How to Add Additional Domain to Hosting

Hey guys, Ravijit here and this article is about How can you add more than one domain to single hosting service.

Many Hosting providers (most of all), provides their service with adding more than one domain to their single hosting account. It’s called multi-domain hosting plan.

All hosting providers have their multi-domain web hosting plan like HostGator’s Baby plan, Bluehost’s Pro plan, etc.    MDHP

Now, suppose if you have a multi-domain Baby plan from HostGator then how can you add the domain to Webhosting? Here, I’m going to share a complete guide about

Here, I’m going to share a complete guide about adding a domain to hosting service. (This guide works for all hosting providers)

add additional domain to hosting

Just follow these THREE steps to add domains,

#1: Login to  your cPanel of Hosting provider

Go to your hosting provider’s site and login to the dashboard. From dashboard, you can move to cPanel. Another alternative is to open your email which was sent by hosting provider while you purchased it. Simply check the email, and you’ll find cPanel link as well as username and password.

Now, login to cPanel.cPanel final

#2: Addon Domains

You need to find Addon Domains link in cPanel, which is located in Domains section.

Now, just click on Addon Domains.ADDON

#3: Fill your new domain details

Now you will be taken to the little form for adding a new domain.

Just fill this with required details like Domain name, FTP Username, Password, etc. as following and hit Add Domain button.  details

That’s it. Your additional domain is added to hosting.

Now, you can launch your another new blog/website with a single hosting plan!

[Note: If you use domains for preserve your brand name then you should use redirection feature. like redirect your brand domain extensions (.org, .net, .info etc.) to your main domain(.com)]

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I hope you fount this article useful. Feel free to ask any question or suggestion via comment section and please share this article.

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