How to Do WordPress SEO (Easy Explained Guide ever)

SEO Stand for “Search Engine Optimization.”

So many bloggers are confused nowadays about How to do search engine optimization with their WordPress Blog. Doing manually SEO is like a headache because you need to do many things, step by step which takes around 30% time of your article writing time, and it’s a LOT for any serious blogger.

Manually SEO needs to do manually following things,

  • Titles
  • Meta tags
  • Meta description
  • Keywords
  • Sitemap
  • Social links
  • Short links
  • Link building
  • Webmaster tools
  • The list goes on and on and on.

Now what happen if i say, there is an alternative of all this headache SEO things with an easy way? ( Is this Possible ?)

YES, you can do WordPress SEO at the single place with an easy and user-friendly interface.

Just you need to use this awesome plugin: “WordPress SEO by Yoast.” That’s it.

how to do wordpress seo

How to Do WordPress SEO with SEO by Yoast plugin?

#1: Install plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Search a plugin from your dashboard and just install it.

#2: Click and Open SEO from the left sidebar of your dashboard.

#3: General settings.

gen setting

In General settings, you can add your info such as website name and an alternate name of your website. This feature is useful when something goes wrong with website logo.

Another useful feature in general setting is Webmaster tools. When you need to approve google, yahoo, bing webmaster tools, this one will help you. So, using Webmaster tool section you can easily approve by just pasting a verification ID.

#4: Titles and Metas

Title & metas

This part of SEO used for doing some necessary settings such as homepage meta description, post meta description, etc. Another useful function is meta robots Indexing. Make sure do not tick mark on No Indexing checkbox.

#5: Social

social seo

This feature of SEO by Yoast is useful to submit your info to Google about your associated social profiles. So, enter your blog’s social URLs like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

#6: XML Sitemap 

xml sitemap seo

This is the crucial step of whole SEO of WordPress. How great if your blog or site’s XML Sitemap automatically submitted to search engines (google, yahoo, bing)? Just enable XML Sitemap by doing tick mark. That’s it. Now your sitemap will generate and submit automatically to search engines. (It works like a charm!)

#7: Advanced

Advanced seo

The advanced section used for Breadcrumbs, Permalinks, RSS settings.

Breadcrumbs help a visitor to display a location of the page where he is now on this blog or website. See the following image.


Permalinks are used for showing a name of post or page instead of any short link (like p=55? etc.) on search engines. See below image.

permalink seo

#8: Tools


This section of SEO provides great and handy tools to organize blog by admin. There are tools like a Bulk Editor, File Editor, Import, and Export.

The bulk editor allows you to quickly change titles and descriptions of your posts and pages without having to go into the editor for each post and page.

File editor allows you to quickly change important files for your SEO, like your robots.txt, .htaccess etc.

Import and Export tool allows to import settings from other SEO plugins and export your settings for re-use on another blog.

That’s it.

Now, your blog is Search Engine Optimized. In future, it will do SEO automatically, and few are done easily from real working time.

You can add a meta description, focused keywords, SEO title in every post from the bottom of the dashboard.

editor SEO

Now, Your WordPress Blog Is SEO Friendly! 🙂

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Hope you liked this article. If you like this post, then share it on social and feel free to ask any question, query or suggestion via comments.

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