Why SubPals is the Best Place to Get Genuine YouTube Subscribers

Nowadays, having more youtube subscribers is important. Isn’t it?

Actually, getting genuine youtube subscribers is quite hard. But, quite hard doesn’t mean impossible. If you follow the right path, you can easily get thousands of subscribers and become one of the good youtube channels.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can grow your youtube subscribers easily.

Having more subscribers can help you to,

  • Share your content with a bigger audience
  • Show your reputation to the online words
  • Encourages others to Subscribe
  • Drive viral traffic to your website
  • Make some serious money
  • Boost confidence to create something creative

So, let see how you can get youtube subscribers and grow your channel with ease.

Create a Unique YouTube Channel

The very first thing is to have a unique youtube channel.

Think – Why someone will subscribe to a crap looking channel? Will you? People always subscriber to a genuine, unique, helpful and value-adding channel.

So, you’ve to create a good looking as well as a helpful youtube channel.

Now, let’s see how you can create a unique channel.

Create a brandable channel logo and cover

The most important thing in a channel is its logo. Am I right? Generally, viewers remember the channel by its logo. So it should be impressive.

You can use Photoshop or Canva to build one. If you want to create a good looking logo instantly, just head over to the canva and start building it. I personally use this tool and its just incredible.

Create a Unique Trailer

Trailer helps viewers to know about you. Actually, it’s an opportunity to tell your story. If you deliver an unforgettable experience to your viewers through a trailer, they will never forget you. Also, it helps to increase your brand awareness. That means if somebody who knows you and impressed by your content earlier, he or she will be more likely to click on your video from the search results.

So, you must create an amazing trailer for your channel.

Use Short, Sweet, Unique, and Relevant intro to Every Video

How ugly and unprofessional if your video starts without any channel intro?

You should add an intro to your every video. It encourages your readers to watch video further.

I’m sure you noticed that almost all the popular youtube channel have their own unique intro which you can find on their every single video.

Many people make mistake while creating an intro. They make a lengthy, boring, irrelevant, and too fancy intro. That looks really unprofessional.

The intro should be short (3 to 5 second is ideal), unique, neat and clean as well as relevant.

Create Content Consistently

Yes, this is the true way to go.

You should create content consistently. Consistency is the key to success on the youtube. You might notices that the popular youtube channels are publishing their video consistently.

Why? Because they know the power of consistency.

Now, you might be thinking, If I’ll publish video consistent then I’ll be successful for sure?

The answer is – NO!


Only consistency couldn’t make your channel successful.

You have to create unique and helpful videos for your audience and publish those videos consistently. Now, you’ll be successful for sure.

So yes,

Create a unique and helpful content consistently and the subscribers will start rolling in.

Work on Youtube SEO

How great if your videos will be on the 1st page on the youtube search results for a particular keyword?

That would be just incredible!

You’ll get thousands of new subscribers easily if you would be able to rank your videos on the top.

Probably you’re thinking how can I do that?

The answer is – Work on YouTube SEO.

Let see it,

Video Title:

Your title should be short, full of curiosity, and promising to deliver something interesting. Moreover that, your primary keyword should be included in the title. That helps to get ranked higher in the youtube search results.

For example,

If your video is about “Social Media Tips” then your title should be like,

Top 10 Social Media Tips for Growing Your Business


Social Media Tips: How to Grow Your Business with It   

Hope you got it. 🙂


Your video description is the text which you can see below the every youtube video. You can optimize it for getting higher rankings.

You might be thinking – How description can help to rank higher?

Because description helps youtube search algorithm to understand what the video is all about and based on that youtube shows in the search results.

So you should write at least 300+ words description for your every video but I recommend you to write 500+ words.


Tag helps search algorithm to know what the content is about. Add relevant tags in the video before publishing and you’re good to go. Also, don’t forget to add your primary keyword as a tag.

Moreover that, create your own brand keyword and add it to your every video. This will help you to show your videos in the sidebar of your own videos.


Thumbnails are the most important thing. Never underestimate it.

You should create a professional, actionable, curiosity evoking thumbnail for every video. It will help you to get high CTR from the search results.

Share Videos on Social Media

Share your videos on every social platform and as many times as you can.

Nowadays, everybody spends time on social media. Right? So, how great if you can drive them from social network to your youtube channel and convert them into subscribers? It would be really cool. Isn’t it?

So, Let’s see in this in detail.


Create an amazing trailer about your youtube video or share one awesome and useful part of your main video and invite them to watch your full video on the youtube.

This is a really powerful social media strategy.

You can take help from big facebook pages to share your short video. It will definitely bring new subscribers to your channel.


You can share a short clip of your video or share a custom banner for your video on the Instagram. This way you can drive Instagram visitors to your youtube video.


As Facebook and Instagram, you can share your short video or banner on the twitter. Encourage your followers to watch your youtube video through a tweet.


As you know, Pinterest is completely images based social network, you need to create one super awesome as well as actionable image. Once you do it, simply pin it on the Pinterest. You can take help from your friends to spread this more and more.


SnapChat is also a great place to bring visitors. Create a short video for your main youtube video and share it on the SnapChat.

Schedule your Social Media Posts:

Share as many time as you can but smartly. Understand the pick response time of your social followers and according to that schedule your posts.

This will allow you to take most out of it

Give Reason to Subscribe

Many YouTubers make mistake here. They create an awesome channel, create helpful and unique content but forgot to give your readers reason to subscribe.

You’ve to tell them to subscribe as well as a reason to do that.

At the beginning or end, tell them how your channel can help them and ask for becoming a subscriber.

