How to Expand Your Content Effectively Using Twitter

Twitter is one of the top microblogging social networking sites with having 335 Million+ monthly active users. You can use Twitter for expanding your blog content drastically.

There are so many ways to do that but in this guide, we covered the most effective ways.

So, let’s see

Expand Your Content Effectively

1. Tweet with strategy

Just posting a tweet about your content is not the effective way to expand your content on the twitter. You’ve to make a strategy for that and according to that take actions. It will definitely bring you the real results

Now, probably you’re thinking – What kind of strategy? and How to create that strategy?

So, here you go.

The very first step is knowing your audience.

You can use Twitter analytics for getting your twitter account reports. There is also one another great place to start is It will help you to break down your audience behaviors.

First, break down your audience and know their interest, language, demographic, pick engagement time, etc. and based on that create your strategy.

To follow the strategy, you need to post tweets multiple time a day. Right? And, tweeting multiple time a day with exact timing is quite hard (Especially for a long run). Isn’t it?

So, you need to use one tool for scheduling your tweets. Right? Here comes the tool This tool will help you to schedule your posts very easily and quickly.

Visit and create an account with it. After that, head over to the schedule tab from the dashboard and from there you can create a tweet and schedule it for publishing at your desired time.

Moreover that, this tool will help you to find the best time for posting the tweet. You just need to select Share at Best Time and you’re done. will publish your tweet at the best time according to your tweeter data.

This tool is very easy to manage.

2. Grow Followers

Growing your follower base is another great way to expand your content effectively. And, its no brainer to say – why. Right?

Still, let me explain you in simple words. You’ve more probability to get more engagement on Twitter with having more followers. (Obviously, an account with 20,000 followers will get more engagement than an account with 1000 followers)

So now, you know that the increasing follower base is the way to go, but HOW?

There are lots of ways to get followers such as following people one by one, ask for the following, share content consistently, etc. and they all are good.


Don’t you think – Still, there is a need for one genuine tool which can help you to grow your followers.

Again, is the tool for you to go. It will help you to grow followers effectively.

Go to and head over to the followers tab. The Followers tab displays recent followers, recent unfollowers, consider to follow, conder to unfollow, and who are not following back. It also shows high valued influencers and supports. What you need more?

You can see your recent followers within the followers tab. Also, following them back is quite easy and quick. Just hit follow back buttons and you’re done. How easy is that!

Another sub-tab is about Recent Unfollowers. That’s a really useful feature of If someone unfollows you then you’ll be able to see that notification in “Recent Unfollowers” tab. Also, If you’re following someone (actually both following to each other) and he unfollows you then this tool will help you to decide either keep him or unfollow. If you decide to unfollow, you can do that by simply hitting the unfollow button.

How cool is that! Isn’t it?

Moreover that, you’ll be able to see “Consider to Follow” and “Consider to Unfollow”. This feature allows to get connected with more targeted and engaging people as well as help you to remove those who are not engaging.

There is also one another great feature. It’s a “Not Following You Back”. When you hit that tab, you’ll see those people who are not following you back. You can unfollow them directly from dashboard.

How easy is that! Anyone can manage twitter followers effectively using tool.

3 Improve the tweet engagement

Tweet engagement rate is the most important metric on the twitter.


If you’ve 10000 followers and engagement rate is around 0.02% to 0.09% (which is considered as a good twitter engagement rate) then you’ll get 20 to 90 reactions.


If you’ve 10000 followers and engagement rate is 0.10% to 0.15% (which is great) then you’ll get 100 to 150 reactions.


As you saw the difference, the engagement rate affects drastically on your overall performance.

Probably you’re thinking now, how to increase engagement rate?

Here are few important tips:

  • Use High Quality and Relevant images
  • Pin tweets
  • Create a twitter poll
  • Tweet during daytime or at pick engagement time
  • Ask for engagements (retweets, like, comment, etc.)
  • Use awesome GIF’s
  • Use short links for your content links
  • Use Hashtags
  • Ask Questions
  • Use Power Words
  • Use Twitter Cards
  • Use Emojis in the tweet

4. Build Strong Relationship

Social media is all about building networks and relationships with your audience. Also, building stronger relationships can help you to bring a new group of audience.

This way you can multiply your audience with help of your relationships in the social media ecosystem.

Here are few tips on building better relationships:

  • Give value to others. Look social media is all about a two-way communication. Giving value to others will let them know you and encourages to do the same for you. Increase your social media reach and It’ll help you to build a higher level of trust.
  • Try to engage in the social media conversations and put up your opinions and views. You can also answer, Ask and even thank others for their opinions.
  • Use Twitter to connect with people and If possible try to meet them in person. Let’s understand that with an example, Assume some famous Experts from your industry are coming to your city for any conference/event. Try to connect with them on twitter and later meet them in person at the event. Also, let them know how you’re connected with them on social media.
  • Everybody loves when someone promotes them. So if you find something useful on Twitter, don’t hesitate to click a retweet button. This will let the content owner know that you promoted their content. Next time, they will also do the same for you (it’s a human nature :-))

5. Write Great Headlines

Do you know that the powerful and actionable headlines can drastically improve your engagement rate on the twitter? (as you know, the importance of an engagement rate). Using eye-catchy, actionable, and value adding headlines can help you increase the click-through rate of your content by 50%. 

Headlines are the very first thing of the copy that your audience sees and based on that they make a decision to whether the rolls ahead or stick to it.

Also, there is one well-known line – “The First Impression is The Last Impression” 

Try to make your first impression the best, this will help you quickly acquire more and more audience just because of your that one powerful headline.

