6 Free CDN Providers which will Boost your Blog Speed

Loading speed of your blog is a very very important factor. Many of bloggers do NOT consider this as an important and only because of that they lose traffic, leads, and revenue.

There are many things you can do for making your blog faster.

Some methods are,

  • Use light weight theme
  • Use well-coded theme
  • Use fewer plugins or light-weight plugins
  • Use good hosting (SSD based)
  • etc.

BUT, there is another Amazing way to boost your blog speed is to use the CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Yes, CDN’s can make your blog very faster!

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Some good CDN providers provide premium service. You’ve to pay some $$$ for that. BUT, also some good CDN providers provide their service completely free.

Means, you can boost your blog speed for FREE.

So, here is the list of “Best FREE CDN Providers.”

FREE CDN Providers

free cdn service providers

1 . CloudFlare

cloudflare - free cdn service providers - bloggingbook

Cloud flare is one of the most popular FREE CDN providers. It is most used FREE CDN provider in the blogosphere. Bloggers are using CloudFlare because it is very easy to configuration/setup and gives a great performance. Anybody can use this service within minutes.

Also, CloudFlare provides FREE SSL certificate. Yes, you can use https:// on your blog for free. This one is great service which I ever saw.

CloudFlare has more than 90 data-centers around the world. (recently they launched 3 new data centers in India,  Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai)

Locations of CloudFlare Datacenters are around the World.

cloudflare datacenters

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Use CloudFlare

2. Photon by Jetpack

jetpack by photon - free cdn service providers - bloggingbook

Do you know Jetpack plugin?

I’m sure you’ve tried jetpack because it comes with WordPress installation as default.

WordPress provides its own CDN to WordPress blogs as a Photon. You can use this service by activating Jetpack plugin. There are many features of Jetpack and Photon is one of them.

So, just install Jetpack and enable Photon from its dashboard

Use Photon by Jetpack

3. Swarm CDN

SwarmCDN-free cdn service providers - bloggingbook


Swarm CDN provides 10 GB of free image bandwidth right now (some time back they offer 250GB. but, now offers only 10 GB). It is available in more than 196 countries. Its paid service is a value of money, but free plans have less bandwidth and fewer features.

Use Swarm CDN

4. Coral CDN

Coral-CDN-free cdn service providers - bloggingbook

Coral CDN is peer to peer based CDN service. Its free of cost because it works on the P2P network. Billions of billions of computers make this possible.

You should use Coral CDN plugin to start using it.

Use Coral CDN

5. jsDeliver

jsdeliver-free cdn service providers - bloggingbook


As a name, jsDelivr is kind of CDN which hosts javascript files of your site. As you know javascript loads very slow, so jsDelivr CDN stores your js files and make your site faster.

You can use its free WordPress plugin for better performance.

Use jsDelivr

6. Incapsula

Incapsula-free cdn service providers - bloggingbook

Incapsula is well-known CDN which provides premium service. Also, it provides a FREE plan with having CDN & Optimizer service

You can start using it with the FREE plan.

Use Incapsula

Summing up

CDN’s are a great way to improve the speed of your blog. There are many premium CDN providers like MaxCDN, but free CDN’s also works great. Many popular blogs are using free CDN right now.

So, use free CDN for your blog and boost your loading speed.

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