things. Provide value and give something useful in every mail.

They should wait for your next email. That’s how you can do email marketing right way.

Be helpful

Yes, be helpful.

Think- Why they signed up for your list. Because those people want to learn, they want your help to learn something. So, fulfill their expectations and make them happy by helping.

Use your real name in the mail

Using your real name will increase the trust and feels like a real human.

That will help to be personal and as you know being personal in the email is the best practice to get higher engagements.

Be trustworthy

If readers trust you. You’ll get higher engagement, higher conversion.

So, you’ve to be trustworthy. Never break your reader’s trust by offering useless things. Always bring value to them. That’s the key.

Be on the reader’s side

Sounds weird. Right?

But, This is the simplest but powerful thing you can do in the email marketing.

The meaning of this statement is: Always give something very very useful in the every mail. Never send a mail without benefit.

Think- what you’ll expect from the email from your subscribed blog. Any valuable tips, guide, or hack which can help you to grow your blog, business. Right?

So, your readers need the same!

Give incentives for reading

Yes, that’s an excellent move.

Readers love to read your every email if you incentivise them for reading the mail. It will improve your trust, value, brand awareness, conversion, and higher open rate.

Give a promise for something useful

If you do that, you’ll get a higher open rate of your every email and maybe conversion too.

So, promise something useful.

Use the power words

Power words can change the whole game. You can supercharge your sales email with power words.

It definitely helps to gain emotional bonding, and as you know, that will help to get higher conversions.

Use Numbers

Numbers works the best.

Because number shows the real works and real results. Everyone want to know the practical things. Right?

So, use the numbers in a headline. It will increase your open rate and conversion at the pick.

Evoke curiosity

Eventually, it helps to increase open rate of your email. Also, helps to increase your brand awareness.

Evoke curiosity in the reader’s mind using email headline and first paragraph as well.

Learn from your mistakes

Not learning from the mistakes is the biggest mistake.

Online entrepreneurs or bloggers make a mistake and leave it. These type of people never thinks, why that happened.


The biggest mistake is not learning from your mistakes.

If you do learn from your own mistakes, you’ll never make again or probably very fewer chances, and you’ll reach the level of perfection

Experiment what works and what not

Yes, as simple as that.

Test the things. What and which type of things works for you in the email marketing

Develop a learning attitude

Learning attitude will help you to be a perfect email marketer.

Yes, once you be a great learner, a great practician, no one can stop you to be a master in your particular field.

So, be a good learner. That’s the key to success in the email marketing.

Learn from the experts

Experts have a great knowledge. They learned a lot, and after that, they are experts now. Right?

If you follow them and learn from them the right way, you don’t need to spend the whole time which normally needed to be an expert. You don’t need to pass out from the same failures and problems. Learn from experts, listen to them and learn from their mistakes too.

Keep it short and simple

Yes, that’s right.

Keep your email short and simple.

Keep it to the point

Keep your email direct to the point. Don’t spin your words. Just say simply but effectively. That’s works the best.

Be Polite

Be poilite. Even if you are explaing something, be polite. And, when you are asking for something in the mail, you’ve to be polite. Otherwise, you’ll lose and never get whatever you asked for.

So, you should be polite.

Ask the questions

Ask the questions to your subscribers.

Be human in the mail

People love to hear from a human. They hate automated emails.

So, be human and talk like a real conversation between two humans.

Do not automate all emails

As I said earlier, people hate automated emails. They want to hear from a real human. So, don’t automate all the things or do that in such a way, so it looks like a personal talk.

Use word – “You”

Using a word “you” in a mail will increase your conversion rate.

Add personality

Personality will help you to get open your every email you send, and feels easy to take action. Add your personality as a brand and very useful emails.

Don’t be shy

Yes, don’t be shy. Send the beneficial emails to your subscribers.

Don’t be greedy and selfish

Don’t be selfish. Don’t think about yourself only and always.

As I said earlier, be on the reader’s side. Give them. Give something very useful, so they remind you well and trust on your every mail.

Talk about benefits instead of features

Yes, that’s the best thing you can do in the email marketing.

People love to be benefited.

Features give benefit but directly talking about benefits can help you to get a higher email conversion for sure.


Talk about benefits in the email instead of features.

Use clear Call To Action (CTA)

CTA encourages to take action. Placing the CTA at the right place will help you to get a higher conversion.

So, place the CTA in your email with the power words.

Take the benefit of P.S

Take advantage of P.S. It is like an extra short note of the whole email. Use power words or any very very emotional and informative thing.

You can wrap email benefit or conclusion too.

Final Words

Email marketing can drive massive traffic to your blog if you do that the right way. Persona brands, as well as big brands, are highly focussed on email marketing because they know the power of it.

You should start email marketing now and follow these tips and strategies to do it perfectly.

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