7 Free Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress [BEST & FREE]

Social Media is one of the assured places to drive attention of people on your desired thing, no matter its any product or words.

Blogging is a kinda field where social media plays a very important role.

Yes! Social Media is one of the best ways to promote and market your content. So you must share your every blog post on social.

Now, the most important thing is- “HOW TO GET SHARED YOUR CONTENT BY READERS?”

If you got more share on social, you’d get more traffic, more social signals, and brand awareness as well.

So, How can you make your content shareable?


“Use social sharing buttons around your blog post.”

For example-

  • Sharing buttons at above post
  • Sharing buttons at below post
  • Sharing buttons as fixed floating sidebar
  • Sharing buttons as popup
  • etc.


You can try plugins for adding social sharing buttons. There is so many plugins are available. BUT,  here I’m going to enlist best free social sharing plugins

Free Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Here is top 7 free social sharing plugins for WordPress which you can use right now!

1: Social Media Share Buttons | MashShare

Social Media Share Buttons MashShare

Social Media Share Buttons by Mashshare is best ever free social sharing plugin for WordPress. It offers professional looking sharing buttons for your blog.

You can place buttons at different places of your blog such as before post, after post, etc. a total number of shares are shown at the side of buttons so readers can inspire to share more and more.

This plugin is used by many pro blogs in the blogosphere. You can try this for free right now.

2: Shareaholic

Shareaholic share buttons

Shareaholic is another great plugin for adding social sharing buttons to your site. This plugin offers related post and analytics as well.

Shareaholic has features of adding a call to action for share such as- sharing is caring! etc.

This plugin is also free, and you can use it right now!

3: Share Buttons by AddThis

Share Buttons by AddThis

Share Buttons by AddThis is a very very professional looking plugin for adding sharing buttons on your blog.

I really like this plugin!

This plugin offers professional buttons at starting of the post, after post and sidebar as well. Sticky buttons at sidebar are so cool!

You can choose a different design of sharing buttons so you can match it with your blogs design.this is ultimate social sharing plugin.

4: Digg Digg

digg digg social share plugin

Digg Digg is simple, clean, and light weight social sharing plugin. Many professional bloggers are using Digg Digg for their blog.

This plugin provides a different location for adding share buttons as well as the total number of shares.

Digg Digg is well known for its sticky sidebar social buttons. You can use this plugin for free right now

5: Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder is the good plugin for adding share buttons at different places.

It offers different design and different locations of sharing buttons. It has more than 100000+ active installs.

You can try this plugin for free right now.

6: Social Media Feather – lightweight social media sharing and follow buttons

Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather is the great plugin if you’re looking for some creative looking sharing buttons. It’s lightweight plugin so your blog speed will not decrease after installing this plugin.

This plugin is full of customization. You can use a different design and different effects for buttons. It’s simple but powerful social sharing plugin.

7: DC Simple Share Buttons

DC Simple Share Buttons

DC Simple Share Button is very light weight and simple looking plugin. Its simple but powerful. I’m using this plugin in my some blogs (generally tech blogs).

You can add your custom tagline for inspiring people to share your content.

It’s really simple, light-weight and powerful plugin.

Summing Up All

Social Media is very powerful medium to connect with people and only because of that, every pro-businessman is spending millions on it.

You must use social sharing buttons on your blog so people can share your content easily.

In this blog post, I’ve covered almost best free social sharing plugins for WordPress. So, use any of theme and make your blog awesome!

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Feel free to ask any query via comments and let me know which social sharing plugin you’re using on your blog?

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