How to Market Your Online Casino

Your online casino is ready for business, the roulette wheel is spinning and the croupiers are ready to deal. The atmospheric music is being played, the graphics are the first rate and the interactive options are going to be loved by the players – so it’s high time we found them! Let’s get a plan together which doesn’t cost the earth and put your casino out of business before it’s even started. You won’t need to disappear for 4 years to get a degree in marketing an online casino, just take some gems from the ideas below and watch players login not just once, but come back time and time again.

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves at this point though. In the same way that you can’t market yourself as a window cleaner without any decent cleaning equipment, you need a good product which can compete. The greatest marketing campaign in the world which spends billions of dollars can fall flat on its face if the login screen doesn’t work properly. It’s an obvious point but take a step back and ensure you test everything. You are going to be compared to the big boys so make sure the user experience is on a par with the online casino games on Casumo.

So, we said it won’t cost the earth and we’ll keep to that, but if you do have the resources to supercharge your marketing then there are quite often premium versions of our ideas. A perfect example of this is with our trusty millennial of a friendship group – social media. As long as you have a reliable product then social media is something to be embraced. It’s simple: get an account for your online casino on Facebook, setup handles on Twitter and on Instagram, sort out your YouTube channel and start growing a following. It’s simple to set all of these up but then you need to get the followers through regular posts of shareable, exciting content. You can spend big bucks by using large specialized agencies, but don’t be afraid to do your own research or approach freelance consultants who have all of the same skills and competencies but without the overheads!

Social media gives you the platform to get your content out to the masses in the same way but on a smaller scale that search engine optimization got you to the top of Google. Whilst SEO isn’t the most important thing nowadays, it is part of the overall mix so don’t completely dismiss it – have the mentality that every user counts. Content can take many forms; if you’ve got a wordsmith among your team then set them to work with a quill and get blogging – fill it with keywords, links to sector authorities as well as talking the language of your target audience. Alongside blogging, make use of video, everyone loves sharing them so you have to join the party.

As mentioned earlier, if your product isn’t performing then you shouldn’t be marketing it but let’s imagine that it is all working well. Get to know your customers and make them your best marketers. You probably won’t want to even refer to them as customers – maybe gamers, friends or even ambassadors if you want to leverage them to the max. Nothing works better in marketing online or offline than a genuine narrative. Allow time in your marketing mix for events and meetups so you can get facetime with the people you built the online casino for.

Equally, don’t dismiss other offline more traditional marketing options. If you’ve got some budget then look at TV advertising (a lot cheaper than it used to be) or newspapers and magazines, all of which are going to get plenty of eyes on them.

Your marketing should never stop. It may fluctuate in terms of regularity but make sure you’re always ready to be flexible, react to popular culture, make people laugh and be unafraid to be different. Never forget how much sweat and tears have been shed in building and maintaining your online casino, this is the fun part – get it out there!

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