3 Ways to Market Yourself to Marketing Agencies

Business is an art and a science, and in order to play the game, you have to get picked for the team. Marketing is an interesting undertaking in that it appears in places other than standard business ventures, and it’s important that it is continued to be taken just as seriously even though the context may vary.

Making yourself seem hirable (and worth keeping on) is arguably half the battle in the professional world. Here are some ways to appeal to employers and use that marketing knowledge in real life situations other than the job itself:

Have an Appropriate Email

Technology is a major player in business dealings these days. Communication has become significantly easier, and with that, the way we present ourselves on the internet is a vital part of success.

If you’re trying to connect with a marketing agency on a B2B level, be sure that your email service is one of quality and distinction. As a business owner, your address should also convey a sense of professionalism. After all, if you’re communicating with someone and you’re not in the room, they will use every indicator of your virtual presence to reflect that of your physical one.

The same goes for job applicants. Just as you would not show up to an interview in cargo shorts and a faded polo shirt, do not email any colleague or business partner using the email address you conspicuously created in middle school.

Create a LinkedIn Account

Similar to the last suggestion, social media is dominating every facet of how we communicate online, and that is even true on a professional level. LinkedIn is a highly useful social media platform to showcase yourself as an employable, initiative-taking professional.

Plenty of companies have started to inquire about the social media accounts of their potential or current employees, either for behavior surveillance reasons or to utilize their virtual platform for the company’s benefit. Businesses also like to have an employee’s LinkedIn information to see their resume in profile form, as well as see the full extension of their professional connections, perhaps for business venture purposes.

While occasionally asked for, LinkedIn is seldom required for applicants or employees of a job, making those who do have one seem proactive and eager to build bridges.

Network on a Personal Level

As prominent as the internet may seem to the business world, at the end of the day, the most significant, lasting connections we make with people are made in person. When we’re in the presence of one another, we’re able to portray our truest selves to them and put a clear face to the name for those we have not yet met in person.

Networking is sometimes a part of a business that scares people, but it simply comes down to making a bond with someone on a personal level so that they may want to work with you on a professional one. Business is about people, and that is true whether the context is salesperson and customer or office worker and fellow office worker.


The irony of working in marketing is in some cases, like when you’re between jobs or trying to establish a business partnership with a colleague, you are marketing yourself. Products are one thing, but an authentic self is something else entirely.

The business operates around the relationships that people have with one another, and that remains true no matter what is being exchanged and built together. In order to thrive in the world of marketing, you must first get your foot in the door. If you know the basics of business psychology and the importance of social connection, you should be just fin

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