How To Do Perfect Keyword Research [Definitive Guide]

Keyword Research is all about finding search terms OR word phrase that has higher search volume and low competition.

The crucial factors of keyword research are…

  1. High Search Volume
  2. Low Competition

There is also some another factors like commercial intent, increasing trend, etc. All the things are shared in the article.

So, Let’s begin…

Here is the 5 step guide for doing profitable keyword research.

1) Create Spreadsheet

Yes, this is the first step.

You’ve to create one spreadsheet. We’ll use it for saving our keywords and its metrics such as search volume, keyword competition, CPC, etc.

Link: Google Spreadsheet

Create one sheet and name it. (i.e., Yourblog Keyword Research)

What to write on this sheet?

Keywords: Write those keywords which you find after research.

Search Volume: Write monthly searches in the column

Competition: Write the competition “Low” or “Medium.” We’ll not consider high competition keywords.

CPC: It means Cost Per Click. You can see that in Google keyword planner as a “suggested bid.”

2) Types of Keywords

We’re going to do proper keyword research. Right?

So, we should always know that, which type of keyword we’re looking for.

Generally, there are 3 types of keywords

i) Head

Example: Jeans

ii) Body

Example: Men’s Jeans

iii) Long Tail Keywords

Example: Men’s Cotton Jeans

Basically, long tail keywords mean, those keywords which are dedicated to a specific thing. These keywords have more words.

We should focus on long tail keywords.

Commercial Intent: It’s very important.

What is web hosting- Informative Keyword

Web hosting discount – Commercial Intent Keyword

Search Volume: You should always try to find keywords which have higher search volume. You’ll learn how to do that in next steps.3) Keyword Research Process

3) Keyword Research Process

Now, the real part starts.

Follow these simple steps to find the profitable keywords

Step-1: Build List of Keywords Ideas

This is the first step for doing keyword research. You have to create one list of keyword ideas or broad keywords.

It is just your niche related ideas.

For example, for Health niche,

List of keyword ideas like…

  • Health Tips
  • Healthy Diet
  • Exercise
  • Diet Schedule
  • etc.

Step-2: Find Keywords using these Different Methods

Method-1: Google Keyword Planner

Open Google keyword planner. [If you haven’t any account on that then create one. It takes just a few seconds]

Enter your primary keyword ideas. Choose your Language, targeted country and hit the enter.

Now real game begins.

You have a list of all the keywords.

Filter keywords which have more than 1000 search volume per month.

Method-2: Google Suggest

This is the goldmine of profitable keywords. You won’t find keywords like this anywhere. So I strongly recommend you to focus on that.

Copy these keywords and enter it in Google keyword planner to analyze their search volume, CPC.

Method-3: Google Trend

This is another amazing tool from Google.The very interesting thing about Google trend is, you can target the keyword before its popular.Head over the google trends and enter your broad keywords to analyze the trend. Never pick that keyword which has a falling graph. Always go for increasing trend keywords.

Method-4: Google Webmasters

You can find keywords from webmasters tool.
Open the Google webmasters and go to Search Traffic >> Search Analysis
And see your keywords. You can improve it and increase your rank.

Method-5: Keyword Research Tools

You use online tools to find the keywords. Some of these tools provide the Search volume, CPC, Competition score, DA, PA, TF, CF, and more.

Here are the tools

Long Tail Pro


4) Analyze the Keyword Competition/Difficulty

Competition is the crucial factor in keyword research.
You’ve to consider competition while starting to work on the keyword.
If you don’t, then you can lose your most important things: time & money
So, how do you do that?
Pretty simple!
Step-1: Install MozBar extension on your Google Chrome.
Step-2: Activate it by linking it with Moz account
Step-3: Check the SERP’s with Moz Metrics.
How to measure the competition?
Just see the results of first 2 pages.
If there is low DA, PA or even Low PA pages ranking then its low competition keyword for you.
If you found that keyword ranking by High Authority sites with High DA, PA then it will be considered as a high competition keyword. Just leave it OR find another relevant keyword which has low competition.

Write SEO Friendly content

Now you’ve golden keywords (Spreadsheet)

What next?

Just wring an amazing and compelling content around the keyword.

Check out: How to Write Content

Share this article, Comment if you’ve any query or suggestion.

Also, let me know which method or tool you use for finding the keywords.

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