Improve Blog – Take your blog to Next Level

Did you know that how many blogs exist on the internet right now?

The answer is more than 300 million and counting.

So, if you want to make your blog successful and make it different from the crowd, then you need to take your blog to the NEXT LEVEL. You must Improve your blog. You have to make your blog more popular, more unique and more useful for readers.

Here, this Article is all about improving your blog. So, I assume that you have already blog to do a workout with it.

If you haven’t blog till now, then read my guide about starting a new blog – How to Start A Blog.

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Let’s see Table of Contents of this complete guide.

Table of Contents

  1. Make a Good Planning
  2. Improve your Design
  3. Improve your Content Writing Style
  4. Do better Content Marketing
  5. Do better SEO
  6. Build Network and Relationship
  7. Provide Regular Updates
  8. Practice Learning Attitude

Improve Blog

improve your blog

#1: Make a Good Planning

Planning is the very very important in blogging.

Action without Thinking & Thinking without Action, both are Leads to Guaranteed Failure !

You have to do a good planning such as you can schedule your posts, make a backlinks schedule, goal setting, guest posting, etc.

So, take paper-pen or note and make planning according to your blog.

#2 – Improve your Design

Your logo should be simple, attractive, and creative. The logo can present blog niche as well as creativeness.

2.2 Theme:

A Theme is a very very important thing for making your blog successful. Your theme should be simple but well optimized, fast loading and well coded. The great color combination is also important for a good looking blog.

First impression is Last impression

I recommend you to use Genesis Framework. It’s SEO optimized, clean, light-weight, faster, professional and secure.

Read: Genesis Framework Review

2.3 Speed of Blog:

Fast loading blogs can get higher rankings on the Google, and also readers love it to use. So make sure your blog’s loading speed is high. Page loading time should be less. If your blog ‘s page loading time is more, then you should read this guide about increasing blog speed – Increase blog speed

Also, one common reason for the slow blog is bad hosting. Make sure you’re using best hosting service. I recommend you to use Bluehost. It cost you just 2.49$/month.

2.4 Navigation Menu:

The navigation menu should be well categorized as well as linked to most important information.

It presents your blog’s main categories, pages, and popular posts. The design of navigation menu also matters a lot.

2.5 Sidebar:

The sidebar is the one type of wall to show important and featured things.

You can add important and most useful stuff to sidebar such as Search bar, Popular Posts, Latest Posts, Categories, Social Profiles, About box, etc. You can also display ads on sidebar (if you’re using advertisement network and affiliate marketing)

2.6 Attractive About Page:

About page is one of the most visited pages of every blog because if any new reader lands on your blog’s article and if he really likes your You then he will try to see who is the writer of this article and who is the owner of this blog. Ultimately he will land on your about page, and this is the chance to make him your loyal reader by impressing with your bio.

I recommend you to add most popular articles in your about page so readers can reach there easily.

#3: Improve your Content Writing Style.

You should write content for readers as well as Google (search engines). Yes, you have to focus on both things.

Think if you are writing only for readers and not giving value to doing SEO and Marketing then what happen? Ultimately you will lose your readers and blog reputation because without SEO and Marketing you can’t rank on Google and without ranking you can’t get more readers. So you have to write for both”Readers and Search Engine.”

Here are important Key factors to Write an awesome and evergreen content.

3.1 Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the most important thing in blogging. Without proper keyword research, you can’t rank on Google easily. So you must do keyword research before writing any post.

I’m using Long Tail Pro for finding profitable and low competitive keywords (easy to rank on Google).

Read: Long Tail Pro Review

In my eBook, I wrote the complete tutorial about keyword research. So, download this eBook – ULTIMATE BLOGGING GUIDE

3.2 Understand your Audience:

Think, if your wide range of audience are newbies/beginners and you are writing for advanced bloggers then what happen?

Probably they leave your blog and look for another one who can explain simply.

So first, understand your audience and think- “who is this guide for” then write the article.

