How to Use Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to Grow Your Business

With the internet, digital marketing was born, and with an emergence of social media, it started growing rapidly. Now anybody can explore this avenue for business growth.


Jeff Bezos, the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amazon.Com has described influence of internet on customers in following words.

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on internet, they can each tell 6000 friends.”

With such a huge global reach of the internet and its enormous penetration into society due to its strong tools, i.e. social networking channels, the businesses around the globe are turning to it, for the promotion of their products and enhancing their sales volumes.

Let’s discuss, how to attain this task easily and effectively on three important social media channels namely, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Based on a global survey of 5700+ marketers, most from small businesses and 67% of whom primarily market to consumers. (Source: Marketingcharts)

How to Grow Your Business with Social Media


This highly influential channel for photo and video sharing furnishes a wide range of opportunities for every entrepreneur, be it small or big. Salient points are described below for fully utilizing this effective tool to give your business a boost.

  • Make Bio of your business which is catchy and capable to draw attention of your prospective customers. Always include the name of business and brand in Bio so that visitors may have easy recognition for your brand.
  • Never use one profile for personal and business requirements. Separating the two profiles is a must step, otherwise customers will not be serious about your business, as personal vacations, parties and get together if posted with the business profile will mitigate the message regarding your products.
  • Use Hashtags effectively. Remember that Hashtags are signs, users and customers relate to while searching on Instagram through their mobiles. If specific keywords are incorporated in particular brand posts, all the people out there, who will search for this particular keyword will be tagged in your posts. In this way not only you will get a brand loyalty but, in future, all content generated by these visitors may be used by you in your own campaigns and product promotion.
  • Always schedule your activities on Instagram. Do not engage yourself in creating photos on a daily basis. Rather create all pictures and videos in one go for an upcoming week. Once multiple pictures are developed in one sitting, put these on scheduling task for edit. In this way, you will have ample time to respond notifications and engage with customers.
  • Use Instagram’s tools effectively to create impressive galleries of photos. Try all the filters and editing tools to create a visually powerful image of your presentation.
  • Always analyze your performance through the feature of analytics available in Instagram. In this way, you can periodically monitor your products and bran’s progress. Since analysis is made in quite a detail, it can be a basis of decision-making and adopting timely corrective measures if some trends are being revealed as counterproductive.


Twitter is a tool for sending short messages (that’s why it is called a microblogging tool) to followers and subscribers. The trend to use Twitter for business and brand promotion is on the rise ever since this tool was launched. Here is how business takes advantage of this communication channel.

  • Always make an impressive profile of your business. Your username should be very attractive because it is your brand’s identity for twitters community. Location of business must invariably be mentioned because people communicating with you might belong to other state or country. Incorporating your website address is also very important because prospective customers will definitely be wishing to see your product lines in more detail along with prices and designs.
  • Add your twitter link to your every other online presence. If you have an email newsletter account or a Facebook profile, never forget to get it linked with your Twitter account. In this way, trust among customers will increase your business, brands, and products.
  • Use Retweet button on each of your blogs. It will allow each person reading your blog, to share it with his or her followers. In this way, your business promotion will be expanded.
  • Always respond quickly to tweets pertaining business. The reply should ideally be given within 24 hours. Replies must be courteous and respectful.
  • Effectively use twitters list. These lists can be self-generated, or lists, generated by others may also be used. These lists are created by segments, so it gives a very clear view of what twitters are talking about and who are influencers. In this way, one can organize contact with loyal customers.


This is yet another platform by which Business growth task can be achieved in an effective manner. The CEO of PINTEREST had described it as “catalog of ideas” rather than a social networking tool. The images called” Pins “can be sorted, saved and managed on Pin Boards. Here are some ways, how this tool can be efficiently utilized by entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

  • Always add Pin it buttons to your blogs. This button appears when the mouse moves on your blog. Users can pin images from your site so that your business messages can reach a broader customers base.
  • Last year PINTEREST offered a feature to convert your personal pages into Business pages. This process does not take more than few minutes and provide you a very informative and useful analysis and measurable metrics about your business. You can know how many visits have been made to your site and contents which received most repins.
  • Collaborate with popular pinners. In this way your products reach will be expanded. Popular pinners have a large following, and your brand content will be reaching to all those followers who will benefit your business immensely.
  • Make impressive Boards. If you want your traffic to increase, you must make your boards thematic. If new brand is on the anvil, or you are repositioning your business, then try to use a feature of PINTEREST which allows you to collect all videos, photos and written material and put on one board.

In a nutshell, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and PINTEREST are very powerful digital social networking platforms, which are greatly beneficial for a growth of the business, if used with the focus on purpose and targeted audience.

This article is written by Elena Gray. She is an article writer and a teacher at Assignment Writing Service UK. She completed her Bachelor in Literature from University of London, UK.

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