Top 10 Best Free Ghost Themes of 2017 (Professional Looking)

If you are into the field of blogging then you must have known about WordPress or Blogger and by now you would have realized that how complex it is to work on it. But you should stop working hard uselessly and use an easier platform for blogging that is Ghost. It makes the interface very simple and readable to the users.

It was designed by John O’Nolan, and Ghost serves it hosting platform which is owned by it. It provides beautiful themes to its users which are very beautifully designed. Even if you are a new or a professional blogger, you would be too delighted to use it. Following are some best free ghost themes for 2017.

Best Free Ghost Themes

#1: Openwriter

Openwriter is a free ghost theme, Ire Aderinokun has designed it to assist those who are beginners and unable to understand the functioning of ghosts. Openwriter is the best free ghost theme of 2017 which requires the least amount of hard work, very easy to understand as to how it works and does not require any configuration. It is featured with parallax scrolling options and clean design.

It is provided with many features of ghost platform like tag pages and author pages. You are also given default cover page and a contact form which is already installed.

Download Openwriter theme

#2: Decode

Decode provides the best free ghost theme of 2017, with its finest interface you may misguide yourself by assuming that it is paid, but it is not. Made especially for simplicity it is created by Scott Smith. You get amazing features like stunning texts, options of graphics and images. Most importantly, you can put up these on the screen almost with any size of your choice.

For Ghost, these theme is the best if you are into the field of personal blogging and you want stunning and free themes for it.

Download Decode Theme

#3: Saga

If you believe that there is nothing in saying through words, pictures should participate in conversing. You put pictures and it says everything which is going in your mind. Then probably then Saga is the best free ghost theme for you and you should stop searching for any more pictures. Gustav Lindqvist has designed this theme to say stories through words.

It lets you upload images of larger sizes and gives a small space to text columns. You make a good use of media by involving fewer texts and other stuff and gives you a perfect look.

Download Saga Theme

#4: Ghostium

Ghostium is one of the best free ghost themes of 2017 which is specially designed for content. It provides the best degree of readability, it divides the screen into two parts. With the support of Google Universal Analytics snippet, you can have access to the details of traffic to the blog you are writing.

It also provides you with a light highlighter which lets you highlight the text you want to highlight.

Download Ghostium Theme

#5: Fauxghost

Foundation 5 has designed faux ghost and it is one of the best free ghost themes of 2017. It is considered the best because it has very quick and simple functions and services. Fauxghost lets you change the color of themes very quickly and very easily as it supports Ruby and Node.

It is also supported with a menu of slide-in in the blog which looks very attractive on your blog.

Download FauxGhost Theme

#6: Attila

Attila is a very simple platform for free ghost themes for the bloggers and programmers who believe in simplicity. It is provided with Parallax which lets you add beautiful cover pages for every post or blog that you right. Also at the end of each page of your post, you can edit the author’s name and also you can share it directly to the social media with one click.

Download Attila Theme

#7: Vapor

Vapor is a very cool ghost theme if you like playing with the appearance of your posts like changing the fonts, cover pictures can be added, you can design how you want the text to appear on the page. Vapor is the best free ghost theme for young bloggers who are not just satisfied with what they are given and like trying out new stuff with their blogs. Also, you can add the information of author at the end of the page, share it on social media, and sync it with Disqus comments to allow more traffic on your page. In this way, your readers will be engaged more on your post.

Download Vapor Theme

#8: Crisp

If you are interested in creating a website which looks like a portfolio especially for your content then Crisp is the best free ghost theme of 2017 for you. On the left-hand side of your website appears a bar which can be used to especially promote your content as you can outline your websites and connect it to social media.

Download Crisp Theme

#9: ABC Theme

ABC theme is designed by Julian Cwirko and it is the best free ghost theme which is very user-friendly and easy to use. It lets you modify your content using tools which alter your fonts, images, and interface which styles your post. You can also link it with other social media which lets you attract more traffic for your user.

Download ABC Ghost Theme

#10: GhostScroll

Ghostscroll is a multipurpose theme which lets you do multiple works at the same time, like promoting yourself, you can also promote your business and you can also promote your products by producing a gateway. It is the best site for those who believe in simplicity. This ghost theme lets you promote your post by giving it special looks which attract many users to it.

Download GhostScroll Theme

You can use any of above free ghost themes for your blog.

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