How to Install WordPress with 1-Click Installation

Installing a WordPress manually is the time-consuming process as well as a little bit difficult for beginners.


1-Click script install is very popular nowadays because of it’s quick and easy process. One-click installation can install any script(WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) within a minute.

Now, let’s move on our topic How to install WordPress with one-click installation.

You can install WordPress with 1-Click on most of all web hosting. All hosting provider gives the option to use 1-Click installation feature. Hosting providers has pre-installed of 1-click installation app on cPanel like QuickSetup, Sofaculous script installer, etc.

So, you need to just use this one-click installation app which is available on your hosting provider’s dashboard or cPanel.

install wordpress with one click

Follow these 5 Steps to Install WordPress with 1-Click, (I assume that you have already purchased hosting. and if, not then simply go for Bluehost.)

Step-1: Login to cPanel

Just go to your hosting provider’s website and login to the dashboard. From dashboard, you can move to cPanel.

Another alternative is open your email which was given to hosting company. Simply check purchase detail emails on your mailbox, and there you’ll get cPanel link as well as username and password.

cPanel final

Step-2: Open One-Click installer

Click on your pre-installed One-click installation app (like QuickSetup, Softaclous, etc.) and open it.

1-c installer

Step-3: Choose WordPress for install

Now you’ve to choose which script you want to install. We are going to install WordPress so, select WordPress.softaclous

Step-4: Fill Details for installing WordPress

Now, you need to fill details of your new website or blog which you are going to launch. Do provide basic details of your website and click on Install.1-c details

Step-5: Launch your Website or Blog

Once your installation process complete, you can see the following screen with the Congratulations message.

Click on given link to your website, and you can see your website is live on the internet.

That’s it! Your One-Click WordPress installation is done.l blog

Once you successfully installed the WordPress, you need to do some essential settings.

Essential settings:

(1) Delete Default Posts

(2) Delete Default Pages

(3) Delete Pre-installed Plugins

(4) Change Permalinks as a Post name

(5) Add new theme (any good theme)

(5) Add some categories etc.

This is the demo site for today’s tutorial.


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