6 Genuine Ways to Make Money Online – Specially in India

If you think the Indian market is a bad paymaster, then you have missed checking the online market yet!

Do you have the creative skills, an internet connection and a personal PC? If yes, then you are all set to make a great living for yourself and your family, with the help of the online market.

Yes, you can make money online for sure!

There are some amazing websites that will help you to achieve your goals, right in the cup of your tea. However, be alert of any website that asks you to invest money to earn. They all are fake! The best online companies have sufficient funds to raise their business, all they need is skills from the Indian market.

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Here are the top 5 genuine ways to make money online in India:

#1: Freelance Writing:

One of the best ways to earn a salary similar to a BPO industry is through freelance writing.

You do not have to hold a degree for this role, but you certainly need an excellent flow of thoughts and creativity in your writing. An experience in the writing field will be an add on to negotiate on your rates.

There are many freelancing sites where you can apply to write

#2: Through Your Own Blog (Blogging):

This one is the most popular way to make money online. You need to follow just a few steps.

  1. Choose your niche (which you’re interested in)
  2. Build Blog (using blogger or wordpress)
  3. Take your blog to next level (so enough traffic can generate)
  4. Monetize your blog (AdSense or affiliate)

That’s it. you can generate pretty good revenue by blogging. also it increase with improvement of your blog.

#3: Online Book Publishing:

If writing an autobiography of your life or making your own stories was a wish for you, then your wish will be granted!

Companies like Amazon provide a free publishing service called Kindle. This website allows the writers across the globe to self-publish their books and earn excellent royalties from their sale.

Nothing can be better than this if you always enjoyed making your own stories to help your kids have a sound sleep.

#4: Online Selling:

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by selling your old stuff on the Indian websites like – Olx, Quickr and eBay.

You simply have to create your own account, mention the details of the product you wish to sell and upload a few pictures of that product.

Soon enough, the inquiries will start hitting your account and the money will start flowing in!

#5: Building Your Own Shopping Site:

Again! You need to be creative here. Buy wholesale handicraft items and become an online wholesale dealer. Market your products online with the help of SEO and social networking sites.

Once you start receiving the bulk orders, you will start making money online.

#6: Online Tutoring:

Become an online tutor, if you have experience in a particular subject. Websites like tutorvista.com provides opportunities where people can take online tuitions for various subjects and earn good money by charging them on an hourly basis.

Different businesses have different modes of payment and so, you may need to check it with our respective online clients.

also, this youtube video will help you to find more ways for making money online.

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