Why Free Web Hosting is the Best Option For Beginners

Starting a blog might be complicated and frustrating for beginners and it’s obvious. Mostly, this happens with newbies because they are going to do all these stuff for the first time. Right?

Setting up a blog using a domain name and web hosting is the very first task which everyone has to pass through. In this process choosing a right web host for the blog is very important. There are thousands of web hosting companies where they offer different packages. And yes, some of those companies are great in terms of performance, support, pricing, and reliability.


What you think, for you (as a beginner) spending hundreds of dollars on a web hosting would be a good decision?

Obviously not! because you don’t have any knowledge about web hosting and you never been faced this kind of task before.

Don’t you think, you should learn before moving your online journey ahead?

I’m sure your answer is “Yes”

So, hows that possible?

Hows anybody can use hosting for starting a blog without any fee?

Yes, you guessed right!

It’s Free Web Hosting. You can use free hosting for learning and experiment the online stuff.

To be honest, I hate free web hosting companies because they place ads on clients blog, lots of server downtime, and many other problems.


There are few free hosting companies which are reliable as a free web hosting provides and one of them is 000webhost.

I have been using many free hosting companies my self and I really surprised by 000webhost’s performance.

Here are the reasons “why you should go for free web hosting when you’re a beginner.”

1: Free hosting does not cost you anything

This is the very first reason to go with free hosting. Right? You don’t need to pay a single penny, even you don’t need to use your credit card.

Paid hosting cost you around 3$ to 10$ per month while free hosting let you use their service for free and you don’t need to worry about monthly bills. And ultimately, you’re a beginner so why should you waste your dollars in just learning?

2: Some companies provide 99% of uptime guarantee

Yes, Many companies offer 99% percent of server uptime (That’s around 60 minutes of downtime in a day) and that’s fair for free web hosting. Isn’t it? If any provider offers less than 99% then you should avoid it. At least 99% of uptime is acceptable.

3: Many companies offer “No Ads Guarantee”

Free hosting companies place ads on their user’s site and that is one of the ways to earn money for free hosting providers.

Nowadays many companies are there for you which gives you “No Ads Guarantee” and you should always go with those kinds of providers.

Stay away from those companies which do not give you No Ads guarantee.

4: They offers almost all the tools and software which you get with the paid host.

As paid web host does, free hosting supports PHP, MySQL, cPanel, Auto Script Installer, free website builder, and many other important tools.

So, moving ahead with a free hosting would be a wiser decision for newbies.

5: Provides sufficient environment for Learning and Experimenting

Yes, free hosting is enough for any beginner because it provides almost all important features which paid host does but with limitations.

So, free hosting would be enough for every beginner. It’s a really great idea to use free hosting for learning, testing, and exploring all these stuff. Isn’t it?


Free web hosting has disadvantages too and we must know them before using it.

So, here are the disadvantages, imitations or so-called cons of free hosting.

1: You’ll get limited Disk space, Bandwidth, and Databases

You’ll get a limited amount of storage, bandwidth, Databases, Email accounts, FTP accounts, with the free hosting. This is the main disadvantage of using it.

But, at the beginning, this might be enough for you.

Also, Many companies do offer an upgrade for unlimited storage and all other features with little fee.

2: Frequent server downtime

This is another big disadvantage of free hosting. You’ll not get 99.99% server uptime with the free hosting. Almost all the free hosting companies offer 99% to 99.90% of server uptime and that’s around 30 to 60 minute of server sleep time in a day.

This might be not a concern for you if you’re using a free host for learning and testing the stuff but if you’re not a newbie and using this for your long-term site then this might be your bad decision.

3: You can host a limited number of sites

Yes, you won’t be able to host an unlimited number of site with free hosting. Free hosting companies offer around 1 to 5 sites.

So, yes this is another disadvantage of free hosting.

4: Some free hosting companies place ads on your site

placing ads on users website might be a main earning source for your free hosting so stay away from those kinds of providers.

Nowadays, many hosting companies offer a free hosting without ads and if you decided to go with free host then you should always confirm that it’s an ad-free hosting.

5: Lack of support

As you’re not paying anything to the company, they do not provide instant and great support. So, you’ll not get 24/7/365 support as paid hosting provides.

6: You might not get the freedom to customize your blog as you want

If you want to make your blog outstanding, something unique or powerful than you might get disappointment from the free web hosting.

You’ll get limited access to some features and that’s why you’ll not able to customize your blog as you want.

Wrapping up


Free web hosting has some advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to choose it or not.

Actually, it depends on your requirement and type of usage.

If you are going to launch a long-term blog and want to make it great (in terms of performance) then free hosting is not free for you. You’ve to choose any good paid hosting such as Bluehost, SiteGround, a2hosting, etc.


If you’re a beginner and want to learn all these stuff then free web hosting would be a good choice (and wiser decision) because you don’t need to pay anything for servers and you’ll get access to the same kind of environment which paid one has.

So, what you need more? You’ll get web hosting for learning, playing, testing, and experiment the stuff.

At last,

You should go for free hosting if you’re a beginner. It would be a wise decision.

At a glance here are few reasons about: why you should go for free hosting as a beginner.

  • You don’t need to pay single penny for hosting (even, no card required)
  • Good space and bandwidth for starting off.
  • Good server uptime.
  • Some good companies offer ads-free hosting.
  • Almost all the features are there which paid one does.
  • Provides sufficient environment to experiment.
  • Some companies provide free website builder.
  • You can migrate your blog if you want to take it to next level.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article and got some useful information. If you have any question or query, feel free to ask via the comments section below.

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