How To Get Genuine Instagram Followers with MrInsta

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms after Facebook as they have reached 1 billion active users per month on their photo sharing platform. If you’re on Instagram, then you also want more followers of your own.


Well, getting Instagram followers is no more a tough job. You can get a lot of genuine Instagram followers on your Instagram account. Having more Instagram followers will also help you to build a better social media image and you can too become a Social Media Influencer.

You all know the benefits of having a huge fan following on Instagram. Some of the reasons why you need more Instagram followers.

  • More Exposure
  • Empower Others
  • You can drive traffic to your blogs
  • You can make money out of it.

In this article, We’ll talk about how you can get more and more genuine Instagram followers with Mr. Insta.

What Is Mr. Insta?

Mr.Insta is a Social Media Growth service provider, You can also call them an Instagram Promotional tool. They help users in growing their Social Media accounts ( basically Instagram ). You can use MrInsta to grow your Instagram accounts with genuine Instagram followers.

They offer a free and limited service to their new users just to give them a starting point. They are dedicated service providers in this field, started back in 2013 and caught the attention of many customers by claiming, they served over 1 million users.

Features Of Mr. Insta

As already mentioned, they provide social media promotion services related to Instagram, Some of them are as follows:

  • Bulk Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Comments
  • Instagram Post Likes
  • Instagram Package Deals
  • Post Views
  • Country Specific Followers

Apart from the main features, you can also get targetted followers on your Instagram from MrInsta. As they also give an option to choose only male/female followers service. You can get their daily automatic package and a certain number of followers will be added to your profile daily.

Why Use Mr. Insta?

By using MrInsta services you can build a better Social media image and can get a new huge targeted audience for yourself. I prefer MrInsta because:

  • You Can Look More Popular By Getting More Followers
  • It provides Real followers
  • Organic Growth
  • Increase Reputation
  • You can go viral with more followers

There are a lot more reasons why you should use MrInsta, I’ll recommend you to give them a try.

How Mr. Insta Work?

Mr. Insta doesn’t work on exchange method as the other promotional tools work. This way you account will not be used to follow other users.

They claim to deliver Active Instagram followers with 6% drop rate, that too after 90 days.

In their premium services, you can get a lot more services and you have to just give your Instagram Username to activate their service.

How To Get Genuine Instagram Followers From Mr. Insta?

Mr. Insta provides both free & premium services to their users. Free services are limited and are meant to be a trial of their service. You don’t need to login via Instagram or give your Instagram credentials to them.

Just enter the username you want the service for, and proceed. Let’s break it into steps

  1. Headover to the official website of MrInsta
  2. Click On Get Free Instagram Followers & Likes Now

  1. You’ll be asked to give your Instagram username.
  2. Now, A page will open to choose the service you want.
  3. Select the service you want. ( You can go for the Free Version first )

  1. Complete the steps for the Free Service
  2. Wooh!!! Service will be activated.

Mr. Insta Pricing & Plans

Mr. Insta has different Instagram followers packages that give 250 to 20,000 followers. They also offer a special feature of getting only male or only female followers. They claim they can complete and deliver the order within 72 hours max. Not only followers but also Instagram likes, comments and views too.

You can choose the desired packages as per your need. Some of their packages are as follows:

  •  250 followers for $15
  •  500 followers for $20
  •  2000 followers for $45

More bundle packages are:

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is It Safe To Use Mr. Insta?

Yes, It’s totally safe to use Mr. Insta to grow your Instagram account. They don’t ask you for your login credentials like other promotional websites do. So, there’s no point of a security breach.

Plus, they use safe & secure servers to process your orders. So you don’t need to worry about safety and security. All the information provided by you will not be compromised.

2) Do they provide Real Followers?

Mr. Insta claims to provide real Instagram followers through their platform. We can’t justify their claims, but We can guess the majority of their followers are active. Anyway, you can get a kick start to your social media journey by using their services. As they claim in a few spots that they target real users, you can expect them to deliver high-quality followers.

3) What If My Followers Are Dropped?

Mr. Insta makes sure, that you get the best out of their service with non-drop followers. They claim up to 6% drop after 90 days of the service. If you face such an issue with their service. You can contact their customer support and they’ll refill for you. In case, you face a follower drop issue.

4) What Are The Payment Mode?

Mr. Insta allows you to pay via Paypal. It is a secure mode of payment. You can pay for their service through your debit/credit card from Paypal.

How To Get Followers Organically On Instagram?

Apart from the promotional tools, the best growth is known to be organic growth. Everywhere organic growth is considered to be more efficient and effective. Everyone prefer organic followers as they are more responsive and active.

But, It’s little tough to get a high organic growth rate and to increase followers on Instagram organically. We are sharing some tips on getting organic followers on Instagram.

The benefits of Organic Instagram Followers are:

  • High-quality Followers
  • Targeted Followers related to your niche
  • Activeness & High Audience Reach
  • More Engagement on your posts
  • You can monetize them.

