[Top 3] Google Penalty Checker Tools of 2018

Are you looking for a tool which can help you to identify the Google penalties?

If yes, you’re at a perfect place.

In this article, you’ll know the best google penalty checker tools.

Before moving ahead, let’s understand more about “Google Penalties

What is Google Penalty

A Google Penalty is a negative impact on your website or blog based on algorithmic updates or a manual review. Google has a system (Manual and Algorithmic) to punish websites which are not following their guidelines. This punishment is called Google Penalty.

A site gets a penalty, drops its ranking in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) and eventually drops traffic as well as earnings.

Why Do You Get Penalties

You might be thinking – Why Webmasters are Getting Penalties?

Let me tell you,

Google is the world’s biggest and most trusted search engine. Am I Right?

Users are using Google because they trust on the google and they know that the google has a wide range of results which gives the accurate info to the user’s search query.

So, if any webmaster tries to do spamming (for example irrelevant content than the headline, copied content, black hat SEO, etc) for taking their website on the top of the search results, Google has to identify them and punish them according to their level of spamming.

Google wants to show the best and the most accurate data to their users

So, that’s why Google has two types of penalty system in the core.

  1. Manual penalty (this is done by real humans sitting in the Google)
  2. Algorithmic penalty (this is an algorithm based penalty like a filter)

So, the penalty can drop down your ranking and eventually traffic. So you’ve to get rid out of it.

Now you might be thinking – How?

Simply identify the penalty and take recovery actions based on that.

So, for identifying the penalty, you need to use some tools.

Here are few penalty checker tools.

Let’s see.

Tool – 1: Google Webmaster Tools

Yes, Google itself tells you about your websites errors and penalties.

Simply visit your Google Search Console dashboard and click on the Manual Action tab from the navigation menu.

If you got any manual penalty, you’re notified with that particular sissu. If not, you’ll see “No issue detected” message.

So, just head over to your search console dashboard and look for the manual actions.


This tool will help you know – is there any Google update or not?

Google is rolling out updates frequently. If you’re facing any issue with your site (such as traffic drop, ranking drop, etc.), just go to the Google algorithm update by Moz and see whether any new update from Google or not.

This tool will give you an idea about the latest updates from Google.


Fruition penalty checker tool is a perfect tool for identifying the penalty with their impacts. Moreover that, this tool is completely free up to 2 websites. What you need more?

Fruition Tools Benefits:

  • Check up to 2 websites for Google penalties
  • See which Google updates impacted your websites
  • Featured up to last three months.
  • Top Level accuracy
  • It’s completely free. Even, no credit card required.
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Quick Setup

Visit Fruition.com and signup for the account. Once you successfully signed up, you’ll be asked for permission to see your analytics data. Simply allow that and you’ll be able to see the graphical representation of the penalties.

Carefully look over this graphical representation and based on that particular penalty, perform the recovery steps.


SEMrush sensor can help you to know about the latest Google updates you can take better care of your website.

Also, you can see the SERP volatility of the last 30 days.

Simply visit SEMrush Sensors and it will give keep you updated with Google’s latest algorithm updates.

Over to You

Google penalties are a serious thing for any webmaster. It drops your ranking, traffic, and eventually earnings so if your site hit by any penalty, you’ve to be recovered from it as soon as possible.

The very first step to recover google penalties is to identify which penalty is affecting your site and for doing that you’ve to take a help from a few penalty checker tools.

In this guide, I showed you the top 3 tools which will help you to identify the penalty type. Simply visit those sites and identify the penalty. Once you know it, simply take recovery action according to your penalty.

I must say – Google Penalties are not permenat. It can be recoverd. Theere is thousands of examples where people succefully recovred from google penalties and now gitting tons of traffic.

Hope you enjoyed this guide. Let me know if you’ve any quirtion regarding this topic. I’d love to answer.

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