10 Websites: To Learn the Basics of Video Editing

Video holds a crucial place in the business, marketing and entertainment sectors such as wedding video editing co. There is so many software for various kinds of video editing. From basic to expert editing software are available on the internet. Besides, a huge number of tutorials, as well as walk-throughs in different languages, are available on YouTube and Websites respectively.

It usually takes a lot of practice in order to learn how to edit video. Undoubtedly, a ‘guide’ can make it all easy.

For a beginner, it is always preferable to go for the simplest stuff from where he can learn the basics of video editing. After getting familiar with the basic functions one can move to the expert level. It solely depends on the learner’s ability to understand and remember the tips and tricks. It can take a single week to learn the basics of video editing while in the other cases it can years to learn a simple skill. Undoubtedly, one’s interest plays an important role.

If you are eager to learn video, editing on your own then you should choose a proper platform to learn to edit.

Following are the 10 websites for the beginners to learn the basics of video editing.

Plural Sight

E-Learning has been of great help to the learners from past years as it has made it easier to attain knowledge or to get a skill remotely.

It has almost 6000+ courses on various topics from noob to advance level skill training. Some of the most taken courses from Plural Sight are match-moving, motion graphics, fusion and after effects. Furthermore, Plural sight is better than other platforms because it provides skill assessments to check the progress of the learner on a regular basis.

It also provides a 10-day free trial to its users.


Lynda is the best, user-friendly as well as easy for a beginner. There are almost 192 courses specifically on video editing skills. Learners can take the course of their choice to get the benefit.

One of the best thing about Lynda is that the tutors use lucid language and expressions. One can ask them as many questions, as he wants. Besides, every tutor has an overall rating, which makes it easier to choose a better course from a better instructor. Lynda follows the academic pattern. It covers all kind of lectures from documentary to narrative scene editing. These tutorials make the user capable of making a documentary, movie or even a small marketing video.

A new user can even have a one-month free trial on this website.


Udemy is a lot like Lynda following the same academic pattern. However, one must have to buy the course in order to view it. There is no free trial on Udemy but it provides a 30-day money back guarantee on every course. On Udemy, video courses are usually software based. For example, Course of “Video Production using iPhone”, “Learn video editing in Premiere Pro” and “Learning Final Cut Pro X”, etc. These courses will make the user capable of doing a certain type of editing.

Udemy also provides certificates after the completion of course. These certificates can assist learners in order to get a job.

Larry Jordon

Larry Jordon has been in post-production Industry. Its website is a good option for learners as it focuses mainly on basic skills of video editing. The courses available on this website provide guidelines from the simple editing to the complete filmmaking. One can learn about Adobe Audition, Final Cut Pro and other top editing software. Not all the courses available here are paid. Some of them are free courses too. He has over 1800 free tutorials on video editing skills.

One of the best thing about Larry Jordon lessons is that he explains every bit of a system. Larry Jordon’s lessons are preferred for beginners.

Ripple Training

There are hundreds of sources to learn video and photo editing. Ripple Training is one of the leading sources of learning for editors. It is a combined stock for training, practice, design tools and editors.

This platform provides free as well as free exclusive courses for learners and editors.  Their courses are not software specified but focus on every possible editing and how the effects should be applied on a video. It has aftereffect patterns for motion creators.

The courses on Ripple Training are downloadable for offline learning.

Jonny Elwyn

Jonny Elwyn is a self-taught one of the top video editing freelancer. He provides easy to understand, gradual guidelines on his website regarding the basic effects of video editing. The content on his site is free of cost so anybody can take advantage.

Jonny Elwyn is quite active on Twitter and usually answers the questions regarding editing of a video. Although he covers all of the video editing effects but his focus is on filmmaking, documentaries and after effects on a video.

Video Copilot

Andrew Kramer made this website in his teenage out of his interest. After some time, it became the biggest hub of tutorials, contents, guides, plug-ins, and resources for video editors all around the world.

All the data provided on this website is free of cost. There are advanced as well as basic category specific tutorials available here. Their niche varies from Color Grading, film production to the special effects etc.

Video Copilot also has a channel on YouTube on which it provides free of cost tutorials. Video Copilot has recently featured its 3D packs, which include ‘Pro Shaders 2’, ‘Motion Design 2’, ‘Jet strike’, last but not least ‘Metropolitan’.

Wistia Blog

Wistia started as a video hosting service. It mainly focuses on growing businesses.

Wistia has gained huge popularity among the community in a very short time because of its creative content. Not only this, Wistia’s marketing strategy became the largest hub containing valuable pieces of training as well as courses for the editors, and producers. It has both the written content and the related video tutorial available on almost every basic term related to editing.

A user can learn the services from wistia and then host their video on this site. Tutorials available on Wistia Blog are free of cost. “Wistia’s guide to video marketing” is one of the most popular video courses on wistia.


YouTube, an enormous stock of videos on every niche. Beneficial editing tips and tricks are available on this platform. Besides the good quality content/videos on YouTube, bad quality data is also available here. From around the globe, people from all communities, countries, and continents watch and upload videos on YouTube.

Most of the people prefer YouTube as it provides content in every language. There are some YouTube channels with high raking. They provide software-specific instructions regarding editing. Red Giant, Film Riot and Filmora are among the top channels in this respect.

Information provided here is free of cost making it easier for the learners to take benefit.

Inside the Edit

This creative editing course covers the whole video editing process from the simple tasks to the complex ones. They cover the fundamentals of editing in such a way that no ambiguity lefts behind. They provide paid courses. Their courses are not software specific but they cover the overall editing process of a video in their tutorials.

A learner can use any type of software for the practice during this course. Usually, the professionals suggest sticking to one software but discourage sticking to one platform for learning.

Now, Let’s compare all these platforms.

Rank Website Free




Software Specific Assessment Services Video Tutorials Written Guidelines Answer Queries Offline Learning
1 Plural Sight Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
2 Udemy N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
3 Lynda Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y
4 Larry Jordon Y N N Y Y Y Y N
5 Ripple Training N Y Y N Y N N Y
6 Jonny Elwyn Y N N N Y Y Y N
7 Video Co-pilot Y N N N Y Y N N
8 Wistia Blog Y N N N Y Y Y N
9 YouTube Y N Y N Y N Y Y
10 Inside the edit Y Y N N Y Y N N


Most of the editors claim that they came in this field because of their interest. They pursued their interest and now they are on top but obviously, hard work is the main ingredient. To become an expert video editor all you have to do is practice and practice. After choosing the platform or website for your learning, the following are the steps that you should follow in order to be an expert editor.

1- Get Lessons

2- Enhance your knowledge by Reading

3- Get to know the formats

4- Practice

5- Make short films

6- Keep yourself updated

7- Publish your work

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