[Top 10] Best File Sharing Sites of the World – 2017

Do you have a large volume of files on your computer and you want to share them with few of your friends and looking for a site known for its user-friendly features and beautiful interface? I can understand you, and now you should be happy that you have landed on the right place to know that. Now, sharing big files with your friends is no more big deal and nothing to worry about.

Best File Sharing Sites

Here are the top 10 file sharing websites. With the following free sites, you can transfer multiple files like music, movies, documents, different files with the various people at one time very instantly and easily.

#1: Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best online file sharing sites. It offers the user free space of 15 GB to share and stores files which may include pictures, video, documents and other sorts of data. The space provided by the website is really huge so that you can share files with big spaces. Also, once the files are uploaded and stored on Google Drive once can have access from any part of the world. You can share any sort of file with anyone in this world at any time.

It is also a secure and safe site where files of different kinds of APK, zip files, exes, apps, video, pictures, and documents can be shared. It is a famous site for sharing files, and all you need to get access to this is to have a Google account. You can avail more space in Google Drive after paid subscription.

#2: 4shared

It is also an authentic site for transferring files.  You can upload files and documents up to 15 GB. You can transfer files very quickly and instantly. One of the unique features it has is that you can share many files at one go.

#3: One drive

One drive is an another popular free file sharing site started by Microsoft. It is one of the safest websites as it is founded by Microsoft.  You can share files and documents up to 5 GB for free. In order to access Onedrive, you have to have a Microsoft account.  After the login, sharing and uploading files become very easy.

#4: iCloud

If you are an Apple user and thinking about which is the best file sharing site. It is one of the best genuine sites for Apple users; it is featured with 5 GB of free storage. You can upload and share files up to 5 GB on your iPhone or MacBook. You can enjoy the advantages of sharing files with anyone just with an Apple account. It provides the users a platform which is very secure and user-friendly in nature. So with the help of this site, you can share multiple files with Apple users.

#5: Sugar Sync

Sugar Sync is an excellent top site for sharing files online. It gives you a free trial for 30 days, and then after that, you have to pay for the subscription to use it more.

#6: Dropbox

Dropbox is a safe file sharing site in which you can transfer many pictures with ease. It is a very protected and user-friendly site. Dropbox does function as a customary records store as well as has similarity with different outsider instruments and modules which make your online work simple.

If you are handling a website or you are into the field of web development, then Dropbox will give you numerous backup plugins with the help of which you can back up your files and restore them on your site.

You can upload your pictures, documents, video, applications, zip files to the extent of 2GB.

#7: ZippyShare

It is one of the amazing sites for sharing files for free which you can access even without having any account. You can upload and share multiple files with your friends. You can upload unlimited files with each up to 200 MB. Around 30 million are actively using this site for sharing files for free.

#8: Downace

Downlaodace.com is one of the excellent file sharing sites.  Using this site, you can upload and share multiple files with your files with your friends who also use Downace. So to get access to use this site you have to get your account in this, and then you can upload files and share with whoever you want. It is a user-friendly application.

#9: MediaFire

It is an excellent file sharing site which is very easy to use and offers free services to upload and share multiple files very easily on cloud storage. You can share multiple files like documents, music, and videos, all together in a cloud storage, you can upload large volumes of data because it provides unlimited storage.

#10: Open Drive

Open Drive is a well-known file sharing sites using which you can transfer multiple files with your friends and family. Many users use it. It offers 5 GB of free storage space which can be extended to 7 GB. You can upload and share numerous pictures, videos, documents and many other files with other people easily and instantly.

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  1. Thank you for all the tips! I am using MyAirBridge (www.myairbridge.com). Totally for free and without any registration you can send up to 20 GB.

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