How To Make Money On Instagram In 2017 (Best Four Ways)

These days every brand is focusing on their product’s marketing through a social media sites. With an increment in the marketing through a social media, ample of opportunities are created for everyone.

Instagram has more than 600 million+ active users and still growing at a fast rate so how could you ignore such a huge audience with a lot of potentials.

I’ll clear everything in today’s article, well today I will talk about how you can make money with Instagram.

Maybe you’re thinking- Can I make money with Instagram too?


Instagram is getting more popular these days and top influencers and marketers use Instagram for promotion and marketing of their products.

Probably you’re thinking- How?

There are lots of ways which you can use to make money on Instagram. Don’t skip any thing, I’ll cover all the ways to earn money.

This is the complete guide where I explained about how you can making money with Instagram along with some working tips on increasing revenue and audience.

Best Ways To Make Money On Instagram

  • Affiliate Marketing / Selling A Product

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and lucrative ways to make money online. As an affiliate marketer, you can refer products to your followers/audience and when any sale generated through you, you’ll be credited with your commission to your affiliate account.

Your referral is tracked either through a unique link or promo code. Since Instagram doesn’t allow you to post links in posts (links can only be shared in the profile bio or Stories), using promo codes is the best option for affiliate marketers on Instagram.

You must choose your Instagram niche wisely or if you have done it earlier then focus on people with same interests.

You can sign up on a platform like Amazon Affiliate Program and find products relevant to the niche of your Instagram account is based on– whether it’s travel, fashion, art, gadgets, or anything else.

So, be an affiliate marketer and drive sales from Instagram by targeting the right people.

  • Selling Your Photos/Designs

Instagram is a visual content sharing app. It is the perfect place for photographers and graphic designers to show their talent on social media with a large audience of 600 million+.

If you’re a photographer looking to sell your photos, then this is the place for you. For example, you can list them on sites like 500px and Twenty20 and then use proper Instagram hashtags to spread your designs & pictures around the web. The same goes for graphic designers as well.


While sites like Behance, it’s important to maintaining a design portfolio. You can popularize your work through Instagram. Look at the many web comics that have witnessed a massive surge in readership. Instagram also allows you to get in touch with brands directly which makes your task easy. You can contact potential clients with ease for your graphic designs.

Instagram also allows you to get in touch with brands directly which makes your task easy. You can contact potential clients with ease for your graphic designs.

  • By Selling Instagram Account/Pages

Every internet marketer/influencer/brand promoter knows the potential of an Instagram audience but building an audience base is quite a time-consuming process.

That’s why people often choose to buy a ready-made audience i.e Instagram accounts with thousands of followers. More the followers more will be the price and value of the Instagram account. Also, price depends on the niche too.

You can make a fair amount of money just by selling Instagram accounts. If you think from where to get buyers then don’t worry. There are websites like Toofame, Viral Account, and Fameswap where you can sell or buy social media profiles.

So, why are you waiting for? Start making Instagram accounts and grow their audience base.

  • Be An Influencer/ Self Branding

If you have your own products or own brand then why to go for affiliate only. You can start expanding your business/brand through Instagram.

Influencer marketing (also influence marketing) is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole.

This way you could build up your own brand empire on Instagram and the total profit and credit will be all yours.

Example: You have written a book or eBook, then having an Instagram page can help you to drive sales to your books from all around the web. You’ll get more exposure and bigger audience.

There are Celebrities like Selena Gomez who charges millions of dollars for a single Instagram post related to any product.

Now you have got the real potential and power of the Instagram audience.

Going to start?

Wait a minute!

This is not the end.

Before you start, let me give you some quick tips for building a better and quicker audience on the Instagram.

Quick Tips For Gaining More Exposure on Instagram

  • Filling Your Instagram Bio Carefully

Your bio would be the first impression of your brand so be careful and take the maximum advantage of it. Write a unique, attractive, and powerful bio description and don’t forget to place your brand’s web address there. Using emojis is recommended as it looks little attractive.

  • Regular Updating

You must be regular while building your Instagram audience. I mean you should post content on a regular time interval as it increases user engagement and maintains the activeness of the page.

Don’t forget to reply to the user’s messages and comments. It helps to be a trustworthy brand and this way you can build a better base of audience.

  • Improving a Quality Of the Content

There are more than 1 million advertisers on the Instagram. That means there is a large competition between business brands. So, you can’t get away by posting a normal or an average content.

Improve and maintain the quality of the content which you’re posting on your Instagram business page. With the quality, I mean more engaging stuff and high-resolution images in your posts.

  • Use of Proper Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags with your every post increases your brand exposure around the Instagram.

Hashtags have been around since 2007 on social media platforms to cluster posts with a similar theme. And they work extremely well on Instagram too. This platform allows you to add up to 30 hashtags per post. (that’s a lot)

I recommend using between 10-15 hashtags in every post. Preserve the caption of the text for adding more context to your post. Even if you add hashtags in the first comment, Instagram will pick them up.

Over to you

Now you have a complete idea about how to make money with Instagram. I covered the best and most popular ways to making money on Instagram in this article. Also, included some quick tips on building a better Instagram audience.

So, Why are you waiting for? Start making money on Instagram now!

If you have any question or query, leave it in the below comments section.

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