How To Increase Your Blog Traffic [3 Actionable Strategies]

I have been blogging since few years and during those days I had learned a lot. A lot means I was really a zero in the beginning. Look, building a blog and posting content over that is an another job but what really matters is:

Is there anybody who’s reading out your content?

You’ll realize the potential of blogging only when you have a better exposure and large audience. I mean if there’s no one who reads your blog then what is the benefit of your hard work?

Building audience is the second most important step in blogging. I’m assuming that you are having a blog but you are not getting enough traffic and you are really pissed off.

Today I’m going to share my methodologies on ‘How To Increase Traffic on Your Blog.

During my years of blogging, I had faced many critical situations but I always come up with different solutions. You won’t believe, I was unable to make a single penny from my blog in the initial 2 years. (Yeah! You heard it right.)

So, now…

You want to boost your revenues? You want to increase your blog traffic? Right? Then you must surely


Then you must have to check out this complete guide where I shared proven strategies to increase your blog traffic.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic For A Long Term

Let me divide this into main three parts. This way this guide will be easy to understand.

You can increase your blog audience with using these three main factors. These factors are Proper Content Management, Proper Search Engine Optimization, and Effective Marketing of your blog.

So let’s begin…

#1: Content Management

In this section, I will tell you an effective content factors which help you to increase traffic. Let me break this down.

Understanding Your Audience and Niche

Don’t be diverted from your niche, be focused. I mean if you blog about health and fitness then try to focus on the niche and don’t write irrelevant articles to your niche.

Look out there in the audience and try to get what they want. I mean if someone is looking for “how to gain some weight” then you must understand that they need articles or solutions regarding the gaining weight.

In this way, you could build a better audience base.

Use Quora and Google Trends to find what audience is looking for.

Creating Viral and Evergreen Content

This is the very important thing which will surely increase your traffic and audience base. Always write super engaging posts.

This will help you to increase the engagement on your blog and at the other side, it will reduce your bounce rate which is the very important factor in the Google ranking.

Try to write evergreen articles. Evergreen means that it would be useful for at least decade for sure or maybe forever. I’m saying that because some bloggers write the content about things which are hardly get searched after few months.  So, this kind of articles is not evergreen. But try to be optimistic, write solutions of queries and problems that your audience face. It will help you to build trust between you and your targeted audience.

“Images says what a thousand words can’t”

So include relevant images in your blog post and make it super engaging and attractive.

Focus on Quality and Quantity Both

Never compromise with the quality and the quantity of the content. Once you are completed with quality then you’ll surely be successful with the quantity too.

According to great internet marketers, More than 1000 words content is ranking higher on Google other than those short articles of 300-400 words.

I’ll recommend you to write engaging posts of over 1500 words. You have to be the best.

Another thing I recommend you is not to copy or spin the content. Never!

Be Unique.

Now, Let move to our second section.

#2: Search Engine Optimization

Once you complete a content side, the next big challenge is search engine optimization because the search engine is the best source of getting an organic traffic which will definitely help you to drive a huge traffic and it will also help you in generating high revenues.

For the beginners, Let me explain…

Search engine optimization is the way of optimizing your blog content and making it suitable to be ranked in the SERP’s (search engine result pages) of the search engines. It includes a bunch of more factors and benefits as well.

Google is updating its algorithm very frequently so It’ll be little tough for ranking your content on the top of Google. At the other side, there’s a large competition out there in the blogging industry.

So, you’ve to make your content SEO optimized.

On Page SEO

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page, that can be optimized.

It includes keyword density, ALT attribute, Internal linking, Proper heading tags and few more which help you to other on increase rankings in the search results.

Keyword Density– Its percentage of your desired keyword which you are or want to get ranking for. comes in the. Try to limit it to 1-2%. Don’t stuff your articles with keywords. If you do, you’ll be penalized by Google.

ALT Attribute– Use the desired keyword in the alt attribute of the images.