For example,

If your channel is about technology then you can say,

Subscribe our channel to get every new tech video very first


We’re publishing amazing tech videos everyday. Subscribe us to get notified everytime we publish a new video

So, this way you can give them a reason to subscribe and to be honest, it works.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaboration works like a magic. Actually, it helps to get instant exposure to each others channel and eventually subscribers.

If you’re wondering how it works then here you go,

Create a super helpful video for each others channel and publish it. Give little introduction about you as well as your channel and ask to subscribe.

If their viewers like you and your content then they will definitely subscribe to your channel. This will help both of you to grow.

Host Giveaways/ Contest

This is one tactic to attract viewers and eventually convert them into subscribers.

Host Giveaways or Contents on your channel and offer something great for the winner.

For example,

If you’re running a tech channel then you can host smartphone giveaway and ask viewers to subscriber your channel for entering into the giveaway.

After few days, announce the winner and give the prize. This way you can get huge exposure as well as subscribers.

Use SubPals to Get More Subscribers

Now, Let’s talk about new channels.

Everybody agrees on that – new channels need some push to grow. Right?

And that push is first 1000 subscribers.

Getting your first 1000 subscribers is quite hard? Right? You can bring 10000 or even 100k subscribers easily from the 1000 subscribers but getting 1000 subs from 0 is really hard.

How great if you can get it for sure with using a genuine way?

Here comes one awesome and legit service called SubPals. SubPals offers really great service to those who want real subscribers easily.

Let me tell you more about SubPals.

Get Free 20 Subscribers at every 24 hours

SubPals offers you 12 subscribers every 12 hours! That means you can get 20 subscribers daily for free.

How awesome is that!

Moreover, if you want more than 20 subscribers a day than they also have an option for it. You just need to pay little fees and you’ll be ready to rock.

SubPals is very easy to use and manage. You just need to give a few minutes to get your daily free subscribers.

You will get real subscribers like you.

Probably you’re thinking – How?

Let me explain you.

How SubPals Work?

SubPals works on exchange method. It provides an exchange between you and other YouTubers who are looking to increase their subscribers.

So, this way, you’ll get real users like you.

If you buy their premium service, you don’t need to be part of their exchange network. You just need to give your YouTube channel URL and you’re done.


The main advantage of SubPals premium service is “You don’t need to take part in their exchange network” Just select one plan, do the payment, give your YouTube Channel URL, and sit back.

You’ll get your subscribers according to your plan. You don’t need to do anything.

You can check the pricing here.

SubPals have an eight plans.

The smallest plan is 50 TY subscribers and it costs $15.

The biggerst plan is for 10000 YT subscribers and it costs $550

The most popular plan out of all is 500 YT subscribers which costs just $45

Here is the complete list of the plans.

50 YT Subscribers – $15

100 YT Subscribers – $20

300 YT Subscribers – $30

500 YT Subscribers – $45

1000 YT Subscribers – $80

2000 YT Subscribers – $150

5000 YT Subscribers – $300

10000 YT Subscribers – $550

You can choose any of avove plan according to your requirement.

SubPals is Safe and Secure

Probably, you’re thinking – Is SubPals safe to use?

Let me tell you,

SubPals is completely safe and secure at all times. You don’t need to worry about that.

What Users say about SubPals

Let’s see what users say,

Jacob Gomes Says…

I brought 500 Subs but they made it 557! I’m very happy to invest in this website. But not understanding that is it a really real subscriber! I just can’t believe that how can I get that much subs in this price! Thank you for all. SubPals aims to please their wonderful customers!
John D Says…
So the price is cheap not gonna lie and they do work, I was at 50 subs and now I’m at 126!! I did think they were a scam but I guess not, they are legit.

Thank you for your honesty. SubPals are here to help people grow their channels!

Alan Says…
Ever since I struggle getting more subscribers and I found this site. Oh, man! What a great idea! I got from 52 subscribers to almost 1000 in a few months! Thank you so much for your wonderful service! I’ll be here forever!

So these are the few reviews from the real users. Users are extremely happy by using SubPals

Now, Let’s see how to use.

How to Use SubPal

As I told earlier, using and managing SubPals is very easy.

Just head over to the SubPals.com and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll find two sections.

First one is for ordering service and the second one is for getting free subscribers.

For using SubPals premium service, choose your package according to your requirement and add it to your cart.

After that, you’ll be redirected to the cart. In cart, you can see your selected package info.

Once you conform your package and price, hit the big “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button.

Once you hit the checkout button, you’ll be redirected to the billing address section.

Just provide your billing info and move to the next steps.

Once you complete your billing section you’ll reach to the “Addition Information” section.

Here you need to provide your YouTube Channel URL where you want to get subscribers.

Simply enter your channel URL and hit the continue button.

Once you click on the continue button, you’ll be redirected to final step “Review & Payment”

SubPals gives four methods to do payment.

  1. PayPal (Quick and Secure option)
  2. Credit Cards
  3. Bitcoins & other Altcoins
  4. Paymentwall

Select any of the four payment methods and pay the plan fees.

That’s it!

Now sit back and relax while new subscribers rolls in.


Getting youtube subscribers would be easy if you follow the right path and use the right strategies.

Just create one channel and give it a professional look. Make sure to keep your channel as professional as you can to drive more subscribers in.

After that,  create a unique channel, create a high-quality content which can help people and publish it on your channel. As I told earlier, consistency is the key to success, publish high-quality videos consistently.

And, as you know,

Everybody needs a starting push to grow. So, give 1000 subscribers push to your channel using SubPals.

SubPals is a genuine and one of the best place to get YouTube subscribers. So, just head over to it and give yourself a push.

Visit SubPals

Hope you enjoyed this guide and learned something actionable. Also, feel free to ask any question, query or suggestion via comments below and don’t forget share this guide with your social friends.

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