7 Tips To Rapidly Double The Success of Your Instagram Marketing

In today’s world, social media has become a habit of life, and you will rarely find any person who does not use social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr are among the famous social media sites, and when we talk about them, we can never miss the famous pictures sharing app Instagram, which today is the fastest growing social media networking app and is very successful.

Instagram has around 600 million active users today from all around the world.

Once Facebook uses to rule the social media world, but now Instagram is also becoming very popular and giving it a competition. As internet gave birth to social media networking, similarly social media gave birth to social media marketing. Social media marketing today has become very necessary for a social media website or app to achieve success.

The websites that are offering good social media marketing are the current top ranked social media sites in the world. Instagram, when it started, it was never seen fit for social media marketing and because it was only considered a visual site no one thought that Instagram would be good enough for any social media marketing and the only people that took an interest in it had visual products only. But now after seven years, Instagram has proved everyone wrong, and today it is one of the biggest social media marketing websites in the world.

Instagram is so successful that today it has more than 50% brands using it for social media marketing and it is expected that by the end of this year the number will rise to 70%. It shows that if you are looking to market your product through social media, then you need to choose Instagram because it is an excellent option. You can even improve the success of your Instagram marketing if you work hard enough.

Here below are few tips that will help you rapidly double the success of your Instagram marketing.

#1: Do a proper research of your market

If you want to improve the success of your Instagram marketing, you will need to take care of every little detail.

It is very important that you do a good research of your market before proceeding with the campaign. You might think that it is a very obvious thing and everyone does a market research before their campaign. But, it is also true that most of the people claim to know their market, most of them say that they know their audience.

But do they?

It is very hard to know your audience; you can never fully understand them. Even if you have done an extensive market research on your audience, you still wouldn’t know them. So you need to do something more, do a little more research.

Analyze your audience completely, like what are their interests and what accounts they are following. Which hashtags does your audience prefer? And which hashtags they use the most.

Try to know your audience completely and dive deep into it. It is only when you will know your audience that you will be able to improve your Instagram marketing.

#2: Make sure that your theme stays consistent

The next step you need to take that will help you improve the Instagram marketing is to make sure that you are using a consistent theme in your posts.

It is critical for a high-quality Instagram account to pick a unique theme and to stick with it till the end.

This is mostly necessary for Instagram users who are using it for business and not for personal Instagram accounts. In order to make sure that your theme stays consistent, be selective with your pictures and only share the pictures that go with your theme. While sharing about the product or service of yours make sure that you are sharing everything that is related to your brand and nothing irrelevant is being shared.

Use a color palette for all of your posts, and it would be even better if the color is related to your logo. You can also stick with one filter because if your theme is being consistent, the filter should be consistent as well. Keep your theme consistent like this and your Instagram marketing will pick up a boost quickly.

#3: Persuade your audience to turn post notifications on

Well, this is not a very easy step because persuading your followers to turn on post notifications is like asking for a favor. Knowing that many will reject most of the businesses on Instagram does not even ask. But you have to ask if you want successful marketing. Sometimes asking for a favor like this from customers can result in scaring them away, so yes it sounds like a bit of risk too. But you had to ask and to make sure that they do not run away make your Instagram account highly attractive.

Use graphics and text styles that your audience will see it as an eye candy, make interesting posts that will catch the attention of your audience.

This kind of work can help you boost your engagement which will directly result in gaining more followers. In the end, if you make your account irresistible and then if you will ask your audience to turn on the notifications then It will work much better. And once the notifications are on your engagement will rise and you will be doing some high-quality Instagram marketing.

#4: Be choosy about what hashtags you use

Hashtags in the past were a thing for Twitter users, and it was only popular among Twitter fans. But now after Facebook and Instagram also added hashtags to their apps and websites, hashtags have become an important part of social media marketing.

Picking up the right hashtag is very confusing. If you will go to people and ask them about it, you will see that someone will tell you to use small hashtags that are precise, while some people will tell you to use the big hashtags and some will say that only use those some hashtags in one post.

Well, you will see that everyone has a different opinion on that.

You have to figure it all out yourself because hashtags are not science. One of the ways through which you can make sure that you have figured the right hashtags is that you can use 15 hashtags some big and some small and niche and then after some time you can check the response. See the response and for some time forward use only three hashtags post.

In the end, you will have all the results, and you will know that which hashtag is best for you.

#5: Join communities on Instagram

One of the ways by using which you can double the success of your Instagram is by joining a community in shape of a group on Instagram.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs that are using Instagram for marketing purpose who would like to work with others for beneficiaries. By joining these groups, it becomes a great advantage as you get access to the people who are related to your business and you can discuss innovations with them.

The people on the groups can connect with each other by liking others posts, by commenting on other posts and by giving suggestions.

So, join a productive community group on Instagram and improve your marketing success.

#6: Giveaway gifts to your audience

This is one excellent way of improving your Instagram marketing success.

You can giveaway free gifts to your followers on Instagram, and it will help you improve your engagement. We know that giving free things is not easy for everyone, but this will be totally worth it.

You can give away gifts by organizing Instagram contests. Instagram contests are very exciting and they attract a lot of audiences. You can ask the audience to join the Instagram contest by just posting with your tag or by commenting on your posts. You can later decide the winner with various means and can give away gifts.

#7: Interact with Audience

This is one of the most used ways that helps in improving Instagram’s marketing success. It is very important in social media marketing to stay connected to your audience. Stay in good touch with your audience and try to follow them.

Explore different posts and try commenting on the posts that can be related to your business.

You can just like their posts, but commenting improves your engagement. So appreciate your followers with your brand account and make them feel special. It will also help you to improve your Instagram success.

That’s it!

Hope you learned something useful from the article.

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