How To Create FREE WordPress Blog

Hey, Guys. Ravijit here and I’m going to show you, how to

Ravijit here and I’m going to show you, how to Create Free WordPress blog.

So many newbies selected WordPress as a free platform for blogging, because of its excellent features and future as well.

And yes, you can migrate your free WordPress blog to self-hosted WordPress blog. This guide is all about Creating a FREE Blog using WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular as well as the most used platform in the blogosphere.

create free wordpress blog

WordPress gives power to,

    More than 30% blogs on the internet.

    More than 78 million blogs

    More than 60 million new posts added monthly

WordPress can be installed in two ways,

(1) Self Hosted WordPress Blog

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(2) FREE WordPress Blog

So, let’s go ahead for creating a FREE WordPress blog.

You need to have following things,

  • Gmail address or any another email address.(Yeah, that’s it! No more accounts needed)

Now, Follow these eight steps to create a free blog

#1: Go to Official site of WordPress –

wp start

#2: Enter your new blog address

It’s the address or URL which you are going to create(your new blog or site name like

site name

#3: Fill the Basic Details

Now, provide some important details such as an Email address, Username,  password, etc.

email use pass

#4: Add custom domain (skip this while creating a free blog)

This step is about finding a custom address which charges something around $10 to $20 which is not our cup of tea at this moment because we are going to create free WordPress blog. So now, simply skip this step by clicking No Thanks.
no custom addresss

#5: Choose a Theme

This step is about selecting a theme for your new blog. So, pick any good theme and move to next step.
select theme

#6: Select a Plan

This step is for choosing a plan for your WordPress blog. So, choose the free plan from given plans.

select plan

#7: Access your Dashboard

Now, you are on your blog’s Dashboard and in this step you need to do some customization of your blog. After that, click on Start Post for publishing your first blog post.

costmz and start post

#8: Open your new Blog

This is the last step of your FREE WordPress Blog setup. In this step just go to your WordPress blog and visit your first blog post.


That’s it. Your free WordPress blog is ready and successfully launched on the internet.

Now you can post new articles and enjoy the blogging.

Happy blogging! 🙂

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Feel free to ask any question, query about this article via comments. Also, share your point of view on this topic.

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