Here are a few tips to Write Great Headlines:

  • Try to make your headlines Unique, Actionable, and Useful to the reader
  • Make headlines that convey urgency. Something like answers they were looking for a long time. For example, Not Getting More Sales? Increase Sales By 200% With This Guide.
  • Be Specific with the Headlines. 
  • Complete your promises given in the headline. Because if you don’t, they’ll never return again in the future.

6. Use Powerful CTA in every Tweet

Using powerful CTA helps in building audience and customers quickly. Basically, Call to action( CTA ) tells your audience what they should do or what action they should take for getting the value. 

Powerful CTA helps to get a higher conversion on the twitter. 

Quick tips about Powerful CTA

  • Make it short & Specific
  • Show the value your audience will get. ( Make it clear )
  • Using actionable language is also a booster
  • Analyze your audience behavior use CTA accordingly
  • Be persistent and consistent with your campaigns

7. Use Mentions

You can expand your content through mentions. Many probloggers are using this strategy to tap the new group of audience. It’s a great way to connect personally and getting a retweet from the mentioned person.

Mention influencers in your tweet and they’ll more like to retweet your tweet (If possible, let them know about your tweet). This way you’ll get exposure from the influencer and reach to the new audience.

8. Use Super Engaging Images

Images are the best way to engage with your audience through your content. Let me tell you why everyone should use engaging images in their content:

  • Article with images gets 94% More views than the articles with no images.
  • According to psychology, Human remember images more than the text. This will help you in making a long impact on your customer.
  • Images make the content more interactive and engaging.
  • Feels good to read longer articles.

Probably now you knew that the importance of the images in your content. But, Wait!

Never use only images in the whole article. It will never give you positive results. (accepting professional infographics) You have to make sure you’re using images with proper and relevant content.

I mean, You should be specific with your images that you are using in your content. Relevancy also matters when you want to bring more engagement to your content. Try to use images in your content that your audience can relate with.

This Era is the visual era. Isn’t it? (If not, why Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are incredibly popular?) Everyone love images and maybe this is the reason behind the success of the biggest photo-sharing platform Instagram. According to an analysis, Facebook posts with images tend to have more engagement than other posts.

9. Add hashtags in the Tweet

Hashtag helps to tap a completely new audience. A hashtag is a phase or keyword which is used for describing the core topic. For example, If you’re sharing an email marketing tips, you should add hashtags like #EmailMarketing, #ListBuilding, etc.

Here is an example,

Hashtag creates a separate feed where it is mentioned. So when somebody clicks on any hashtag, he will land on the feed of hashtag and he can explore new content from there.

So, add hashtags in your tweet and it will help you to reach a new audience.

10. Run Twitter Ads

Nowadays, most of the web entrepreneurs are running Facebook Ads and Google Ads but very few of them uses Twitter for their paid campaigns. This can be your call, Twitter has a huge potential with a lot of active audience on their platform. Seriously saying, lot’s of people are ignoring twitter potential.

You can be the one to use Twitter to reach more people with the ads. You can get the idea from the stats that Twitter have just 1,50,000 advertisers whereas Facebook has more than 3 million advertisers. Isn’t it surprising?

Start running Twitter ads for your social media campaigns and use twitter potential to expand content on the social media.

Start acquiring some copywriting skills because you’ll need them to write great twitter tweets for the ads.

Be specific while promoting your content on Twitter. Narrow down your users on their interests, locations, and behaviors. Targeting a specific audience will lower down the acquisition cost.

Twitter has the majority of professional and serious users on their platforms. So you can market your content to the right audience through Twitter Ads. It will also help you to build a bigger customer base and social media following which will be useful in a long run.

Once you build up a base of potential and targeted customers, you can deliver your content without spending money on ads. 

Twitter ads can be costly but could be worth to it if you do it the right way.

11. Keep eyes on the Analytics

Analytics is something that marketers love and they should actually. A good marketing expert builds a strategy first, take actions based on that, and analyze the results. According to the analytics stats, they improve the strategy and make it perfect which will eventually help to bring them insane results.

Same goes for the Twitter.

Understanding the prior reports and analytics will help you to understand the audience perspective as well as to improve and optimize content accordingly.

You need to keep eyes on the analytics to measure the Return on Investment (ROI). This will help you whether to scale the campaign or not.

You can use for getting detailed engagement reports. It will display real-time analytics for all your tweets.

Head over to the Reports section within the dashboard and you’ll be able to see your daily, weekly, monthly reports. You can see Mentions received, Mentions sent, Retweets received, Retweets sent, People mentioned/rt, People I mentioned/rt, Total statuses received, Total statuses sent, Total Followers growth, Total Reach and Most Retweeted Status.

Some Extra Tips

Pin Latest Tweet

Pin your latest or important tweet. It sticks at the top of all tweets and gets the hight CRT.

Add “Click to Tweet” in your posts

Once you enable click to tweet in your posts, you’ll be able to place “Click to Tweet” button or link below your important tips. This will help visitors to tweet that tip directly from the blog post by hitting the “click to tweet” button.

Show share count on blog posts

This works because of a human psychology. People more likely to share that post which is shared the most. So, add share count on your post so it can inspire people to share that post again.

Add your blog link in Twitter bio

The bio link is considered as a most important link of the twitter account. Right? So, It would be a wise idea to place your desired link in the bio.

Show Social Proof

Social proofs increase the trust level and eventually help to get more engagement on the twitter.

Over to You

Twitter is the huge social network with millions of users. You just need to use the right strategy to expand your content incredibly. In this guide, We shared the most effective ways to get the exposure.

Also, we mentioned one interesting tool called “” which is really amazing and useful. It helps to increase and manage followers, analyzing the performance, managing influencers, and scheduling the tweets.

Hope you enjoyed this guide. If you found value from the article, don’t forget to share on the social media. Also, feel free to ask question, query, or suggestion via comments below.

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