How to 10X Your Instagram Growth?

Today IG is billion of registered users, a huge viewing audience, thousands of new pictures and videos every day. And endless prospects for earnings.

That’s not a surprise that the most profitable option to promote your own business is on IG. No matter what you do, any product and service can be beautifully presented, shown and sold there. The network doesn’t charge a fee for registration and the use of all the functions of it. All that is required for success is free time and a desire… and promoted popular acc.

The promotion of your acc is an indispensable condition for monetization. Popular figures are visited by thousands of users per day, and with the number of visitors, the volume of sales inevitably grows.

What is a promotion from a technical point of view? This is a deliberate and purposeful popularization of your profile using various tactics. Let’s get down to business.

Step #1 Create and arrange your profile

As your profile image is the first thing that IG users see, it is it what makes the first impression. In these 3 secs, the user decides whether he will follow you or not (in most cases). If you neglect it, it is on you. Moreover, the description should be laconic and informative. Insert active hyperlink to your website. And do not forget about Call For Action.

Step #2 Make up a content plan

You had better premeditate what, when and in what volume and frequency you will publish your content, especially if it’s a commercial acc. Do not overload your posts with advertising, mix it with the useful info. It’s not forbidden (even welcomed) from time to time share your own thoughts, observations, and ideas, but still adhere to your personal unique style of narration.

Step #3 Publish new content

There are no strict rules about the content, with the “only quality” clause. All your pictures and videos should be appealing. Attractive visual imagery leads to people’s “study” of text content. The more interesting your photo and video content is the more comments, followers, clickthroughs to the website and customer calls. Moreover, the content should be posted regularly, for instance, 1-2 times a day. You can use special tools for scheduled posting, they are of much use if you appreciate your time.

Step #4 Attract new followers

The first followers will be your friends, acquaintances, and sometimes not familiar people who came to your page by accident. If you sync your profile with other social networks, the audience will be gained quickly.

Further promotion depends on your activity and creativity. The more time you spend on page promotion, the more you will achieve. If there is no time, but there are available funds, use Instagram bot to promote your acc.

Step #5 Analyze the account traffic and incorporate changes into the strategy

Performance analysis is the study of indicators of audience coverage (how many followers have you got), engagement (likes, comments), the number of clicks (how many people followed the link).

If you are not satisfied with the results, it’s time to introduce some changes into the strategy – slightly adjust the subject of posts, make the page more “hooligan” or, on the contrary, academic.

Advice #1 Put down hashtags

Hashtags are of great use: they help users find publications of interest. Tags will attract to your page a TA and new supporters. But do not use too common and popular tags, otherwise, your posts will be lost among hundreds of others. That’s why use instagram hashtag generator to ease the search for them. This tool is able to come up with a great number of suitable hashtags instantly.

Advice #2 Comment on the other people’s photos and follow them

You comment on others – others comment on you. Do not be afraid to leave your messages under the posts of popular users and famous people. If you write interestingly and on topic, it will even increase your popularity.

If you want to enlarge your audience faster, use automation services for sending your comments to TA (thank God, we live in the 21st century.)

Advice #3 Leave likes

Like is a matter of 1 second, and the usefulness is undoubted. People often look at the profiles of those who like their publications and respond (as a rule.) Your activity is your weapon. But If you have to do it with 1000 accounts, take advantage of the automation services.

Advice #4 Use mutual promotion

Exchange advertising posts with accounts similar to yours. If these are business profiles, it would be better if among similar profiles there are no direct competitors. But accounts with a related topic will not hurt you. For instance, if you are promoting a cloth store, choose stores of shoes, accessories, watches as a partner. They will bring the needed audience to your page, and the number of followers will increase many times.

Advice #5 Respond to all comments

Responding to the comments is not just a sign of good tone, but also an additional motivation for other followers to engage in an interesting dialogue. The more active your followers are, the more popular your account becomes. On top of all, the author’s willingness to communicate wins the audience’ favor.

Hope these pieces of advice will help you with your promo campaign. I wish you good luck and more engaged followers!

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