3.3 Writing Factors to Focus on:

You have to focus on all important factors which can rank you better such as meta tags, keyword optimization, heading tags, bold, italic, LSI keywords, etc.

Download my eBook for detailed info about how to write an awesome and evergreen content – ULTIMATE BLOGGING GUIDE 

3.3.1 Content Title should be Short, Sweet, Unique and Interesting

The title is a key factor of any great article. Your title should be about content, interesting as well as it should evoke curiosity. So, the reader thinks “I’ll learn something new here.”

3.3.2 Observe How big blogs are writing their content

Yes, for being pro-blogger your observation power should be very high. If your observation power is high, then you can continuously learn something from daily surfing on blogging, and this thing will lead to improved blog!

You should observe big blogs with different perspective such as,

-if you are looking for stunning design, then find some blogs on Google and note down useful design ideas which you can implement on your blog.

-If you are looking for great article writing skill, then find some great bloggers article and analyze them properly.

etc. etc.

3.3.3 Content should be Long, Clear, Understandable

Yes, your article should be long because if you are writing 300 words article and thinking for making your blog very successful, then it’s not possible. You have to write at least 500+ words. Long content can express in detail as well as rank well on Google.

Don’t make people fool by spinning the same content because if you do that, they think this blog is full of spam, and they will never come back again, no matter your another content is awesome!

You can also use Funnel Scripts to write compelling copies.

3.3.4 Suggest Other Bloggers content

You should suggest another article which is related to your article. This thing will pass the link juice to an outbound link. Linking another blogs article also improve your relationship.

So, link or suggest content which is related to your article but has a different perspective.

#4: Do better Content Marketing

Content marketing is the biggest key to success in the blogging world. Without content marketing, no one can be successful, and that’s why if you observed all big brand blogs are highly focused on their content marketing strategies.

Some content marketing strategies to improve blog are as below,

4.1 Social Media:

Social media is the most effective way of marketing. Most of all people (your targeted audience) might use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. so, join theme on social media and you can share there your content.

Facebook and Twitter are widely used social media for marketing. So, increase connection on social media and regularly update it with useful content. Also, YouTube is a great way for providing video tutorials and increasing your reputation.

Social media presence is also important in ranking.

So, build and improve social media networks, and update it regularly with your content.

4.2 Guest Posting:

Guest posting is used by many pro bloggers for marketing as well as SEO. It can help to do an exposure of your blog as well as getting quality do follow backlinks.

How you’ll do guest posting?

It’s simple – Make one list of good blogs and high authority blogs which are related to your niche. Now, start writing a guest post for medium authority blogs, and step by step try to write for high authority blogs. You should not write for high authority blog in the beginning because high authority blogs think, you are a newbie and less experienced blogger. That’s why you can get a rejection. So start writing from low/medium authority blogs to high authority blogs.

NOTE: if your article is great and awesome then go for high authority blogs. And still, if you got rejection then go for medium authority blog with the same article! Yeah, be smart!

4.3 Email Marketing:

Email marketing is also called direct marketing.

Collect emails from readers by offering them something exclusive such as eBook, case study, research report, etc. and after collecting good numbers of emails, send them your fresh content.

I strongly recommend you to start building an email list right now.

I use ConvertKit for building an email list.

Read: ConvertKit Review

4.4 Blog Commenting:

Yes, some bloggers do comment on other blogs just for getting backlinks but, you should take maximum advantage of blog commenting technique.


Comment on other blogs with unique information and because of your unique information readers of that particular post will land on your blog to know, who is this guy! This way you’ll get backlink as well as traffic.

#5: Do better SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the main factor to improve the blog. There are main two types of SEO,

(i) On Page SEO:

[NOTE: Complete and Detailed SEO guide/tutorial are written in my eBook. so, Download eBook for Free now “ULTIMATE BLOGGING GUIDE eBook“]

So, DOWNLOAD my eBook for getting Complete Detailed Guide about SEO.

