Top 10 Free Blogging Platforms in 2017 (1, 2, and 7 Are Most Popular)

Are you wondering for an easy to use yet free blogging platform since you are new in this field and not much aware about the technicalities of blogging, and want to have a good beginning?

If yes is your answer then you have landed on the correct page.

Since more and more people are being driven into this field, and who do not want to have a soft and comfortable beginning.

Internet blogging and online marketing are emerging as the source of the profession in this era of world connectivity through the internet and who does not want to connect to the globe. As per a survey did world wide, more than 200 million have been created across the world and people are actively taking interest in it to be a part of it.

There are numerous free and paid blogging platforms for bloggers where they write, publish and share their posts world wide. Following is the list of few selected best and free blogging platforms which are not only free but also easy to use and the provides the perfect beginning to those who are new in this field as it does not require much skill and technical knowledge to use it. These blogging platforms are the most reliable and trusted ones.

Best Free Blogging Platforms

#1: WordPress

If you are into the field of blogging then you would have known how popular WordPress is, or you are not into this field and thinking of joining this area then you might encounter WordPress very often in your daily lives. In the market of blogging, more than 25% of bloggers use WordPress as a platform to write blogs. It has its own hosting platform which is featured with a tool to publish for free and lets you write content freely. It is largely used by newbie and professional bloggers. It gives you the best tools for free.


This free blogging platform is owned by Google. It also called as BlogSpot. No matter if you are a professional blogger or amateur in this field, is widely used among bloggers. It is mostly used by the casual bloggers that write and posts blog for fun purpose. This is a very user-friendly site as it allows the user to get access to it in few steps. you can use this site even without much technical skills, the best part about it is that it is for free and very easy to use.


It is the best free blogging platform if you are interested in micro-blogging. The kind of blogging which is done on is somewhere between a tweet and a long blog post. It offers users a  very beautiful and simple interface which makes the work even easier. It provides beautiful themes, you can also do blogging on this platform also on the mobile phone. The content that you publish on also gets connected to the social media.

#4: Medium

If you are good at writing stories, articles, and blogs then this is the best blogging free platform for you. It is the best free blogging platform for those who have a hobby of writing and do not have a professional approach.It is the easiest site to use as it is not directly connected to the mainstream media. The medium provides you opportunities to improve your skills and master them. you will be also able to connect to those who keep the same interest and join the online community with same passion.

#5: Squarespace

Squarespace is the best free blogging platform which is also beneficial for website making and hosting website services. You can launch your blogs, sites for business purposes and stores for e-e-commerce stores. It lets you create amazing and attractive websites for your small scale business purposes. If you do not have much technical knowledge than SquareSpace is the best for you.

#6: WIX

WIX is also one of the best free blogging sites which creates websites and serves as website hosting service provider. It works in a little different way from SquareSpace. It offers you 500 designs, you create free contents and also you can drag and drop contents here. Wix is though not much for blogging purposes like other platforms. since the themes provided are amazing, therefore, it is the best for website designing.

#7: Ghost

Ghost can be accessed as the best free blogging platform once it is installed on the system which is for free. This tool is in JavaScript and much needed for publishing stuff online. It is known for its simplicity and readability and gives you solutions to your technical problems. You can mediate your job between blogging and create websites and its development. You can also the enjoy the services of plugins and sharing on social media.

#8: Weebly

Weebly is known for its dual purposes, it not only lets you do blogging but along with that you can also create websites. It is enabled drag and drop services and also it has a business approach and very beneficial for business purposes. You can also develop your website here. It has amazing theme customization tool for your website.


Probably is the easiest best free blogging software which does not even require a login, for whatever you post you write you just have to assign a URL to it and give it a password. You can use images just by dragging them into the text box, with the help of tag you can create a post containing many pages. Though it is an old and conventional blogging platform it is even used nowadays.

#10: TypePad

TypePad is one of the best free blogging platforms which is not very difficult yet not very easy. It provides the users many services. The interface is easy for both the newbie and for the professional bloggers. It provides a diverse range of themes and plugins for blogging.

So, these were the best free blogging platforms. You can use any of these. I recommend you to go with WordPress.

Let me know which one you like the most?

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