So, Let’s move to know how to get Instagram Followers Organically

Choose A Particular Niche

You should catch a particular niche, the category of your Instagram account. for example, If you are a traveler then people will follow you to see your travel experiences and images.

Same, If you are into Health & Fitness then people will follow you for fitness tips & tricks, not for traveler posts.

You need to be specific to get a good organic growth rate.

Jumping on multiple niches will not help you to grow organically on Instagram. Also, choose a pattern while posting images on Instagram. This will help you to grab the attention of your viewers and followers.

Be Consistent

When someone follows you on Instagram, they expect more & more updates from you on daily basis. You have to be regular on your Instagram account. You need to follow a schedule of posting images on your profile.

One more benefit of consistent posting is, you’re content will reach out to more people in their Instagram Feeds.

If you don’t post regularly, your profile activeness and reach can be affected gradually. Instagram algorithms are designed in such a way that quality and more engaging images are reached to more people than other.

A Good Bio

Your intro should be influencing and convincing. Many times, A cool Insta bio can also convert a visitor into a follower. You can start playing with your bio.

Use something that describes you perfectly. Be genuine with your audience.

Start Using Relevant Hash Tags

I’ve personally experienced this thing, Using relevant hashtags in your images help your draw organic Instagram followers to your Instagram Profile.

You need to start using relevant and proper hashtags according to your image category.

Wondering how it works?

Hashtags categorize your image and through the particular hashtag. when people search for the particular hashtag, they will find out your content.

This way you can get a new set of targetted audience to your Instagram profile.

Note: Be careful while using Hashtags, don’t use banned hashtags. some of the hashtags are banned by Instagram. Using those hashtags can put your Instagram profile in trouble.

Also, try to use less popular and unique hashtags to make your way clear to the top section of Instagram feed. Once you’re in the top section, you’ll get a lot of organic Instagram followers for free.

Use Location Sticker In Your Posts & Stories

Using location in your Instagram posts will help you the same way, As hashtags work. More and more people will discover your posts by the location mentioned in your Posts.

People search for posts on Instagram by location, hashtags, names, interests. These all small things can help a lot in getting more and more Instagram followers on Instagram.

Socialize Through Your Instagram Profile

You can get a huge growth in your Instagram followers rate by being active on the photo-sharing platform. Start socializing with people on Instagram.

Commenting on posts and having healthy discussions with fellow creators and followers can also help you grow.

Start responding to the messages you get, Start giving value to others and in return, you can also expect a growth in your follower list.

Also, Like posts related to your niche and also comment. This will help you get the attention of more users and you’ll end up getting a good number of organic followers.

Posting High-Quality Images

Instagram is a photo sharing platform and this is 2018, nobody looks for those 1990’s images. Start using good quality images in your Posts. Quality matters a lot.

If you are having good quality posts on your Instagram, it can convert a visitor into a follower.

The first impression is the last impression, my friend. So start using good quality images on your Instagram Profile.

Collaboration With Fellow Instagrammers

Collaboration works a lot in case of social media, especially on Instagram. Start looking for your fellow Instagrammers who are already into your niche. Also look upon their followers.

After finding a suitable Instagrammer, pitch them a mail or a message asking them for a collaboration.

Most of the Instagrammers already mention in their bio about collaboration. Find them and collaborate with them.

This will help both the content creator getting good organic follower growth.

Promote Your Instagram On Other Social Media

If you are active on other social media platforms too, like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin. Start promoting your Instagram profile on your other social media channels.

This will help you in grabbing followers from your other social media channels. You can also link your Instagram profile with the social media channels for getting more growth.

I’ve seen people getting followers from their Youtube & Twitter accounts. You can also try this.

Start Organizing Giveaways/Contests

Running quizzes & giveaways on your social media accounts are still the best way to get organic follower growth. This way you can also increase the activeness of your Instagram profile.

According to your niche/category, you can run giveaways and putting conditions of mentioning or tagging a friend to be eligible for the giveaway.

This way, your followers will help you to grow by promoting your profile on their Instagram account.

I’ve seen a lot of Instagrammers getting an unexpected organic growth by this method. Even you can grow by 10,000 followers a day or even more. Try running giveaways.


Everyone wants to have a huge fan following on their Social Media accounts, and if you’re into social media influencer marketing. You need a huge follower base. Mr. Insta is a cool Instagram promotional tool that allows and offers services related to Instagram promotions like Instagram Followers, Post Likes, comments & Views Too.

You can start getting genuine followers from Mr. Insta in no time. They also give a free service option to try their services.

Overall, If you want to get genuine Instagram Followers then I would recommend you to Try Mr. Insta for once. Start with their service and once you achieve a level you’ll start getting followers organically.

Mr. Insta is a reliable and Genuine tool to get Genuine Instagram Followers.

Visit MrInsta

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