19 Powerful Ways To Make Money Online (Updated 2017)

Making money online has helped people to earn from the comfort of their homes, it has enabled people to show their skills and earn the income.

If you have got the talent and skill that can earn you money then, show your skills and get paid at home. Technological advancements have paved way to success by making life easier and convenient. If you are living in far-flung areas or want to earn money from your home due to some personal reasons; then earning money online is the best option for you. You can deal with both your personal life and professional life smoothly without affecting any of them. Technology has empowered man to show his abilities and skills on different online platforms and earn money. The Broke designer’s guide will help you in making money online.

How to Make Money Online

Here are 19 super practical ways which you can use to make money online.

#1: Create a professional portfolio

If you want to earn money online, then make a professional portfolio which highlights your skills, qualifications, and experience. Make sure your CV is free from fake information. Your portfolio should highlight your bio data, qualifications, and academic achievements, scholarships if any, interests and skills.

The CV should be attractive and stand out among the rest. All the sentences should be written in flawless English without any grammatical error. CV is your first impression to the employer, and it must be maintained with honesty and truth. Your CV should narrate your online experience which would be taken as a plus point to receive the recruiter’s attention. Keep your portfolio natural and refrain from falsehood, it will only affect you in future.

#2: Look around for online jobs on the internet

There are so many platforms available on the internet. Thousands of jobs are posted on these job websites. Read all the job ads carefully and assess yourself according to the said jobs. There are jobs related to different fields and areas which are looking for suitable candidates. You can search the area of your choice and apply to the posts of your interest. Skills matter a lot for online jobs, reading the job description will clear your mind that whether you are suitable for the said post or not. It would be the best option for you to get the job according to your educational background. Science, arts, technology, social sciences, computer science and digital marketing are the main areas which announce online positions on the internet. You can also search many other areas of your interest too.

#3: Digital Marketing jobs

You can do short professional courses of digital marketing, which gives you professional knowledge and skills about SEO, email marketing, blog posting and so on. Digital marketing is quite famous these days. You can earn a healthy amount of money if you know the basics of digital marketing. Various people are doing these jobs, some are working as full timers, and some are working as part-timers.

The main thing is to learn the basics of online marketing. Email marketing, link building, and content marketing are benefitting people from various parts of the world. Different brands and companies are hiring online marketers for their firms and organizations. There are also chances to get promotions in online marketing with the help of experience, qualifications, and knowledge.

#4: Look around for writing jobs if you are an efficient writer

Writing is a skill, and some people are very good at writing. Writers are being hired online for different areas, and you can apply to any of these posts of your interest. Academic writing, blog post writing, fictional writing, essay writing, assignment writing and inspirational writing are some of the most common examples of writing jobs.

You can always get these jobs if you pass your online writing test. The rate per page also changes as your experience increases. So, there are lots of chances to make money online in writing field. You have to be a flawless writer who knows the rules of grammar and sentence composition. You also learn a lot with the passage of time, and then you can earn more according to your level of writing. High-level writers are paid according to their skills, and they earns a lot in quite less time. They can enjoy their social life as well. So, search for writing jobs if you have a firm command on the writing.

#5: Get paid by doing IT projects online

IT is not limited to software houses and offices. You can make money online if you are an expert IT professional. There are various firms and organizations which are looking for professional IT experts from all around the world. You can show your skill and get paid at your homes. The salaries are directly transferred to your accounts without any problem. Take projects of a graphic designing, web designing, web development, mobile app development, and create professional websites of companies which help them attract more customers. IT professionals are working as freelancers and work as per their availability which makes them earn money at their homes. Mostly, IT professionals are also working in offices and firms in daytime and work as freelancers for different companies by delivering online projects in various fields of IT. Technology has advanced a lot, and efficient IT professionals can now work with multinational companies from their homes across different regions of the world.

#6: Make money online from online boutiques

If you are an efficient costume designer and are able to hire a team of craftsmen and tailors, then you can earn a lot of money by launching your website and deliver the orders to the clients through delivery services. It not only helps you in earning money online but you can emerge as a popular fashion designer and can launch your brands in different cities of your country. You just need a platform to show your skills, and then no one can stop you from making money online. Get latest costume ideas from different fashion magazines and TV shows and modify these designs into unique designs. Create designs for both men and women of all ages to get wide-scale attention from the public which increases chances of online sales.

#7: If you are a researcher then you can earn a lot

There are so many researcher jobs on the internet. Research demands skills and experience which enhance your credibility among the people. Different companies and students look for credible researchers if you successfully impress them then you can avail multiple opportunities in future as well. More skill means more income so, show your talent and earn as much as you can.

#8: Data entry jobs

Data entry jobs are quite common on the internet. Companies, firms, and individuals looking for candidates who are good at data entry. You can apply for these jobs and make money online. It depends on your efficiency and skills; if you are fast at entering data, then you can earn a lot in just hours. These jobs are best for all those students who are looking for online jobs for paying their college fees.

#9: Make money from PTC sites

PTC sites contain advertisements of different products and items. You just have to spare 20 or 30 seconds to read these ads, and you are going to get paid for reading these ads. This job is not only simple, but you enjoy it a lot along with earning money online. It is best for students and single parents who have to look after their kids and homes. Choose your schedule and read the advertisements for making money online. There are different PTC sites, you can search them and earn money online by reading different ads.

