How To Get Automatic Instagram Followers & Instagram Likes

Instagram is one of the best social networking sites with a massive user base (1 Billion+ monthly active users) around the world. It used to be the photo sharing the app with fun filters. But, now it can be used for marketing as well,  which can flourish the business of yours.

Many of you might think – how a photo sharing site can help you to grow your business. Don’t forget that Instagram is having its user base of around 1000 million active users currently, which can give a huge boost.

You also need to take a look at the engagement rates of different social networking sites. Instagram has far more engagement rate than any other social networking site.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms which you can use for your business but the condition is – You must have a good follower base. 

Now, everyone doesn’t have the good follower base in the beginning. Right?

So, what they can do?

They can use auto follower tool to get the boost.

We recommend to use any genuine tool for this task and, the best example is – TurboMedia

Let’s see it in detail.

What is TurboMedia

TurboMedia is the authentic paid service we have found and it is used by most of the beginner Instagram users for getting the followers. This service is simple and easy to use. The best part about TurboMedia is, you can try it for free before you opt for the paid service.

This is the perfect service for getting free Instagram followers as well as likes

How to Use TurboMedia

TurboMedia is very easy to use. Here is the step by step guide. Just follow it.

Step-1: Head over to the TurboMedia. Click Here

Step-2: Click on ‘Login/Register’ button and wait for the next page to open up

Step-3: Enter your Instagram User Id and click on ‘Let Me In’ button

Step-4: Enter your email id, new password, and click on create an account

Step-5: After that, you will be logged on and redirected to plans page, where you can choose the plan according to your need

Step-6: If you are using a free plan then complete 90 mins survey or 1 social action. And if you are opting for the paid plan then just activate the service by paying the charge.

Membership Plans of TurboMedia

Basically, Increasing Instagram Followers have two membership plans. Choose which one suits you best and opt for that, but you can always get a trial of the service before going for full paid service.

6 Free Followers Plan

This plan will get you 6 followers within few seconds by simply completing a 90 mins survey and the network will detect you as the qualified user or not. If you are not qualified after this survey, don’t worry you will need to complete one social action for the service will lead you to 6 followers boost.

To do that you need to click on ‘Activate’ button on the basic plan page and a pop-up window will appear which will lead you to Quick Survey Page. Complete and get qualified or complete the social action. This plan is absolutely free to use

Premium Weekly Followers Plan

This plan will get followers every seven days on an automatic basis, the most important thing to mention about this plan is that we don’t have to complete a 90 mins survey or 1 social action to get the followers.

Just pay for the plan and you are ready to go, it will increase your followers every 7 days for a whole month from the date of the purchase of the plan. No need to visit the website during this period, you will be notified once the service is over

These service plans are depending on the followers you want in your Instagram profile. The payment schedule is as follows:

100 followers for $10
300 followers for $20
500 followers for $30
1000 followers for $25
1500 followers for $80
2500 followers for $120
4000 followers for $200

FAQ’s regarding TurboMedia

Probably, you have some questions in your mind regarding the TurboMedia. So, your all doubts will be clear in this section.

How to use TurboMedia?

A: To use the service visit the TurboMedia website from the link provided below. Click on ‘LOGIN/REGISTER’ at the top right corner of the webpage. On the next page input the user id of your Instagram account and then click on ‘Let me in’ button.

Enter your email id and password twice to create a new account. You will then get redirected to the plan selection page where you can opt for both free with survey completion required plans along with paid plans.

There is also likes boosting plans which you can also try and pay.

Is TurboMedia Safe to Use?

A: Yes, definitely!

It’s safe to use and having over 1,00,000+ happy clients and still growing. TurboMedia’s main concern is the security and privacy of their clients, so they will never ask for your Instagram account password.

They will also never access your Instagram account to increase your likes and followers. They have also developed very strong coding and protected their website using 256-bit encryption.

Can Instagram account name cause problem while using TurboMedia service?

A: Yes, you need to have the same user id and name of the account to get your service. As the service will immediately stop if they account name and user id is changed. So, try not to change those in order to get uninterrupted service.

Wait till your current plan to get expired and then change your account name or user id and buy your desired plan for further continuation of service.

Will my account will get suspended for using this service?

A: No, all of their services are 100% safe as claimed by TurboMedia. They will give service in such a manner in which your Instagram account will not get any suspension or permanent ban.

Will setting my Instagram Account to ‘Private’ may cause the problem to the service?

A: Yes, you will not get the service in any case you set your Instagram account to private. You need to keep your account on ‘Public’ to get the service. As TurboMedia is not accessing your account so your public privacy is the best way to deliver you the service.

But, if you are using the free plan service, then you can make your account public for the service to complete and then get back to private.

So this was the complete guide about TurboMedia.

Now, this is the perfect time for boosting your followers even more. You’re getting followers with TurboMedia but you have an opportunity to get the organic followers along with it.

Here are some important tips. Just learn it and implement on your Instagram account. New followers will definitely roll in.

Create and promote your dedicated Hashtag

We will recommend you to create your own dedicated hashtag ‘#’, its best to use your username of the Instagram. Before creating the hashtag make sure it’s well named, easy to read and unique of a kind. Use that hashtag on each of your posts to promote that particular hashtag.

Instagram has also added a new feature in its social networking app, we can now follow hashtags as well as the particular profile. So, if we can promote the unique created hashtag and get the followers to follow it then it will a huge advantage for your posts as well as your profile.

Unique and creative hashtags are usually used by users to gain traffic in their post, so followers of the user might also engage in using the same hashtag for their posts also. So make your hashtag unique and creative so that others will tend to use it which will lead to huge follower growth in your hashtag and profile also.

Add most Followed and Popular Hashtags

One of the most important things to do with your post is to use some unique and famous hashtags in your post which area largely followed by the majority of the Instagram user base.

Try to add as many hashtags as you can to your post engagement in all those different hashtags to gain followers who might like your post or profile. Posting creative posts with unique hashtags are likely to gain more followers and likes than that of who don’t use it.

Engage in conversation threads

This process is one of the best ways to gain followers along with likes. Search or find some famous and important conversation threads going on over the Instagram and engage by commenting, liking and sharing that thread.

As you engage in popular and important threads, most of the active and genuine might get interested in your profile or your comment which may lead in boosting the followers and likes in your Instagram profile.

Use Captions based on the description

Use a description based captions in your posts along with hashtags related to it. As by reading the description caption, most the visitors will get the idea about what you are trying to say by that particular post.
It may sound boring and useless but after facing the reality this is one of the best ways to gain followers and likes in your Instagram posts.

Use paid services to gain Followers

Sometimes it may take lots of time to gain followers using hashtags and unique posts. If you don’t want to waste your time on the above-mentioned steps and want an easy fix method to gain massive followers within a small time frame.

This is quite risky but if you use the right tool, you’ll not face any issue.

We recommend you to try paid services online which will give you follower boost within a few minutes. But, it’s difficult to get the genuine service, as most of them will likely to end up fake and your money will go down the drain. But, don’t worry we have sorted out and listed one of the best and genuine paid service website for Instagram follower boost.

The tool is – TurboMedia. Just use this tool and you’ll not face any issue regarding your Instagram account


We will definitely recommend you to use TurboMedia for getting instagram followers. You can even try their service first and then go for the paid services. This website provides automatic Instagram followers within the small time frame.

You can even go for their instagram likes boosting plans for your getting likes automatically. They provide genuine service to their users.

Here is the link. Check it out.

Visit TurboMedia

Don’t forget to share your experience with your friends about this service as they might also need this one service like this.

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