To Do list of On Page SEO

  • Place keyword in title
  • Place keyword in Permalink
  • Place keyword in the first paragraph of post
  • Try to Use # tag for separating topics
  • Bold some important as well as LSI keywords
  • Internal Links to related article
  • External links to relevant, high-quality sites
  • Add videos and Images
  • Write long content – minimum 500+ words
  • Compress images before uploading (i.e.,- you can use
  • Improve page loading time (use Pingdom or GT Metrix)

DON’T DO List for On Page SEO

  • Do not use H1 tag more than one time
  • Do not repeat H2, H3 tags
  • Do not use uncompressed images
  • Do not use unscaled images
  • Do not increase keyword density more than 1.2 %

(ii) Off Page SEO:

Here Is the list of an Off Page SEO things to do.

The main purpose of doing Off Page SEO is getting Backlinks.

What is Backlinks?

— Backlinks are the links from another website/blog/ or any other external resource to your blog.

Why do we need to build Backlinks?

— Ultimate reason of building Backlinks is Improve Search Engine Rank.

— We need to build backlinks because backlink improves the ranking. It also indicates popularity, usability, and quality of the blog.

For example – If your blog is a very very good blog but how can Google know that this (your) blog is very good quality and informative blog? So, backlinks play an important role here. And more backlinks from high authority blog as well as quality backlinks says to google – “This is a Good blog.” Ultimately your blog ranks higher on Google.

Also, we can say – Quality Backlinks are the votes for your blog to Rank.

So, make sure you are using your own Intelligence to build quality backlinks. Also remember to give enough time for building backlinks, because some bloggers do a mistake here and suddenly build hundreds of backlinks, and this thing considered as a spam by Google. Ultimately, Google can penalize you for building spam backlinks.

So, be genuine and create quality content so another can link you and you can get natural backlinks

Here is the List for getting backlinks

  • Blog Commenting
  • Guest Posting Social Bookmarking
  • Infographic Submission
  • Forums
  • Slide Sharing
  • Web 2.0
  • Social Networking
  • PDF Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission

#6: Build Good Network and Relationship

You must have a network in all different fields so that you can connect with your audience/readers easily.

If you are not building and improving your network, then I strongly recommend you to “start it right now.”

Most useful social networking sites are,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Build pages, groups, and accounts on the useful social networking sites. Also, grow these networks by sharing useful stuff on it.

E-Mail List:

You must have an email list. It will help you to promote your content effectively.

So, start building your email list from right now. The best way to collect emails from the targeted audience is to give them some freebies like eBook, case study, cheat sheet, checklist, etc.

I’m using Thrive Leads to build an email list. This plugin is excellent!


Yes, making a good relation with bloggers is the very very important. If other bloggers know you, then they share your content, and ultimately you will get a good amount of referral traffic.

You can build good relation with Linking their posts, Commenting with useful information and sharing their article to your network.

#7: Provide Regular Updates.

You have to be Professional. You should provide information/post on a regular basis. I recommend you to schedule your posts.

Some bloggers can’t maintain their posting schedule, and they got to fall in ranking. So, maintain the schedule. It will increase your online presence as well as Google ranking.

#8: Practice Learning Attitude

Yes, Learning Attitude is the main key to Success for every Blogger and Entrepreneur.

Learn From every one, Follow no one.

You should follow the mastermind for learning advanced strategies. Here are the best bloggers to follow (i personally follow theme).

Neil Patel –

Brian Dean –

Nathan Gotch – www.gotchseo.comm

Pat Flynn –

Chris Ducker –

Gary Vaynerchuk –

Kulwant Nagi –


Only having a blog is same as having nothing. So take your blog to advanced level and make it unique. You have to take it to the next level through improvements.

I recommend you to take pen-paper and do better planning and make strategies to improve a blog. For example- if you are not doing good SEO for your blog then do research on it and make strategies to complete a particular task. This way you can take your blog to the next level!

All The Best and Happy Blogging!

Hope you liked this article. If you have any Question, Query or Suggestion then feel free to ask via Comments. Also, share on social!

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