How To Buy Domain And Hosting [Complete Guide]

So, you want to buy domain name and hosting. Right ? It’s really great idea! Here is a complete guide about

It’s really great idea! Here is the complete guide about How to buy domain and hosting.

Before starting, you must know the terms Domain name and Web Hosting.

What is Domain name: it is one URL or address which is used as a name of blog or website. So actually it’s address of your website in the world of internet.

What is Web Hosting: Web hosting is a space for storing data of your website. Servers are used to store data of website as well as retrieve data when needed.

how to buy domain and hosting

Now, let’s move on to the point,

How to Buy a Domain Name?

You can buy a domain name from many domain registrars, and they offer different prices on different types of extensions. Choosing most popular and professional domain is the key here.

It’s also useful for getting higher rank in search engines(google, yahoo, bing,

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Now, Follow these six steps to purchase a domain name,

#1:  Go to Registrars site

Go to Domain Registrars website (i.e.,


#2: Find your Domain name

Enter your domain name which you wish to buy.

Choose Dmn

#3: Select & Add to Cart

After finding a domain name, select it and add to your purchasing cart.

#4: Create a new account

Create an account for your domain name. This is a very important step. This account will be primary account for your website. It’s used to managing your domain after purchasing such as changing nameservers, changing passwords, name, etc. so create an account and keep your domain details safe for feature uses.

This account will be your primary account. It’s used to manage your domain after purchasing. You can do all the things like changing nameservers, changing passwords, name, etc. from this accountSocreate an account and keep your domain details safe for feature uses.

So create an account and keep your domain details safe for the feature access.


#5: Payment Details

Fill your payment details for proceeding ahead. There are many options available for payments, like

There are many options available for payments, like Credit card, Debit card, American Express, and also the safest way of online transactions PayPal.

hg billing

#6: Complete the purchasing process

Now, your purchasing process is completed, and you can go to your account for managing the new domain.

That’s it.

Now, you have a domain like, and you can build a great blog or website!

For making this domain live on the web, you need to host it on Webhosting. So, here is the steps for buying a hosting.

    How to buy Hosting?

Hosting is web space which used to store your all data of the website.

This stored data will be loads on visitor’s computer or device, whenever a visitor requests any query of your website. This thing is done by Servers which you have bought or going to buy as a Hosting.

So, you need to choose great and quality hosting for getting the best performance.

There are different types of hosting

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting

Hosting quality affects on some factors of your blog/website.

  •     Page loading time.
  •     Server responding time
  •     More visitors handling capacity
  •     Speed of your site
  •     Higher rank in search engines 
  •     and much more! (So, choose the quality hosting. I recommend Bluehost or Hostgator)

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We are going to buy shared hosting for our blog from Hostgator, because shared hosting is the best choice for new blogs. (Don’t worry, you can buy VPS or Dedicated hosting after some time when your blog grow.)

Follow these SIX steps for buying a Webhosting.

#1: Go to website of hosting provider

Some of the best hosting providers are HostGator, BlueHost, iPage and Dreamhost.

go to hg

#2: Get Started and Choose Plan

Choose a plan which is suitable for you. I recommend you to go with the plan which offers unlimited domains to host.

hg plans

#3: Sign up for new account

You need to sign up for a new account on registrars website. This account will be your primary account and used for managing a hosting. So, keep it safe.

#4: Checkout

hg Checkout

#5: Billing or Payment information

hg credit card

#6: Access your account and check out your new hosting service

That’s it. Now, you successfully purchased a hosting for your blog/site, and it’s ready to use.

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Let me know which domain and hosting provider you’re using. If you have any question or suggestion about this article, feel free to share it via comments below!

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