#10: Earn money by writing posts for different brands on social media

Social media has also become a source of income for you. You can persuade the customers by posting posts on different products and items on social media. Target the population and start branding by writing posts which are devised for a particular age group. The more people like and follow your posts the more you can earn. Costume & accessory companies and other firms pay a good amount of money to all those content writers who know the art to hit the nail on the head. It’s all about attracting customers with the power of words.

#11: Make money by making attracting YouTube videos

It is quite easy to upload videos on the YouTube. Design promotional videos for different companies with influencing script along with videos. Various brands hire efficient video makers for their brands. You can learn the skill of making attractive promotional videos and earn money online. The main thing is to design the video in such a way which attracts the audience and compel them to purchase the item or product shown in the video. The promotional videos shouldn’t look like promotional, they should look natural and informational, but in fact, they are promotional and influencing the viewer to buy the product. Avail these jobs by mastering the skill of making promotional videos.

#12: Earn money by participating in different forums and threads

There are different forums and threads on the internet. You can make profiles on different forums and post different posts on the company you are working for. This has helped many businesses to enhance their public image. It depends on your efficiency to brand the company. If you are successful in drawing the attention of many people than there are chances that you earn a lot by posting different posts of the company on various forums and threads. Show your skill and make money from your homes.

#13: Earn  money by completing short surveys on the internet

Different organizations and companies look for people who can complete their online surveys. You can earn money by completing these surveys. The amount is decided on the length of the surveys. Lengthy surveys will help you in earning high amounts. You can earn as per your capacity to complete the surveys. So, avail this opportunity and make money online by filling these short surveys.

#14: Make money online by launching websites

Websites serve different functions. Create an innovative and informational website which attracts public attention. The design should be unique, and interface should be easy to use. Websites with difficult interfaces are less likely to attract people, and people don’t like to use them. Your website should be recreational, innovative or informational. You can earn money by getting more clicks of people. Per click adds money in your account. It means if you design a good website which is user-friendly and attractive as well then you are just a click away from your success. Moreover that, you can save money by referring to different hosting providers for creating websites. You’ll be benifited from bot sides. These websites serve the public by educating them and also help you in increasing your money. Learn the SEO (search engine optimization) skills and earn as much as you can.

#15: Sell your art online

If you have an interest in photography, then you can also earn by showing your photography skills on different forums related to photography on the internet. There are different areas in photography such as digital photography, wildlife photography, nature-inspired photography and much more. You can sell pictures of different themes and earn money online. Show your art and skills on different platforms and get public attention by presenting unique photography ideas. There are also chances that you get attention to get hired as a professional studio photographer by some media company as well. So, don’t forget to exhibit your skills on the internet and get big opportunities to become a professional photographer.

#16: Earn money by giving online psychological services to people

Psychological services can be given to people who have mental, social and emotional issues in their lives. You can launch your website which should show your academic qualifications and achievements to increase your credibility. Devise prices for discussing different psychosocial issues. People can easily get psychological services by paying fees online, and you can give them useful suggestions through online calls and video chats as well. Make sure you have shared your credentials for the said service and refrain from any fake information which could initiate any legal inquiry against you.

#17: Sell your antique pieces and make money online

People who are crazy about antique pieces can pay as much as you demand from them. If you have any antique pieces, don’t waste them rather sell them and make a lot of money from these antiques. You can sell your antiques with the help of various online platforms. You can display your antique pieces on social media which is free. People who are fond of antique pieces find their desired products and are ready to pay according to your desires and wishes. So, next time when you are thinking to put antique pieces in your storerooms, give them a serious thought to make money online from these antique pieces by displaying them on the internet.

#18: You can earn money by making online store for different products

It is a good idea to start an online store, where you can display costumes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and various other items which are famous among young generation. Take high definition pictures of these items and post them on your online store. Mention prices along with a description of each item on your online store. You can earn a profit by purchasing all these items at wholesale rates and selling them at market prices. Product descriptions should be written in such a way to persuade the audience, and they feel an urge to buy the product. You can expand your products by adding more products once you get more sales. Think about this idea and make money online through online stores.

#19: Give online tuition to students and get paid

Take education as a tool to make money online. Students looking for help in different subjects can contact you if you have carefully maintained your portfolio by adding your teaching experience. Add your experience and area of specialization, give online tuition to students on Skype and help them learn efficiently. If the student gets good grades, he/she is surely going to inspire his/her friends to take your tuition help which will help you in earning money at home. You can also give tuition to your juniors and can earn money online. If you can teach your friends and siblings than you have got the guts of teaching and you can make money online by using this talent.


These are the interesting ideas given by Broke Designer’s Guide. Implement these ideas in your life and earn money online at home. Online options have made lives easier by giving different options to people from getting an online education to making money online. Payments are also transferred directly to bank accounts. There are so many benefits involved in making money online because it saves time and you can work in a relaxed environment of your homes. Online jobs have also helped those people who are not able to go to offices such as paralyzed people or single mothers. They can work from their homes without any hindrance. No physical injury can block your way to success if you have got the skills. Search your interested fields, make an impressive portfolio and start making money online and fulfill your dreams.

This article has been written by Clinton Loomis. He is a CEO, Career Advisor and a writer who writes mostly on topics related to tips to get online jobs in different fields and currently works at Coursework Help in the UK.

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