Internal Linking– It is the process of linking articles of the same domain. Nowadays this is a crucial factor in SEO.

Heading Tags-  Try to include your keyword in your headings and subheadings of your blog posts. Because when Google bots crawl your web page, this optimization will help them to understand the core topic and ultimately it will increase the chance of ranking higher.

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Off Page SEO

Off-Page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page (SERPs). Many people associate off-page SEO with link building but it is not only that.

Please don’t mix link building with Off Page SEO. There are a bunch of other things that are included within off page SEO.

Building authority in Google and having a better branding is also a part of off page SEO, having connections with other fellow bloggers of your niche and related niche is also a kind of off page SEO.

Let me tell you some Don’t.

  • Don’t comment for the sake of building backlink
  • Don’t guest post for links.
  • Never Spam for links.
  • Don’t buy links.

Be a natural buddy, don’t be a hype. Everything will be great. just do your work effectively.

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Google Webmaster Tools

I realized the power of webmasters tools last year during an event. Actually, let me tell you one thing. I ranked my article on Google’s first page within 2 hours of publishing it.

All I did was used the features of the webmaster’s tool a right way.

The crawl feature of webmaster tools help you to make the Google robots crawl your web page on demand, that will result in a quicker ranking of your article.

I will surely share a case study on using Google Webmasters Tools effectively.

#3: Blog Promotion & Content Marketing

Promotion and marketing are need of every business and you just can’t ignore it in the field of blogging too. The better promotion and marketing you do for your product, the more traffic, and exposure you’ll get.

In this section, I’ll be telling you about the various ways to do better marketing and promotion for your blog.

Social Media Marketing

These days social media sites are the second largest source of traffic after the search engines such as google and yahoo. If you know how to use these sites properly and efficiently, then boom! You’ll surely increase your traffic by 60%.

The best source of social media traffic is from following sites.

Facebook: Facebook allows you to drive traffic from Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and profiles. They also have a feature, of advertising your product on Facebook.

This way you can target a specific geographical location for your product around the globe, get targeted customers and visitors. You just need a little knowledge of marketing.

I personally know many fellow bloggers who are driving thousands of traffic from Facebook daily.

Google Plus: Similar to Facebook and the second best way to drive targeted and quality traffic to your blog, even Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud uses Google Plus to drive a huge traffic to his blog network.

Tip: You could join your niche based group on google plus and start promoting your content there. There is a huge potential which you just need to understand on Google plus.

Pinterest & Instagram: I have seen a huge increment in traffic by using these social platforms for their product promotion. Many people are unaware of these highly potential social platforms.

These both social media sites have gained a lot of fame in the last two years, and many people don’t know that how to use them effectively.

I follow some international internet marketers on both of these platforms and have noticed them using smart tactics to drive traffic through Instagram story feature.

Email Marketing

The traditional way of marketing in the blogging industry is email marketing and I think most of you know about this. For your knowledge it is the most effective way of promotion only if you have a large email database of your followers.

Most the bloggers use this way to boost traffic of their blog. This is a quick and effective way to increase traffic on your blog on a regular basis.

You can use email marketing in so many ways… Launched a product? Need opinions and reviews?

Launched a product? Need opinions and reviews?

You just email all your followers about this & you’ll get a lot of attention from them within a short span of time.

Got a mind blowing deal? want to share?

Use Email marketing, this way you could have better conversion ratios and high profit too.

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Forums & Directories

Last but not the least, you could gain more exposure and new customers/traffic by posting in forums and directories. There are so many great forums related to your blog niche.

Start being active in forums, do regular postings, ask queries and solutions too. This way you can get attention of a lot of fellow bloggers.

On the other side, there are hundreds of blog submission directories which you can use to drive traffic and build Backlink to your blog .

So, That’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed and learned something useful 🙂

If you’ve any query, just comment below and I’ll be right there. Also, please share this on social media.

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