Increase Blog/Site Speed Using FREE Coudflare CDN [A to Z SETUP]

The loading speed of blog is a very important factor, and this article is about increasing blog speed using Cloudflare FREE CDN(Content Delivery Network). In this guide, you will learn configuration and setup of CloudFlare CDN from start to end. So, let’s move on the topic How to increase the speed of blog using CloudFlare CDN for FREE.

Ideal loading time is 3 seconds or less

Did you know that,

If an e-commerce site is making $50,000 per day, a 1-second page delay could potentially cost you around $1.25 million lost in sales every year.

1-second delay in page response can result in a 10% reduction in conversions of the whole blog.

Here are few advantages of faster loading blog.

  1. Rank higher: Google loves fast loading blogs, so your blog ranks higher on search engines.
  2. Improvement is SEO.
  3. User-friendly: Reader love to come back.
  4. High conversion rate
  5. Sales improvement. etc.

improove blog speed using cloudflare cdn-min

CDN means Content Delivery Network, and it is used to deliver your blog or site’s content to visitors. So, let’s see what CDN is.

How CDN Works


Above image shows different data-centers of CloudFlare CDN in the world. CloudFlare, MaxCDN are most popular CDN providers.

CDN stores your blog or site’s data (images, js, css, scripts etc) and when nearest user of any data-center fetch your blog or request your site then this data center provides stored data to nearest user. So, blog or site loads very fast to visitor.

i.e., if london‘s visitor visit your site then johannesburg data center provides data and if Australian visitor visits your site then sydney data center provides data to visitors computer. similarly all datacenter’s provide data to nearest visitor according to location of visitor. so, your site loads very fast at all places of the world

Use of CDN gives fast page loading time (speed) of your blog as well as security.

Here is the best infographic from cdnreviews.

what is cdn infographic bloggingbook

CludFlare CDN Setup on your Blog

Follow these six steps to setup

#1: Create a free account

Go to Cloudflare official website and create new account (Sign up) –


#2: Enter your Domain name

Enter your domain name where you want to use CDN and click on scan DNS.

#3: Move to next step

After scanning your domain name click on Continue. 


#4: Choose your Plan

here we are going to setup FREE CDN, so we have to choose a free plan.

p plan

#5: Configure Nameservers

Now, CloudFlare provides you their nameservers for pointing your domain to CloudFlare. So, add nameservers to your domain. 

(Note: all previous nameservers must be removed, and only CloudFlare nameservers required with domain)   


#6: Complete Setup

After adding nameservers to domain come back to CloudFlare account and click on Continue. Now you can see in your CloudFlare account status is Active.


That’s it. Now, your Setup of FREE CloudFlare CDN is completed.

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SSL (Secure Socket Layer): FREE (Flexible)

Millions of websites use SSL-encryption every day to secure connections and keep their customer’s data safe. Cloudflare provides FREE Flexible SSL for securing your site from monitoring and tampering.

Choose SSL flexible for getting activate your FREE SSL(Secure Sockets Layer).

ssl secure

ssl flexi

So, guys using CDN is a pretty wise idea to load your blog faster as well as providing security.

Hope you liked this post. Feel free to share your review about CDN as well as any questions or query about this article via comments.

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