Long Tail Pro & Platinum Quick Review : 33% Discount + BONUS

What is “Long Tail Pro?”

Long Tail Pro is kinda software which helps to find KEYWORDS which is “Profitable, Less competitive (easy to rank) & High search volume.”

Yes,  it’s great tool which trusted by many probloggers, like

  • Pat Flynn
  • Mathew Woodward
  • Kulwant Nagi

long tail pro review

Think – If you got keyword which is very easy to rank and it has 10,000 searches/month, then what happen?

Your blogs traffic will increase for sure. Also, your Domain Authority will increase dramatically.


If you got 10 keywords like that


you have keywords with having 10 x 10,000 = 1,00,000 searches/month! That’s really BIG number!


Here is one software which can find the keyword like that easily. It called – LONG TAIL PRO

Also, you can find keywords which have,

  • Less competition
  • High CPC
  • High searches
  • Untapped


Important Note:

DO NOT use Google Keyword Planner for finding competitiveness of the keyword.

Many newbies are doing mistake here – they open Google Keyword Planner and See for “Low,” “Medium” and “Higher” competition

It is NOT showing competitiveness for the organic search keyword. It is for ADVERTISERS competition. For example- If you’ve any product and want to do advertise on Google then you’ve to use this competition factor of Google Keyword Planner


Why Long Tail PRO?

  • Finding high CPC (cost per click) keyword
  • Find Less competitive keyword
  • Find high searches volume keywords
  • Find Long tail keywords
  • Find Top 10 ranking sites for particular keyword (Inbuilt)
  • Check your ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Massive community support
  • Automatic updates
  • Very easy to use
  • Monthly & One Time Payment methods available


How to use Long Tail Pro?

Here is great video which will help you to understand easily.

I prefer to use 30 below competitiveness score. It will easily rank on Google.

Here is competitiveness graph for long tail pro.

long tail pro keyword competitiveness


Price of the Software is $37/month (You can start your trial for just $1 – Click here)

But If you buy the Annual Plan of Long Tail Pro, then you’ll get 33% discount. You’ll get this software for $444  $297 (Start trial for just $1 – Click here)


Now, Time for the BONUS

Yes, you will get the bonus which is valued $99. (Use any link from this page to buy Long Tail Pro)

[1] Ultimate Blogging Guide V2 eBook

Which will help you to….

  • Build Awesome Blog
  • Find Profitable Keywords
  • Learn SEO
  • Content marketing strategies
  • and much more

[2] Freemium Box (Tools which are free but, they have premium features )


[ NOTE: I wrote this quick review rather than writing a 2000 words boring review on Long Tail Pro. believe me, I just don’t want to make you bore. So, I just listed down ALL Important things in this quick review ]

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